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PSE X-Force Dream Season

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  • very fast high-performance bow
  • relatively smooth draw cycle for the speeds it generates
  • minimal hand shock and vibration
  • comfortable grip


  • notable hump at the end of the draw cycle


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Editors' review

Due to its aggressive eccentric system the PSE X-Force Dream Season is a very fast bow capable of generating blazing IBO speeds. Outfitted with highly pre-loaded limbs this bow has minimal shock and vibration and, as a result, is very quiet. While the draw cycle is relatively smooth, there is a notable hump closer to the end of the cycle (2008 HF cam). Being an aggressive rig, the Dream Season is a good choice for those shooters who like fast and aggressive bows.


This bow is equipped with the new PSE "Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat" (B.E.S.T) grip that is considered by the majority of archers as very comfortable. The two rubber side panels reduce hand torque and ensure the grip sits firmly in your hands.


The limb sets on the Dream Season are highly pre-stressed to store more power and achieve high performance. When bent, the limbs go beyond parallel angles. This technology effectively eliminates vibration and shock and reduces the noise. Experts describe this rig as a bow with minimal hand shock and low vibration. The majority of them agree in that this bow is nice to shoot as it is surprisingly quiet for the speeds it produces.

Eccentric system

The PSE Dream Season is very powerful due to its aggressive eccentric system. The bow is equipped with the PSE's Hybrid Fast (HF) cam system that is oversized to store a lot of energy and to generate blazing IBO speeds (see full PSE X-Force Dream Season specs for more details). This cam system covers draw lengths of 27 to 32 inches and does not require a bow press for changing 1-inch increment modules. In addition, the cam-based posts allow for changing the draw length by 0.375 inches in both directions. The let-off can be adjusted between 60% and 70% through an adjustable draw stop.

Draw cycle

Multiple PSE X-Force Dream Season tests conducted by experts and archers indicate that the draw cycle is aggressive but consistent. We found that many shooters agree in that the draw cycle can be described as smooth for the blazing speeds you get out of this bow. While the draw cycle is smooth, there is a noticeable hump closer to the end of the cycle as noticed by some shooters.


To summarize, the PSE X-Force Dream Season is one of the fastest bows available on the market today. With highly pre-loaded limbs and other innovative technologies like B.E.S.T grip, this bow has minimal shock and vibration and, as a result, is very quiet for the speeds it generates.

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The worst bow I ever shot! Probably just a lemon because others liked the dream season.

Version: 2008 PSE X-Force Dream Season HF


Pros: It had a nice finish, nice ATA.

Cons: The draw cycle was horrific! As I stated earlier, it was probably a lemon.

Full review:

I expected great performance from this bow when I got it. It had the worst performance of all the bows I have owned. The draw cycle was harsh, very loud, and was all over the place. I am not a bow tech, but I went over that bow with a fine toothed comb and still could not get it right. I don't think you can judge the dream season by my experience, but I didn't like mine at all!

One of the best Bows ever made.

Version: 2008 PSE X-Force Dream Season HF


Pros: Smooth draw cycle, quiet, very accurate, no hand shock or vibration, very fast, built very strong.

Cons: none

Full review:

This bow has an extremely smooth draw cycle and there is no hump at the end as mentioned above on my bow? It is hard charging out of the gates at 70lbs, but extremely smooth all the way to stop. Extremely fast and dead nuts accurate. This is the only bow that I've shot birds off my corn pile at 20 yrds consistently. This bow has a very short valley, but, I like short valleys, that being said you cannot creep with this bow, however, you are not supposed to creep with any bow. The bow is very quiet and no felt hand shock or vibration at the shot. It's not a super light bow at 4.1 pounds, but the weight holds you steady on target and eliminates the hand shock on a bow that is blazing fast and extremely accurate.

Just like the bow states, ( Dream Season ) , and that's exactly what it is

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Dream Season UF


Pros: My opinion this bow has everything I was looking for in a bow , silky smooth draw, wicked fast, and the forgiveness every hunter looks for not to mention dead on point, I'm hitting a cap nail at 40yds.

Cons: Hmmm, can't think of any

Full review:

Very nice bow . One of my all time favorite bows that have owned over the years .

Version: 2008 PSE X-Force Dream Season HF


Pros: Smooth draw for my draw weight @ 60lbs.

Cons: Cant use my portable bow master press with the past parallel limbs . I prefer the newer inner modules over the HF cam modules . You have to buy mods for each draw length change .

Full review:

Bad motherfucker shoots fast

Version: 2009 PSE X-Force Dream Season GX


Pros: It's the pro series duh

Cons: Couldn't say

Full review:

Shoots fast as hell up to 350fps ibo smoking my 3d deer targets heart at 50. Yards plus I decked it out in all lime green string kisser string stop damper chubs d loop the works looks smooth shoots smooth FAST

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