PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA Review

PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA

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  • Lightweight 3.7 pounds
  • Compact 31-inch axel-to-axel hunting bow
  • Fast with a 352 feet per second IBO speed rating
  • Center pull technology
  • Inner-lock cam module offers easy adjustment of draw length from 26-30 in half-inch increments


  • Some may not like going down to 70% let off


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Editors' review

Hunting bows are pushing the limit of short and lightweight. PSE has taken this one step further offering blazing 352 feet per second IBO speed to the equation. This bow has been completely redesigned creating its own platform down to the 7075 high-grade aluminum alloy riser. Center pull technology puts the nocking point in the middle of the bow improving tuning and shoot ability. This lightweight compact package is a pure hunting bow and will perform flawlessly for a long time. Shooters willing to give the draw a chance will quickly find out it shoots very well.


The PSE dipping process has never looked better. This year, PSE offers even more customization options for finish patterns sure to meet the needs of every shooter. Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity remains the camo pattern of choice for PSE. This pattern is also offered with a black riser and camo limbs for those wanting a half and half bow. Shooters can also get a solid black bow if they desire as well. The Black Skullworks pattern is amazing looking and makes the bow very pleasing to look at as well. Aside from these four options, PSE also has a variety of custom color options available for the first time ever. Skullworks camo is available in blue, red, and white. Target colors are also available in white pearl, red pearl, and blue pearl. If that is not enough, the DNA is also available in anodized finish patterns in burnt orange, stone grey, violet, forest green, and olive brown. However, the customization does not stop there this year. PSE also offers the limb pockets and cams in Matte Silver as well. The new limb band dampeners are also available in a variety of colors to choose from giving shooters a ton of variety.


The riser is made of lightweight, high-grade aluminum alloy. The forged riser offers superior strength in a lightweight design not offered by PSE in the past. The simplistic design of the riser makes the bow rather aggressive looking, and the lightweight package is welcomed with open arms. Weighing in at 3.7 pounds, the DNA competes with all of the lightweight models available on the market today. The backstop 2 string stop system is fully redesigned as well allowing more adjustment options for shooters. The string stop system is rotationally adjustable, micro adjustable, and length specific so shooters can set it exactly where they want.PSE has also added a flex cable slide that is different than anything they have offered before. This cable slide is made using the same process used to create the X technology limbs and functions as one as well. The cable slide has an adjustable bolt similar to a limb bolt that allows adjustment to account for different size shafts and vane clearance. As the bow is drawn, the slide flexes inward, not getting in the sight picture window. After the shot, the slide flexes back to its resting position. This reduces side torque by up to 30%, which will only help increase accuracy.


The DNA uses the PSE B.E.S.T Raptor grip, which is an integrated part of the riser. The rubber-inserted grip can be red or black. This grip is a narrow grip, but it fits perfectly in the shooters hand and may be one of the industry's most repeatable grips available today. Although the grip feels great, it does get cold in certain hunting conditions. This is by no means a deal breaker, and is a little nitpicky, but the grip will be cold on long days in the stand. Overall, the B.E.S.T. grips have a wonderful feel and encourages proper hand placement.


The DNA uses the x Technology limbs that have been used for several years. The split limbs are highly prestressed giving the bow a mean look upon first glance. The limbs are sure to withstand any normal shooting condition they can be put in, and are sure to withstand thousands of shots without any issues in terms of endurance. Limbs are adjustable in ten-pound increments and available in maximum draw weights of 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70 pounds. The 5-pound increments is a great feature as well giving shooters even more options for a personal feel with their DNA's. The Center lock 2 limb pockets are stronger, lighter, and more stable than ever before. The triple lock design forces the limbs toward the center of the bow making the shot repeatable time after time. The limbs have new Vibracheck Limb dampening bands, which cover each limb individually rather than stretching over both limbs at the same time. These bands are also offered in a variety of color options for shooters who want to add a little color.

