PSE Supra Focus XL Compound Bow

PSE Supra Focus XL Review

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PSE Supra Focus XL
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PSE has done a lot of engineering over the years into the Supra name, and the Focus XL is the next progression in a line of really awesome target bows. The 40-inch frame accompanied with a 7.5-inch brace height allows for shooters to maximize their bow size for a desired amount of forgiveness and shootability. The Supra Focus XL is unapologetically huge, and for shooters wanting a stable platform for a spot shooting bow, the XL is a perfect solution. The speeds are great, the letoff can be adjusted with different modules, and the speed is a perfect amount for those dedicated target archers. It would be nice if the limbs were available in more than the two draw weight offerings, and it would be nice to have all color options the same price. However, in terms of a target rig, this bow is pretty awesome. The deflexed riser adds a great deal of forgiveness to the overall system, and the cams feel exceptional. The price tag of $1199 is a fair amount of money, but when compared to other target models on the market, it is competitively priced relatively speaking. For shooters wanting a longbow, with a deflexed riser, the Supra Focus XL should be at the top of the list of bows to try. Aside from design preferences, there is nothing about the Focus XL that would steer shooters into another model. For those wanting a shoot through riser, obviously a different PSE model will be preferred. However, those wanting a large framed bow, with a deflexed riser, the Supra Focus XL is a remarkable offering for 2020... read full review

PSE Supra Focus XL Specifications

1 version

Manufactured: 2020 (1 version)

Latest version: 2020 PSE Supra Focus XL

Brace Height 7.5 "
Axle to Axle Length 40 "
Draw Length 24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 60 lbs
IBO Speed 319 fps - 327 fps
Weight 5.1 lbs
Let-Off 75%