PSE X-Force Axe 6 Review

PSE X-Force Axe 6

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  • One of the best quality speed bows
  • Very lightweight and well balanced bow
  • Smooth (yet relatively stiff) draw cycle with a nice valley
  • Very solid back wall (1 draw stop on each of 2 cams)
  • Extremely adjustable draw length - no bow press or modules are required


  • Relatively stiff (but smooth) draw cycle
  • Shock and vibration on a bare bow could be better (stabilizer and other silencers will take care of that)


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Editors' review

The PSE X-Force Axe 6 belongs to the PSE Axe series and is considered to be one of the best speed bows in 2010.


The Slim Low Torque (SLT) grip is fully machined and has contoured rubber side panels. This design allows for more comfort and consistency as reported by the majority of archers who shoot this rig.


The X-Force Axe 6 is equipped with the new Next Generation X Technology Split Limbs which go to beyond parallel angles at full draw. This technology allows for reducing shock, vibration, and noise after releasing the arrow.

Silencing system / Quietness and vibration

According to our observations, a bare Axe 6 has a little bit more shock and vibration when compared to the quietest (bare) speed bows. However, according to multiple reviews we explored, it's considered to be quiet enough for a speed bow. Shooters also say that installing a stabilizer and other silencing components makes this rig even quieter and significantly reduces vibration and shock. Overall, the Axe 6 is reported to be surprisingly quiet for a speed bow.

Eccentric system

PSE's new AXE Hybrid Cam system is the driving force behind advertised IBO speeds reaching 337 to 345 fps. This highly adjustable eccentric system has an inner module on each cam to easily adjust the draw length from 25.5 to 30.5 inches, in 1/2" increments. Each inner module can be moved and adjusted with the help of a 7/64" hex wrench. The let-off is 75%. Overall, shooters are very happy that no bow press or modules are needed for adjusting the draw length on this rig.

Draw cycle / Shootability

The X-Force Axe 6 has a smooth but stiff draw cycle as confirmed by the majority of archers shooting this bow. Experts say, the draw cycle is a tad more in effort in the beginning of the cycle, but gets smoother all the way to the end. While the draw cycle is smooth, it's also relatively stiff. All speed bows have stiff draw cycles, but not all of them are as smooth as the Axe 6. With the two draw stops, this rig has a very solid back wall. Also, shooters say the Axe 6 is a lightweight and well balanced bow. Overall, the majority of people who shoot this bow agree that the Axe 6 is one of the best shooting speed bows on the market.

PSE Axe 6 vs. PSE Axe 7

BowPSE X-Force Axe 6PSE X-Force Axe 7
Version 20112011
PicturePSE X-Force Axe 6PSE X-Force Axe 7
Brace Height6 "7 "
AtA Length32.5 "32.5 "
Draw Length25.5 " - 30.5 "26.5 " - 31.5 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed337 fps - 345 fps327 fps - 335 fps
Weight4.0 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
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Some archers like comparing the Axe 6 with another bow from the Axe series: the Axe 7. When it comes to the specs, the main differences between the two is that the Axe 6 has a shorter brace height (6"), is 10 FPS faster than its 7" brother, and is better suited for archers with shorter draw lengths.When it comes to shootability, archers with shorter draw lengths will often not feel any difference between the two bows. That is why such people often say they are extremely happy with the Axe 6 because it's 10 FPS faster. However, many experts agree that for longer draw length shooters (28"+), the PSE X-Force Axe 7 will be a better choice due to its more forgiving brace height, shifted draw length range, and a better string angle.


To conclude, the PSE X-Force Axe 6 is one of the best 2010 speed bows. This is a very fast, lightweight, and well balanced bow with a solid back wall. While the draw cycle is relatively stiff, it is very smooth. In addition, the eccentric system is highly adjustable: no bow press or modules are needed to adjust the draw length. Overall, the PSE X-Force Axe 6 is a great choice for those shooters who prefer fast and high quality rigs.

User Reviews

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Great hunting bow with lots of speed that does not shoot like a 32ata, 6" bh.

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Axe 6


Pros: The draw cycle vs. speed balance good wall shorter ata nice for hunting adjustable mods

Cons: String angle was my big issue. The short limbs, combined with the short ata and bh places the cams a good distance away creating a string angle that may be a problem for some at longer draws.

