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PSE Ramped

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  • 30.75-inch axel-to-axel compact design, featuring shorter limbs
  • Highly adjustable Drive-style cam with 6-inches of draw length
  • Suggested retail of $399, or $594.97 for a fully loaded factory accessory package


  • No high-end technology
  • 318 feet per second is pretty slow
  • Only 2 finish options


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Editors' review

PSE has a reputation of producing bows for every consumer, at every price point, and the PSE Ramped is a prime example. The Ramped is a bit different than other PSE bows in the lineup. The compact 30.75-inch axel-to-axel measurement is shorter than most models offered out of the PSE camp, and the short limbs are a bit different than the traditional X-Force style limbs that helped put PSE back on the map a decade ago. To accompany the short limb platform, PSE also went with a new riser design to give the Ramped an acceptable 6.5-inch brace height while still flinging arrows 318 feet per second at 80% let off. Granted 318 feet per second is far from the speed PSE is known for, but when paired with such a compact, easy to shoot bow, many shooters are willing to sacrifice a little performance to have a go anywhere hunting bow capable of sitting the tightest of spots in the timber. The bow only weighs 3.5-pounds also, so it is maneuverable and lightweight. PSE also provides the Ramped in two factory package options to give a fully rigged set up for anyone interested. The bare bow MSRP is $399, with the highest end accessory option only $549.97. Nothing about the Ramped is the latest and greatest technology from PSE, and the company only offers the bow in 2 finishes, but for those wanting a compact rig from an outstanding company, not wanting to spend a fortune, the Ramped is going to be an outstanding option.


PSE has almost perfected the application process for their finish options on aluminum riser bows. The dipping process leaves the risers well covered and the patterns used come through exactly how they are intended to look. Even with the angular riser, the finish looks great and should last a very long time. Unfortunately, for bows of this price point, the finish options are generally limited. In the case of the Ramped, shooters only have two options. PSE has had an option for Mossy Oak for a very long time, and the Ramped can be outfitted with Mossy Oak Country. For those wanting something a little newer to the camo business, PSE has chosen to outfit the Ramped with Kryptek Highlander as well. Despite only having two finish options, both high quality choices are available on the upper end PSE flagship models as well.


The Ramped riser gets a slightly tweaked look compared to other PSE bows in the 2018 lineup. The riser is more deflexed than what we are used to seeing form PSE, but for a shorter axel to axel bow of only 30.75-inches a longer straighter riser should lead to better shooting characteristics when compared to a short axel to axel reflexed riser design. When working with the more compact limbs, and Drive-ish style cam system, the Ramped bow is able to produce a 6.5-inch brace height and a bare bow mass weight of 3.5-pounds. This type of bow design has been done by PSE in the past, but it is a bit different than most of the designs coming from their factory.In regards to newer technology on the Ramped, there isn't any. However, that does not necessarily mean the Ramped is a lesser performing bow. The traditional cable slide system comes standard on the Ramped, which is a technology used on compounds for a long time. The Ramped still gets a standard issue string stop system, but it does not adjust like the higher end string stops on the flagship models. Shooters wanting a front stabilizer have the option to mount one, but there is no rear mounting stabilizer location on the Ramped riser. With that being said, every major stabilizer company makes a side or rear bar mount coming off the front of the bow, so shooters still wanting that feature can get the benefits of a stabilizer mounted that way.


The grip is designed right into the riser on the Ramped model, which follows suit for what PSE has done with their high end hunting bows. Upon first glance, the grip looks pretty uncomfortable to be honest. It appears decently blocky, has no contours or visible comfort added, and is not made of another material like some other companies offer. However, when holding the Ramped, the grip fits pretty well into the shooters hand. The flat back feels great, and the thickness is just about right. Since the Ramped is a hunting bow, the aluminum is going to get cold when the weather is, so shooters may opt to hang their rigs while sitting in the stand during rut mornings when it is a little chilly out. The grip does not look overly comfortable, but it fits nicely in the shooters hand, and the flat back should make for a repeatable hand placement shot after shot.


