PSE X-Force Axe 7 Review

PSE X-Force Axe 7

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  • One of the top quality bows capable of generating fast speeds
  • Very lightweight and well balanced bow
  • Smooth (yet relatively stiff) draw cycle with a nice valley
  • Solid back wall
  • Easily adjustable draw length - no bow press or modules are required


  • Shock and vibration on a bare bow could be better (stabilizer and other silencers will help make it quiet)
  • Relatively stiff (but smooth) draw cycle


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Editors' review

The PSE X-Force Axe 7 belongs to the PSE Axe series and is reported to be one of the top speed bows in 2010.

Grip & Limbs

The Slim Low Torque grip is fully machined and has contoured rubber side panels. This design allows for more comfort and consistency as reported by many shooters. The Axe 7 is outfitted with the new Next Generation X Technology Split Limbs capable of going to beyond parallel angles at full draw. This design helps to reduce shock, vibration, and noise after release.

Quietness and vibration

We found that a bare Axe 7 has a tad more shock and vibration when compared to the quietest (bare) speed bows. Despite that, a number of reviews and tests indicate this rig is quiet enough for a speed bow. Archers say that a stabilizer and other silencing components will significantly reduce shock and vibration and will make this bow even quieter. Overall, the X-Force Axe 7 is considered to be impressively quiet for a speed rig.

Eccentric system

PSE powers the Axe 7 with its smooth-drawing Axe Hybrid Cam system, advertised to hit IBO speeds reaching 335 feet per second. This eccentric system has an inner module on each cam to allow for adjusting the draw length very easily. The draw lengths are adjustable over a 26.5"-31.5" range in half inch increments. The inner module can be moved and adjusted with the help of a 7/64" hex wrench. The let-off is 75%. All in all, archers like the fact that no bow press or modules are required for changing the draw length on this bow.

Draw cycle / Shootability

The X-Force Axe 7 is a smooth (but relatively stiff) drawing bow. Experts agree, the draw cycle is a tad more in effort in the beginning, but gets smoother all the way to the end. Despite being smooth, the draw cycle is also a bit stiff. While all speed bows are stiff to draw, the Axe 7 is much smoother than some of them. In addition, the two draw stops provide for a very solid back wall. Also, shooters say this rig is very lightweight and well balanced. All in all, a lot of experts and archers agree that the X-Force Axe 7 is one of the best speed bows out there.

PSE Axe 7 vs. PSE Axe 6

BowPSE X-Force Axe 7PSE X-Force Axe 6
Version 20112011
PicturePSE X-Force Axe 7PSE X-Force Axe 6
Brace Height7 "6 "
AtA Length32.5 "32.5 "
Draw Length26.5 " - 31.5 "25.5 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed327 fps - 335 fps337 fps - 345 fps
Weight4.0 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
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Some people like to compare the Axe 7 with another bow from the Axe series: the X-Force Axe 6. Specs wise, the main differences between the two bows is that the Axe 7 has a longer brace height (7"), is 10 FPS slower than its 6" brother, and is usually a better choice for archers with longer draw lengths.While the Axe 7 has a more forgiving brace height, short draw length shooters (up to 28") will often not feel any difference between the two rigs. Therefore, they often choose the PSE X-Force Axe 6 because it's 10 FPS faster. On the other hand, experts agree that for long draw length archers (28"+) the Axe 7 might be a better choice because it has a more forgiving brace height, shifted draw length range, and a better string angle.


To summarize, the PSE X-Force Axe 7 is one of the best quality 2010 bows capable of generating fast speeds. This is a fast, lightweight, and well balanced bow with a solid back wall. While the draw cycle is a bit stiff, it's also very smooth. In addition, the eccentric system is extremely adjustable: no bow press or additional modules are required for changing the draw length. Overall, the X-Force Axe 7 is a great choice for those shooters who prefer fast and high quality bows.

User Reviews

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Smooth draw. Not much vibration. It's louder than some but not many.It's fast too.

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Axe 7


Pros: Smooth draw. Good strings, pretty quiet, fast for a 7" BH bow, and it looks awesome in black.

Cons: The only thing I don't like is how loud it is when I shoot a very light arrow.

Full review:

I shoot a 475 grain Beman Bone Collector and with cat whiskers on the string, it's finally quiet enough for me. It shoots about 296 FPS. With a 350 grain arrow and no cat whiskers, it will shoot about 341 FPS but is pretty loud. I use a Drop Cord code red rest and have had no problems at all with contact. I put split limb limb savers on it, they seem to help. The thing is deadly accurate. I have not had any problems with the modules slipping like some have. Overall, I am happy with my decision. I shot the Mathews Z7, All the Hoyts except for the Carbon Martix, I thought the Axe 7 drew better than all of them. I did not shoot the Bowtech Destroyer.

Super fast and super accurate bow.

Version: 2011 PSE X-Force Axe 7


Pros: The Axe 7 is light weight and the camo is well done. It is quiet and draws smoothly and easily even set at 70 lbs. I compared it with Matthews, Bear, and Martin and thought the Axe 7 suited me better. Shot it hundreds of times and love it!

Cons: The only problem I had after a couple of hundred shots was with the allen screws that set the over draw back wall. One of them came loose and fell out.

Full review:

I make no reservations to pick a PSE Axe 7 over any bow. The fact it can shoot 335 fps, has a very smooth draw, a let off that can be held easily for what seems like forever, and is deadly accurate sold me. If and when I get another, it's a PSE!

Easily the best bow I have ever owned. Smooth draw and deadly fast.

Version: 2011 PSE X-Force Axe 7


Pros: I love the feel of the bow in my hand. I can draw and hold for what seems like forever. I can group arrows at 55 yards like I did with my old bow at 25 yds. It shoots 325fps at 61 lbs!

Cons: Im really searching... No negatives so far.

Full review:

I love my pse x force axe 7 smooth fast and accurate.

Version: 2011 PSE X-Force Axe 7


Pros: Like I said before my x force axe 7 is one badass bow! It shoots great smooth fast and accurate! I havent had any problems with my axe yet I shoot 70lbs @ 29in with 350 grain carbon express maximas with titanium rage broadheads it is one lethal rig!

Cons: Haven't found one yet.

Full review:

My 2011 PSE x force axe 7 is set at 70lb at 29in draw. I have it set up with a IQ sight, rip cord drop away rest, the omega pse stabilizer, and shooting 350g carbon express maxima arrows with titanium rage broadheads. It is one lethal set up! Its everything I look for in a bow fast, smooth, and,quiet! Iv shot Mathews z7, bow techs,.hoyts etc and the PSE X forces just have a feel like no other bow. So if you are looking for a new bow try a PSE!

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