Full review:

The Axe 6 is a very accurate short brace height, short ata bow. With a 11oz b-stinger I found very little vibration, the bow balanced nicely and was fairly quiet. Considering the speeds produced I found the draw cycle to be very smooth, no real hump, and a nice transition to the wall. There are 2 stops that stop against the cables. I personally prefer limb stops, but it was very solid. Shooting a 379 gr. arrow at 70#'s the bow was getting 321fps at my 29" draw. The grip was comfortable, though I personally like a wider shelf. The short limbs allow for a mild reflexed riser considering it is a speed bow. I really believed that this contribute to its overall "shootability." The only downside for me was the string angle. I found I could not comfortably hit my anchors; I just am more comfortable with a longer ata bow. For those who like a shorter ata it is hard to beat this bow. I can see how this would be a great bow for a short draw hunter.

The Axe 6 is more than fast enough. while still being very shootable.

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Axe 6


Pros: Fast with a smooth draw. I find it not stiff at all but that is in comparison to other speed bows.

Cons: Bottom cam will rotate the draw length adjustment. PSE fix is not 100% reliable I've witnessed there mod locker slipping go with Pimp my bow locker for a real solution.

Full review:

Big issues were cam slippage easy fix with pimp my bow mod locker. Hadf troubles with QAD LD rest I gave up and put on whisperflite and timed it in 4 shots. I love the draw cycle and speed and shoot great groups out to 80 yards. the specs 71lbs 29.5 inch draw length pushing a 460 grain arrow at 301.6 fps set up for hunting enough said.

Speed without the harsh draw cycle.

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Axe 6


Pros: Speed Smooth draw Rest adjustment lines in riser shelf Quiet

Cons: The module slipping on the bottom cam

Full review:

The Axe 6 is a great shooting bow. The 6" brace height did not come in to play, it shot as good as any bow with more brace height that I have had. I was shooting over 300 fps (308fps) with a 400 grain arrow at 30" draw and only 60lbs. The bow held great and the draw was smooth for a speed bow. The lines in the riser shelf is a great starting place for center shot on your arrow rest. The strings were great with no peep rotation at all. The module slipping issue on the bottom cam was not an issue for me, but I went ahead and ordered a set of Pimp My Bow mod lockers so it wasn't a concern. Shooting the bow was a pleasure. For a speed bow it was real quiet, no vibration and fast.

Lots of great features and its a speed bow.

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Axe 6


Pros: Very fast Nice smooth draw Solid hold on target Double draw stops makes a stiffer wall Nice finish Virtually vibration and shock free Very forgiving for a 32 inch ATA and 6 inch brace Adjustable draw length

Cons: Draw stops contact the cable Very narrow grip

Full review:

Explination for the Pros: My Axe was set up at 65# and a 29 inch draw. After having it tuned it was shooting an IBO weight arrow 339 fps with the draw set at 29 inches. True IBO ratings would be around 349 fps which is 4 fps faster than advertised. With my hunting arrows weighing 418 grains it was still shooting 304 fps. The draw on this was very surprising to me. It is very smooth draw all the way back with a little roll over right at the end into a nice size valley. The valley is short enough to keep good speed but wide enough to be comfortable at full draw in a treestand. It holds on target maybe better than any bow I have shot before and is forgiving for a shorter ATA and low brace height bow. I shot my best long shot (50-60 yards) groups ever with this bow. Explination of Cons: The back wall is fairly solid with the double draw stops but they still stop the draw by contacting the cables. This still allows for the back wall to be a little soft. I have been used to draw stops that contact the limbs which makes for a much harder wall. The grip was a little narrow for my liking. I felt that it allowed the bow to move a little in my hand causing some torque. This was not an issue while shooting on flat ground but it concerned me how it would be in different shooting possitions in a treestand. In the end I got rid of this bow. Not because it is a bad bow or because of the cons I have listed but because I found a bow that fits my shooting/hunting style a little better.

great bow.This bow is as good if not better than its $1000 competitors.

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Axe 6


Pros: everything. price to value rating is unmatched

Cons: bow has a little forward creep. but i kinda like it now. lets u relax a little without the bow trying to take off. The slim metal grip gets cold in low temps, wish it had a wooden handle like the mathews.

Full review:

Good back wall, smooth draw, very powerfull bow, incredible accurate, well built, very durable, well priced, very stylish, super quite,compact and light......PSE has really stepped up their game in the last few years. before you always had the top 3 mathews/hoyt/bowtech to choose from. well guys u can add a 4th cause PSE has brought their A game.

Just a great bow

Version: 2011 PSE X-Force Axe 6


Pros: Bow is quiet enough. Real nice finish. With expensive sights and drop away rest it shoots great for me. I will keep it until it breaks.

Cons: Can't think of anything. It does what I need it to do.

Full review:

I am 5ft 10 tall. Bow set to 29.5 DL / set at 65lbs DW. I am right handed, but I shoot Left handed with this LH bow. I used to own Browning bows. Thus PSE just feels much better. I shoot without a stabilizer, and have no problems.

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