PSE continues to create split limbs for their products, with virtually no issues. The limbs last forever under normal shooting conditions, and store a great deal of energy the cams create for the performance PSE is known for. The Ramped version of split limbs are a bit more parallel than most PSE models and more compact as well. More parallel limbs typically lead to less vibration and noise, which is the case with the Ramped having almost no vibration or noise after the shot. The limbs are available in maximum draw weights of 60 and 70-pounds. The pockets are composite, which have gotten a bad reputation, but ultimately perform as problem free as any other pockets. The short limbs in combination with the riser design creates a really nice compact experience for shooters needing a compact hunting bow for tight spaces.

Eccentric System

The Drive cam was a popular cam system for PSE for a while, and the Ramped bow gets a Drive-like style cam system supplying the power. The cam itself is adjustable from 24-30-inches in half-inch increments. Like the rest of the PSE lineup, all adjustments are made using the rotating module system and does not require the use of a bow press. The Ramped cam system has an 80% let-off, with no option to change to a different percentage. The performance of the cam is pretty solid as well, with a speed rating up to 318 feet per second. This hybrid cam system has mixed characteristics of a single cam and dual cam system. The performance is higher than a traditional single cam system, but the operation and simplicity of the system is more closely related to a single cam design.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Ramped bow shoots extremely well for a compact design. The riser is a pretty solid platform based on the overall length and shape, which makes the Ramped easy to aim and hold on target. The draw force curve is pretty easy to draw and rolls over smoothly. The valley is generous, the back wall is solid, and the 80% let-off feels really nice. After the shot, the bow is pretty quiet and has very little felt vibration. The bow is fairly lightweight as well tipping the scales at only 3.5-pounds. Everything about the Ramped is user friendly, feels great, and shoots well.

Usage Scenarios

The PSE Ramped bow is designed for hunting. For those wanting a lightweight, compact bow, without needing the pricey latest and greatest technology advancements on the market, the PSE Ramped is a really nice option. PSE also provides two factory accessory packages for shooters wanting to hunt with their rig as quickly as possible. Shooters will more than likely use this bow on practice 3D shoots preparing for the hunting season over the summer as well, but the primary reason for shooters to purchase the Ramped is to use as a hunting bow.

Factory Package Options

It is great to be a bow hunter in 2018 because of all the options available for high-end equipment and accessories. Companies producing compound accessories are doing well for themselves, and there really is an aftermarket product meeting the demands of almost every customer on the market regardless of what they want. However, with so many choices comes the potential to be overwhelmed with everything offered. PSE has decided to take things into their own hands by offering two factory accessory options shooters can choose to purchase with the Ramped bow. With the Ramped bare bow price of $399, buyers could easily double that bill adding high end accessories, which could deter them from wanting a bow to begin with. For $594.97, shooters can have everything needed to start hunting except for broad heads.

Ready to Shoot

The first of two package deals comes with the Ready to Shoot package. This includes an Amp sight, whisker biscuit rest, FX4 stabilizer, hunting quiver, PSE neoprene wrist sling, Mongoose peep sight, and nock loop. For those shooters with some experience hunting, this will give them the ability to use some old gear in addition to some newer items to get them off on the range right away.

Field Ready

The PSE field ready package includes everything shooters need to get started, whether they are new to bow hunting, or just wanting an upgrade. This package includes all ready to shoot accessories in addition to a Tru Fire Hurricane release, element bow case, and four pack of arrows. For shooters wanting the Ramped to be a hunting bow, they will simply have to buy a pack of broad heads, and they are ready to hit the woods after dialing their rig in and getting comfortable shooting it.


The PSE Ramped has a lot to offer shooters wanting a compact, lightweight bow at a really great price. It is worth noting a short 30.75-inch axel-to-axel bow with short limbs may not be for all shooters. However, for those wanting a great draw cycle in a small-framed rig, the Ramped may be perfect. Arrow speeds of 318 feet per second is not fast, especially with a brace height of 6.5-inches. Despite the slow speeds, 80% let-off and a smooth draw cycle are really easy to get used to. It would be nice for PSE to offer more than two finish options, but it is a great touch to have two accessory packages to choose from. With the Ramped bow and all the wonderful shootability characteristics, perhaps the best thing about it is the suggested retail price of only $399, which can go to $549 if the field ready accessory package is chosen. For shooters not interested in the latest and greatest technology, but really wanting a great shooting bow, the Ramped may be one of the best bows on the market, and defiantly worth a test shot.

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