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PSE Source HD

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  • A Pro Series bow with a $699 price tag
  • Smooth drawing bow with a high let off
  • Tall 7-inch brace height with a 33-inch axel-to-axel measurement


  • 335 feet per second is a bit slow by PSE standards
  • Missing a few features highlighted on other PSE Pro Series models


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Editors' review

The Source HD is a fantastic bow for shooters wanting a new do it all bow with all the extras for a budget friendly price of $699. The Source HD is 33-inches axel to axel and sports a 7-inch brace height. The new HD cam system is an extremely smooth drawing cam with 80% let off producing decent speeds of 335 feet per second. The bow tips the scales at just over 4-pounds before adding any accessories, and has the typical aggressive X-Force design with the highly pre-stressed split limbs. The bow will more than likely be the hunting bow of choice for shooters choosing the Source as their new rig, but it will do well on the 3d range as well.


PSE continues to offer Mossy Oak as their finish of choice. The Source HD is offered in Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity, Skullworks, and solid black. Some shooters may be a little disappointed the new Mossy Oak Country pattern will not be available on the Source HD, but Break-up has been used in the past and will look great. The PSE dipping process is not much different than others in the business, but the patterns are done flawlessly, covering each of the designed cutouts and edges very well. Wear on the PSE finish is minimal meaning it is sure to last for a very long time. Each of the patterns will feature PSE red limb graphics and accent colors. Some of the accent colors can be removed and replaced with other accent colors after purchasing a color kit.


The Source HD looks similar to the EVO and Hammer from previous years. The riser length makes up most of the 33-inch axel-to-axel measurement, which will ultimately help shooters hold the bow on target a little easier. The cutouts look a bit different than other 2015 PSE models, but it still has the unique PSE look. The feel of the bow is great, and it balances very well without any added accessories. The Source HD features a traditional cable slide, which may be a little disappointing for shooters wanting the PSE Flex Guard instead. With that being said, the traditional cable slide is a bit cheaper when compared to the Flex guard, and many shooters appreciate its simplicity as well. Cable guards are more likely to create unwanted torque from the cables being drawn, but there is also much less to go wrong with the tried and true traditional cable slide system. The Backstop string stop system is featured on the back of the riser to help the string stop after being shot without slapping the shooters wrist. It is easily adjustable, but shooters will more than likely keep it where it is located right out of the box. Shooters can also mount a stabilizer off the front of the bow to help counter balance the added weight of the sight. The riser shelf features tuning marks for an initial reference. Although the tuning marks may not be the exact location for optimal performance, it will serve as a starting place.


The 3rd generation PSE B.E.S.T. grip is one of the thinnest grips available and is well liked by many shooters because of how repeatable and comfortable it is. The slim grip fits well in the proper hand position and is tough to torque, which is a good thing. The grip is built into the riser, and features rubber inserts on both sides of the grip. These inserts are red from the factory, but can be changed out to match the color kits if shooters decide they like a different color better.


In typical PSE fashion, the Source HD limbs are highly pre-stressed at rest. In comparison to many parallel or past parallel limb models, the Source HD looks significantly different. The Source HD is available in maximum draw weights of 60 and 70 pounds. Although it would be nice to have 50-pound, or even 65-pound limbs, the 20-pound range should be good enough for most shooters interested in what the Source HD has to offer as a hunting bow. The limbs feature a rubber dampener to help with noise and vibration. Unlike previous dampeners, those used in 2015 are easily removed or added. The available color kits allow shooters to choose from a variety of colors to get a more personalized look for their bow. The most common colors from the factory are black and red, although the Source HD will arrive with black dampeners.

