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  • Inner lock cam modules adjustable between 26.5-32 inches in half-inch increments
  • A great mix between speed and forgiveness
  • $699 price tag for a Pro Series bow


  • A bit heavy with a bare bow weight of 4.3 pounds


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Editors' review

The Vendetta is a solid bow that proves to be a great mixture between forgiveness and speed. With a seven-inch brace height and an axel-to-axel measurement of 34- inches, the Vendetta still flings arrows with speeds up to 330 feet per second. Although this is not as blistering fast as other rigs in the PSE lineup, the Vendetta's draw cycle has a cult like following. Of everything wonderful about the Vendetta, the draw cycle and the $699 price tag really draws shooters looking for a new bow.


PSE has a great dipping process that finishes off each of their bows. The dipping process leaves the bows looking great with no visual blemishes. Three finish options are available for the Vendetta model including: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, all black, or Skullworks. These three design styles should give most shooters a great option to meet their shooting needs and personal taste. Accessories are also available in matching finish patterns as well for shooters that demand a matching look for all parts of their rig.


The Vendetta riser incorporates several technologies that result in improved technology. For starters, the riser is designed to offer less riser twist than previous models. Flexing front to back rather than side to side improves accuracy and allows for a more repeatable shot. It also has less hand deflections than previous models as well. Aside from this, tuning and alignment marks are engraved on the side of the riser shelf for providing an initial starting point for setting up new bows. This makes the tuning process a little quicker.The Backstop 2 string dampener is attached to the back of the riser to stop the string after the arrow has been released. This dampener is fully adjustable to give shooters the feel they desire. The dampener does a really great job cutting down on hand shock and noise as well. Mounting directly in front of this hole is a front mounting stabilizer-mounting hole. This helps more with transferring left over energy away from the shooters hand.


PSE grips are known for being on the slim side of things. Although the Raptor grip is slightly thicker than the B.E.S.T. Raptor grip, shooters will notice how different the grip feels than most. However, it fits perfectly in the shooters hand and is super easy to place in the proper shooting position for improved accuracy. As part of the riser, the grip will get a little chilly in some hunting conditions, but the rubber inserts make the grip comfortable. Shooters truly worried about the cold grip can purchase a grip cover from PSE to help out with this a bit.


X-Tech limbs are featured on the Vendetta from PSE. These fourth generation split limbs are claimed to be PSE strongest most durable limb produced to date. They are still highly pre-stressed and make the bow look extremely aggressive. The limbs are built a bit lighter than previous models as well, which is a nice feature to include. The split limbs can be adjusted six full turns making it easy to set the top and bottom the same. With a draw weight range of 40-70-pounds, peak weights are available in 50, 60, and 70 pounds. It would be nice to offer limbs in five pound peak weight instead of ten pound increments for shooters who usually shoot somewhere in between.The Bow Madness limb pockets are designed to make contact with the split limbs throughout the entire range. The limbs lock tightly in place, and have another contact point closer to the cams for better control. Made of aluminum, the pockets also feature rubber wedges for better contact in the pocket throughout the draw cycle.

Eccentric System

The Drive cam powers the Vendetta to speeds up to 330 feet per second. Although this is a hybrid cam, the ease of tuning is similar to that of single cam models. Featuring the second generation of posi-lock inner cam system, the draw length is adjustable in half-inch increments from 26.5-32-inches without the need to purchase expensive cams or different modules. The cams have tune marks and draw length adjustment reference marks laser marked in the cams for ease of tuning as well. With 75% let-off, dual string stops, and sealed ball bearings, the Drive cams prove to have all the features needed on a pro series bow.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Any review of the PSE Vendetta will quickly give readers a sense of the cult-like following the Drive cams have from owners. These bows are smooth, and not the somewhat smooth like many bow have. This draw cycle is truly wonderful. The transitions in the draw force curve are hardly recognizable, and there is no aggressive hump before dumping into the generous valley. The back wall is solid with the assistance from dual string stops, and the 75% let off really allows shooters to pull into their shot. The valley allows for a little creep without wanting to rip the shooters arm forward, but the extra weight at full draw as compared to 80% really seems to make a difference with pulling into the release of the arrow. After the shot, the bow has a tiny bit of hand shock, but adding accessories will help out with this. The bow rocks a little front to back, but nothing happens side to side, which is in part due to the riser design. With the amount of adjustability this bow has to offer, shooters should leave completely satisfied with how this rig performs. The 34-inch axel-to-axel measurement is almost perfectly balanced on target and allows the shooter to easily float the pin over the mark. This bow really is a dream to shoot, and the 7-inch brace height only adds to the overall forgiveness offered to the shooter.

Usage Scenarios

The Vendetta is designed for hunting, but it really does have great potential as a multi-purpose bow. Shooters of all backgrounds will easily adjust to the smooth draw cycle and the forgiving brace height. Not everyone enjoys a short lightweight axel-to-axel bow designed for hunting, and the Vendetta is a wonderful alternative to this option. Although the 4.3-pound bare bow may feel a little heavy on long trips, the extra pound over the market's lightweight performers should not be a deal breaker for anyone after shooting the bow and feeling how wonderful the draw cycle is.


