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  • A bow specifically designed for shorter draw length shooters
  • 300 feet per second at the maximum setting of 27-inches is decent
  • Mass weight of 3.5-pounds bare bow
  • MSRP of $549


  • Shooters with more than 27-inch draw will not be able to shoot this rig
  • Does not have a 70-pound maximum draw weight option


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Editors' review

Shooters with short draw lengths have to depend on a bow designed for longer draw lengths, which severally impacts the performance. The Verge is designed with short draw archers in mind meaning the power stroke along with the performance is best with draw lengths between 22-27-inches. The bow is decently fast shooting 300 feet per second set at 27-inches. With a compact design and a 30-inch axel-to-axel measurement the Verge is ideal for many different hunting situations requiring a smaller rig for maneuverability. It also has a bare bow weight of 3.5-pounds, which makes it easy to transport. For $549 the Verge is a steal of a deal for shooters needing high performance to compensate for a shorter draw length.


The Verge is available in several finish options straight from the factory. The dipping process used by PSE is done to perfection and will last a very long time. Mossy Oak Break Up Inifinity is the go to camo pattern for PSE, and the Verge does feature this as an option. Aside from that, shooters have Skullworks, all black, pink camo, and the female Stiletto version to choose from. The available options are perfect for all short draw shooters including youth, female archers, and males. There really is a finish choice for all shooters needing the Verge's short draw performance. The Verge is also equipped with Vibracheck accessories that can be swapped out for a variety of different colors as well.


The riser is a very important component of a bows functionality. A weak riser leads to torque and poor performance. The Verge riser is compact to help with the 30-inch axel-to-axel measurement and has enough machined cutouts to keep the overall weight at 3.5-pounds bare bow. The riser shelf has tuning and alignment marks, which help with the initial setup as well. The Backstop 2 rear mounting string stop system is a great addition for reducing shock and vibration. It is also completely adjustable for the perfect fit for everyone. The string stop system will come set from the factory in a fine location, but some shooters may prefer an adjustment. There is also a front mounting stabilizer bushing for those who want additional weight out front of more dampening equipment.


PSE grips feel fantastic no matter what they are previously used to. The slim grip feels amazing and makes it very easy to have the same hand placement every time using proper form. Many target shooters have already made the switch to slim grip designs because of the positive impact it can have on accuracy. The PSE grips are just that. They are a machined part of the high-grade aluminum riser though, so cold weather will make them very chilly to hold on to in hunting situations. PSE does make a neoprene grip cover, which will help out, but the bare grip is going to be cold. Rubber inserts help the grip stand out, and can be customized with a variety of different colors.


The X-Force split limbs have to be amazingly strong to hold up to highly pre-stressed position they are in even at rest. The limbs have designed contours to help disperse stored energy without over stressing the limbs causing damage. Limbs are available in maximum draw weights of 40, 50, and 60-pounds. The lower end of the range leaves a lot of room for youth shooters and female shooters wanting to get a high-end bow without having to pay a premium price for it. However, it would be nice for the top end range to be 70-pounds instead of 60.The newly designed Spectrum limb pockets are highly functional and keep near zero tolerances throughout the entire draw cycle. They have a large degree of adjustment with the limb bolts able to turn 12 complete turns. The bottom line is the Spectrum limb pockets work great and do not take away from the overall look of the bow. The Vibracheck limb band dampeners are preinstalled from the factory and work great. They are also extremely durable and easier to change than past year models that required the limbs to be removed. For shooters wanting a more custom look, the dampeners are available in several different colors matching the rubber grip instep.