Eccentric System

The DNA is powered by the Core cam, which is new for this year and specifically designed for use on the DNA. The cam is made from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum for increased strength and decreased weight. Using the 3rd generation posi-lock inner-cam system, the DNA is draw length adjustable in half-inch increments from 25-30-inches without having to purchase new cams or modules. The cams also assist with the center pull technology being perfectly synced with each other for optimal performance. Aside from this, the Core Cam produces IBO speeds up to 352 feet per second. The Core Cam let off is 70%, and the dual draw stop system contacts the string while at full draw.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Wow! This bow is a little scary at first because shooters have an idea of what the draw cycle is going to be like before drawing the bow. 352 feet per second bows should draw tough, and the valley should be almost nonexistent. Shooters going in to a test shoot with this in mind are going to be surprised. The DNA has a great draw cycle that most love more and more each time they shoot it. Like most PSE bows, the weight stacks up pretty quick. From there, the transitions in the draw cycle are nothing but smooth. The 70% let off may take some a little time to get used to, but it is hardly noticeable after shooting for a while. Many shooters actually prefer it because of how stable it allows shooters to hold on target. The dray cycle is a little on the stiff side, but it is much better than most anticipate. The valley of the bow is not bad either, but shooters will need to bow set up to their exact draw length. The bow will want to go if the shooter creeps too far forward, but this helps with proper push and pull shooting technique. Again, after shooting the DNA a while, this becomes a nonfactor as well. After the shot, the bow is pretty dead in the hand, especially after a stabilizer is added. The lightweight design also holds well on the target. The center pull technology makes tuning the bow a breeze, and the flex cable slide offers another tuning option not offered by any other bow company. This bow is a dream to shoot, and performs very well.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is designed with nothing but hunting in mind. Although it will shoot well enough for good range scores, the DNA will shine in the woods. This bow was designed with Mark and Terry Drury as a hunting bow option. The lightweight frame, combined with the strength of 7075 aluminum, and blistering speeds, it meets all the demands of a high performance-hunting bow. With tons of technology designed for superior performance and tune ability, the DNA stands out as a hunting bow worth a test drive.


PSE has never offered a bow this compact, lightweight, and fast. The Drury brothers know hunting, and it is obvious they had a say in creating this bow. Shooters on the market for a high performance speed bow with desirable hunting characteristics should give the DNA a chance. Customization is almost endless with tons of factory options available. The draw may be a little stiff at first, and the 70% let off may take some time to get used to, but after shooting them a while, shooters will have no issues with either of these characteristics. 352 feet per second is fast, and that speed will all but eliminate any errors in judging the distance in the field. Shooters interested in a new hunting bow should take a long look at the PSE DNA.

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What the F-15 is to the Wright Bros, this is to all bows prior

Version: 2013 PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA


Pros: I have shot hundreds of bows, and this is the best. In 2 seasons.... 16 Hogs, 1 Mountain lion, 11 whitetail, 2 Elk, 7 turkeys, 11 pheasants, lots of crows, bunnies, and little critters.

Cons: lost a few fletchings in my bag targets, blowing through. lol... for the price, I wish PSE would give you more color options

Full review:

1. Shot it at Arch shop, 5 arrows, traded my Mathews Monster in on it. 2. OH the speed....(big smiles) 3. Let off took a minute to get used to, but after I did, it has helped hunting. 4. I spot and stalk, nice size for it 5. Shot about 250 arrows on factory string, replaced with Customs. Picked up 11 fps. 6. Pullin 72lbs at 28.5, and I can hold it all day. The Valley is awesome. 7. Used it -12 Degrees in Idaho, to 107 in south Texas. Rain, Snow, High humidity, Dry, NO PROBS 8. NO GOOD FOR BOW FISHING....LOL!!! It is the fastest, nastiest, bow I have ever owned. I shot the Omen. It is faster, but this is the friendliest high speed bow. The let off took a bit, but wow, it is nice on the stalk. I worked a Bull Elk for nearly 5 hours in November, and I drew and let off probably 50 times. I finally sat there, full draw for 11 minutes, (VIDEO timer) until I had my shot. I released, hit him on the left, clean through at 37 yards and stuck in a tree. The only two lows, PSE needs better color options for the high end bows, and you will thrash your fletchings if you try n use a bag target... Buy a block....

Bit of a learning curve, but what a bow.

Version: 2013 PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA


Pros: Very fast, even at 60lbs. Weight and length are real plus in a tree stand. Very accurate and consistent.

Cons: Bow seems to want to really take off. Have to concentrate on holding to back wall or it really wants to go forward.

Full review:

Having shot Mathews most of my bowhunting life, the PSE was a departure for me. Got a little tired of having to buy modules to adjust draw length. Despite being tall, I like to shoot a 28.5 draw in the early season or when in a ground blind turkey hunting. When cold weather comes and more clothing required, a 29 seems better. DNA makes this a 5 minute task with zero being unchanged. Draw is stiff and requires some getting use to, but once you do, what a bow it is. 70% let off is really no problem especially at the 60 I shoot.

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