BowPSE VendettaPSE Evo 7
Version 2013 DC2012
PicturePSE VendettaPSE Evo 7
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length34 "32.25 "
Draw Length26.5 " - 32 "26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed322 fps - 330 fps327 fps - 335 fps
Weight4.2 lbs4.4 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
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These two PSE bows have great appeal for the same style of shooters. Although the PSE Evo 7 holds the advantage for speed, the Vendetta has a smoother draw cycle and a longer brace height. The shorter axel-to-axel measurement of the EVO may be more appealing to some over the longer axel-to-axel measurement of the Vendetta. The choice between the two bows will come down to personal preference because both bows are great shooters and feature a lot of the same technology. The only way to truly make the decision would be to spend some time with each bow and see which one feels better between the two.


The Vendetta is not breaking any speed records with 330 feet per second, but those who have shot the Vendetta will rave about its smooth draw cycle. For $699 the Vendetta is a great option at a reasonable price for a Pro Series bow and the technology that comes along with it. The ability for the Vendetta to be used on the range and in the woods may help justify the cost for some as well because this bow will truly do it all. It cannot be overstated that the Drive cams are smooth drawing and the bow is amazing to shoot. This will be the selling point for many shooters interested in a new bow with a forgiving brace height and a longer axel-to-axel measurement.

User Reviews

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A very easy bow to like.

Version: 2012 PSE Vendetta


Pros: Nice overall length, holds on target well. Smooth draw cycle, rises fairly quickly but transitions smoothly into a decent valley. Quiet.

Cons: I have no complaints.

Full review:

This bow is a follow on to the Vendetta XL. Although this is one inch shorter I prefer the grip and the riser slightly over the XL as my hand is slightly larger than average. The draw is very similar to the previous Vendettas as would be expected because the Drive cam is simply an updated L6 cam from the previous models. Having one draw module is an advantage of this cam over the two of previous models. The draw ramps up smoothly but quickly and transitions to the peak weight. It holds it there for a bit and then as you draw further back it smoothly settles to a valley that sits at 75% let off. If you ease up on the draw to let it back down it is not jerky or abrupt and you can let it down pretty smoothly. The bow is quiet as shipped if the cams are properly timed. The laser reference marks on the cams help in making sure timing and sync are what you want them to be. I have not added much in the way of dampening other than a stabilizer. I am shooting 55#, 29.5 draw 363gr. arrows at 290 fps. This calculates out to about 330 FPS IBO so that seems honest. I have shot very well with this bow right from the beginning and I feel it is an excellent value.

The bow I have really wanted from the beginning.

Version: 2012 PSE Vendetta


Pros: Holds on target very well, excellent grip for me. Nice speed, very quiet. Wonderful draw cycle that has a very smooth backend with a nice wall. Great value.

Cons: Factory strings are not the greatest but better than in the past.

Full review:

Moved to this from a Vendetta XS as my draw length is pretty long for the short axle to axle of the XS. This bow solved all the little issues I had with my XS. First the 34" axle to axle makes it much more comfortable and stable for me to hold. I have a 29.5" draw and this fits me just right, the string angle is just better for me. I shot the XS quite well with practice. This one shoots better for me right off the bat. It is quiet, shock and vibration free. The grip is just a touch wider than that on my XS and that fits my hand just about perfectly. For me it was a small but noticeable improvement. It is a touch heavier so that could be a plus or a minus for some, it works well for me. The stock strings are a step up from those on my XS with better materials but they are still not in a class with a top flight custom string set. 56 pound draw weight, 29.5" draw length (measured), 367gr. arrow Dloop, 290 fps. That should calculate out to right around 330 IBO so that seems pretty honest and real close to the XS speeds that I ended up with using custom strings. To sum it up for me it's a well balanced, accurate, quiet, easy drawing bow that I won't be parting with for the foreseeable future. I haven't seen or shot anything newer that works any better for me. I really just like it! It gives me the features and performance (in all aspects) of a flagship bow without the flagship bow price, what more could I ask?

SMOOOOOOTH, this bow is perfect for me !!!!!

Version: 2013 PSE Vendetta DC


Pros: this bow is smooth, really smooth draw, the wall is solid, very forgiving to shoot and very accurate, almost no hump at mid travel..

Cons: there no con's with this bow that I have..

Full review:

I have had many bows, mostly pse from the beginning of my bow hunting travels, at 70 years old I have bad arthritis in my shoulders, this bow is so easy to draw at 60 lbs. that I can easily draw it and hold the pin easily on target.!!no shock in my hand, quiet, and shoots chrono 294 fps with 360 grain arrow. last season at 72 yards, a complete pass thru on whitetail rib section, breaking rib bones on both sides!! wow,. I am so impressed with this bow. will shoot it into my hundreds !lol.. thanks P S E

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