Eccentric System

The HD cam is a high let off option with a smooth draw many shooters were begging for from PSE the last couple years. The HD cam is a bit different than typical PSE bows that are built with the most speed possible while still being shootable. The HD cam is a smooth drawing cam, but sacrifices a bit of speed in the process. The Source HD is still not terribly slow clocking in at speeds up to 335 feet per second, but it is a bit slower than other PSE flagship models. The dual stop HD cam also has 80% let off with a cable stop and an option for a limb stop on the top cam. Draw lengths have the ability to be adjusted in half inch increments ranging from 25.5-31.5-inches. This will cover most of the spectrum for shooters interested in a new rig.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Source HD is a joy to shoot. The speed is not smoking fast, but it is still plenty to use hunting. The 80% let-off and the 7-inch brace height are welcomed additions to how well the bow shoots overall as well. The draw cycle is extremely smooth, which is noticeable by looking at the almost circular top and bottom cams. The draw weight seems to reach peak weight pretty quickly, but does not stay there long as it eases into a bit of a dwell zone and eventually a solid back wall. The back wall is one of the most solid ever offered by PSE, which is intensified with the 80% let off. While holding on target, the Source HD is very sturdy and easy to aim. The solid back wall and high let off both contribute to this feeling. After the shot, the arrow is pretty quick, and the bow does still hold on target without much movement. There is very little vibration felt on the shot as well.

Usage Scenarios

PSE designed the Source HD as a hunting bow, but many will be pleased with using it on weekend 3D shoots with buddies as well. The Source HD is easy to shoot, holds well, and performs respectively in regards to speed and kinetic energy.

PSE Source HD vs. PSE Source

BowPSE Source HDPSE Source
Version 20152014
PicturePSE Source HDPSE Source
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length33 "33 "
Draw Length25.5 " - 31.5 "26 " - 31.5 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed327 fps - 335 fps327 fps - 335 fps
Weight4.1 lbs4.3 lbs
Let-Off80% 75%
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The most notable difference between the 2015 PSE Source HD and the 2014 PSE Source is the addition of the HD cam system for 2015. Although the speeds are both up to 335 feet per second, the HD cam draws smoother and still has a 5% increase in let off. Perhaps the most notable feature on the Source HD is the slash in MSRP at only $699.


PSE is great at offering bows for every shooter regardless of their personal preferences. The Source HD is a high let off hunting bow designed with a having a smooth draw cycle in mind. A longer axel to axel measurement of 33-inches and a 7-inch brace height makes the bow pretty forgiving as well. The Source HD is also one of the most affordable Pro Series bows PSE offers for 2015. Although other Pro Series offerings have some added features, like the Flex guard or higher quality factory strings, for $699, the Source HD is a great value and should be what many shooters are looking for.

User Reviews

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Fast, quiet.

Version: 2015 PSE Source HD


Pros: Very Fast. Smooth PSE type draw. Quiet.

Cons: No complaints.

Full review:

Bow I set up calculates out to ATA/IBO around 340 fps. 30" 61# 364gr. 317fps. Draw is fairly typical of newer PSE. Builds up fairly quickly, holds the draw weight for a while and then begins to slowly drop to the valley. No hump on the back end at all. I think that since the transition to the valley is so gradual, some people think that it isn't there. It is, believe me. Makes letting down easier, if you have to. Seems quieter than my Vendettas. Balances well in hand, no vibe or shock with a light stabilizer. Outstanding cam system, excellent bow.

One of the smoothest bows I have ever shot.

Version: 2015 PSE Source HD


Pros: The addition of the HD cam system has really made the a great all around shooter.

Cons: The cable slide is a little cheep for a pro series bow. Had to replace already.

Full review:

The bow over all fits a wide range of shooters and doesn't break the bank. 3-D or hunting, this bow performs like a 1,000.00 bow.PSE never fails to build a quality piece of equipment. If you buy one you will not be disappointed.

Stunning performance.

Version: 2015 PSE Source HD


Pros: Tuned easily, smooth draw, very consistent. Very accurate. Speed well above expectations.

Cons: None, really.

Full review:

Got one of these. Set it up and wow, what a surprise. 62# draw wt., 29.5" draw length, 368gr. arrow, 317 fps. I was stunned. The nice, smooth PSE HD cam draw with 80% let off. Quiet, accurate, I couldn't ask for more. I love how this thing shoots.

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