Eccentric System

The Verge power is supplied by what PSE calls the Mini Drive cam, which is a scaled version of the popular, and larger Drive cam. Made of high strength aluminum, the Mini Drive cam features 5-inches of draw length adjustment in half-inch increments using a rotating cam module. The cam features laser engraved markings for easy to see reference marks and easy tuning. The Mini Drive cam features a 75% let off, sealed ball bearings, and am adjustable cushioned string stop peg. The performance from the PSE Verge cam is acceptable producing 300 feet per second at a 27-inch draw length. The bow is not the fastest bow on the market, but that is a respectable number, especially for the easy draw cycle and the market the bow is designed to appeal to.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Mini Drive cam feels a lot like the beloved Drive cam system, which should not be a huge surprise since they the Mini is basically a scaled version of the larger cam. The draw feels great all the way through. The Mini Drive rolls over smoothly, has a generous valley, and a decent back wall. The back wall does not feel like a limb stop cam system, but is far from having a spongy feel. After the shot, the Verge is dead in the hand and does a pretty good job of staying on target. For a 30-inch axel-to-axel bow, it does hold pretty well on target throughout the shot too.The Verge is a smooth bow and a better shooter. For the market of consumer this bow is aimed at, the draw cycle works very well. It would be nice for the limbs to be offered out to 70-pounds, but for the designed audience, perhaps it is not necessary.

Usage Scenarios

With the Verge's short axel-to-axel measurement, it screams hunting bow. However, depending on the shooter, the bow could do well for a 3D bow or target rig. With shorter draw archers in mind, this bow would actually make a really great adolescent bow as well. With the easy to move module, the bow can grow with shooters very easily, and help cut down on the cost of having to update every time they grow. With that being said though, the technology is fantastic for anyone interested in a new short draw length rig.


The Verge coupled with the Mini Drive cams make this bow a perfect rig for a combination of smooth and powerful. There are not many bows designed for shorter draw shooters, but the Verge is and it does a nice job adding performance to the draw length segment of 22-27-inches. With easy adjustment, and plenty of speed, the bow has the ability to grow with younger shooters, or just work for those wanting a compact bow with a shorter draw length. Perhaps best of all, the Verge sells for the low price of only $549. With all things considered, it is hard to fine much wrong with the Verge from PSE, as it is a solid addition to the Pro Series lineup.

User Reviews

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After owning mutiple bows by different company's, I can honestly say this is by far my favorite!

Version: 2014 PSE Verge


Pros: This bow is the quietest I have ever shot/owned, when you shoot it, there is zero feedback in your hands, and is the most consistent/accurate bow I have owned and that is comparing it to my Bear and Mathews bows. Love this bow!!!

Cons: It feels heavier than 3.5 pounds but I do have it fully loaded and a 6 arrow quiver. Plus, I just recently had surgery so I am a bit weaker...

Full review:

I love the way this bow feels in my hand. It's like it was made just for me. I have owned Bear and Mathews and the Bear had the next best feel with the Mathews in last. The P.S.E. is also the most consistent shooting bow I have ever owned. It just hits its mark every time. Even when I don't think I had the best form or smoothest release, my arrows just find their mark. It has zero hand shock after shots and it is so quiet it's scary! It is also amazingly smooth. I have had 10 back surgeries and had to set my Mathews on 52 but this one I have on 60 and it is easier to pull than my Solocam and it was not a speed bow either! I prefer shootability over speed any day. I have not had a chance to get it chronographed yet but I am eager to see what kind of numbers it will put up... My set up is the Verge Skullworks set to 60lbs with a Truglo carbon fiber 4 pin sight with lights, 7inch 8oz Icon stabilizer, 3/16 peep, Q.A.D. HDX rest, 6 arrow quiver with Beman ICS arrows, and a Scott Wolverine single caliper strap release.

Winning collegiate shoots with this bow

Version: 2014 PSE Verge


Pros: Speed control and short draw length

Cons: Lacks good rear mount point.

Full review:

Speed and control are very nice. Like the stack up and defined wall really gives nice control and ability to dwell on target with minimal effort. Sight mounting is very well made. We have taken several mounts on and off and repeatability is nice. We did have to get a multi port quick release for a good rear stabilize as the bow didn't support a dampener and additional rear mount.

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