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  • Easy to tune and shoot
  • No noticeable vibration
  • Quiet
  • Easy to tune
  • Solid shooting platform


  • Spongy back wall; recommend changing the factory stop and re-adjusting


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The PSE Supra Max is a redesign the 2011 Supra and the 2012 Supra ME competition bows. Built on the same premise, the redesigned limbs and the new Mini EVO cams provide the speed and accuracy required by competitive shooters from all over. The bow has a 37 1/4" ATA, 7" brace height, 75 percent let-off, and weighs in at 4.5 pounds providing the shooter with a solid platform that is easy to hold steady on a shot. Anyone that has shot this bow cannot say enough positive things about it. Although this is a bow built for the competitive shooter, many shooters have no problems taking it into the woods and hunting with it.


This bow comes in several colors to include Mossy Oak Breakup for those that wish to try this bow as a hunting rig. However, since this is primarily a target rig, the normal colors include red, blue, and black. Whichever color the owner chooses, it is sure to catch the eye of everyone around.


This bow is built around a Planar Flex riser. This design is very strong, has 25 percent less handle deflection than previous versions, and minimizes flex and riser twist. It also enables the riser to flex front-to-back instead of side-to-side. This design improves shootability and accuracy. At the tips of the riser are one of the biggest innovations of the new Supra Max is the radically improved Centerlock 2 limb pockets. These new pockets are very nice looking and a huge improvement over previously used pockets. They also provide a solid and secure mount for the highly preloaded X-Technology designed split limbs whether at 40#, 50#, 60#, or 70#. This limb design allows for massive preload and maximum bend. The limbs are designed with a triple-optimized design that allows it to bend more than other limbs, yet maintain strength to help generate speed. This combined technology results in a more efficient limb.

Other Components

Besides the new technologies within the Planar Flex Riser, Mini Evo Cams, the Posi-Lock Limb Pockets, and the X-Technology Split Limbs, the Supra Max also comes with a PSE Raptor Grip, new FleX Cable Slide, and a backstop. This rig comes strung with America's Best bow strings. All these items combine for a smooth, vibration-free, and accurate bow.The grip on this bow is essentially a two-piece grip, but is really just two inserts screwed into the sides of the riser. The grip is a medium width grip that fits well into the hand and does not promote torque. Those that shoot this rig describe the grip as very comfortable in the hand.

Eccentric System

This bow comes with a pair of Mini Evo Cams. This is a smaller version of the Evo cams, offering a shorter power stroke. A second generation Posi-Lock Inner Cam allows for a full 4 1/2 inches, 25 1/2" - 30", of draw length adjustment simply by removing the two set-screws, rotating the module, then, re-securing the screws. The draw length can be adjusted in half-inch increments without having to use a bow press. This cam system provides maximum performance, a smooth draw, and plenty of speed. This cam design also has a generous valley, and a minimized profile that reduces vibration. Many archers have stated the wall is spongy and should be replaced to make it more solid as the sponginess could be a distraction and hard to get accustomed to. The cam does have laser-etched markings to make it easier to tune. This cam set also mean zero nock travel throughout the shot. The cams on this rig are generally pretty fast producing a solid 330 fps. The draw cycle is not super smooth, but is not harsh at all. With an adjustable let-off, when set to 75%, this bow can be held for a very accurate shot. With the let-off adjusted properly, there is no string creep to discuss. This bow is very shootable for most archers.

Silencing Package

The Supra Max comes with a Vibracheck dampening system. The limbs are set with hush kits that enhance the vibration dampening characteristics already built into the bow. The rig also comes with a carbon string stop to reduce any string vibration. Since this is primarily a target bow, archers usually add any necessary equipment, such as stabilizers, to personalize the bow by setting it up to their personal shooting needs. As a target bow, the Supra is not a noisy bow with very little if any vibration. Keep in mind that this is a target bow and noise is really not an issue. Some shooters even remove the string dampeners and the limb dampeners to gain the extra couple of fps for competition shooting.


BowPSE SupraBowtech Specialist
Version 2018 EXT2014
PicturePSE SupraBowtech Specialist
Brace Height7 "7.5 "
AtA Length37 "37.5 "
Draw Length25 " - 30.5 "26 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 60 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed317 fps - 325 fps330 fps
Weight4.7 lbs4.1 lbs
Let-Off65% & 75% 65%, 75%
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The PSE Supra Max is the redesign of an already proven bow for PSE. A good bow to compare the Supra Max to would be the Bowtech Specialist, based on the technical aspects of each. Both rigs are slightly over 37" ATA with the Specialist having 1/2" more brace height at 7.5." Both come with peak limb weights of 40#, 50#, 60#, and 70#, with each having 10# adjustability by loosening the limb bolt. Each of these bows has easy-to-tune cam systems, allowing more time for shooting instead of maintenance. Both rigs also boast a 330 fps IBO, and they have smooth draw cycles, making them desirable for any shooter. The cams on each rig also feature the rotating modules for ease of adjusting the draw length in half-inch increments without a bow press. Both bows are high quality competition bows, and will be found in most events. The Supra Max retails for $849 while the Specialist retails at $1,049. If someone is looking for a competition bow that will provide them with quality, speed, and dependability, this is a very good bow. Any archer that has put this bow to the test has been very pleased while those who have only heard about it can't wait to get their hands on it. Give this rig a try and you could possibly save a few bucks to put toward other items to trick it out.

Usage Scenarios

This rig is designed with the target archer in mind. This bow is set to exacting specifications to provide the serious competition shooter with a high-quality piece of equipment. At 4.5 pounds in a bare bow, the shooter would get tired pretty fast carrying this bow all decked out over the course of a hunt. However, this bow can be ordered in a Mossy Oak Breakup finish if someone wanted to use it as a hunting rig. The bow does have a 37 1/4 inch ATA, so if the shooter wishes to use it as a hunting bow, they should realize this bow may not work very well in a blind, and if used in a stand it may bang around on any shooting rail and the necessary limbs will need to be cleared.


This rig has a cost of $850. This is about $150 more than the average for compound bows. This price is comparable to lower end competition bows, which can easily cost more than $1,500. If an archer is looking to purchase a competition bow, the PSE Supra Max is guaranteed to satisfy. All shooters that have shot this rig have raved over the shootability and accuracy. It is highly recommended.


The 2013 PSE Supra Max is a redesign of the Supra (2011) and the Supra ME (2012). With new technologies in the riser, cams and limb pockets, this rig is a common sight at any archery competitive event. The cutouts in the riser reduce the weight by approximately 20 percent, yet continue to offer a very strong and solid platform. The redesigned limb pockets reduce the weight slightly, but not only look nice, the also provide a solid housing for the split limbs while eliminating any slippage or limb twist. The redesigned Mini Evo cams offer a shorter power stroke, smooth draw, and plenty of speed. The limbs and this new cam system will definitely perform and launch an arrow at or near IBO with the accuracy one would expect from a competition bow. This rig is commonly found at most competitions. Although the Supra Max has a 37 1/4" ATA and a very forgiving 7" brace height. The split limb system also comes in a variety of weight from 40# - 70# peak weights, and each set are adjustable in 10# increments. If the shooter is looking into getting into competition shooting, the Supra Max is affordable enough to get started, yet possesses the quality that even the most experienced completion shooters seek.

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