PSE X-Force Vendetta XS Review

PSE X-Force Vendetta XS

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PSE X-Force Vendetta XS Review5.057 out of 7 user reviews


  • One of the best hunting shooting bows in 2010
  • Very accurate and fast bow with good valley and nice wall
  • Very lightweight and maneuverable (ideal for tree stand or blind hunting)
  • Easily adjustable draw length (no cams/modules or bow press are required)
  • Very smooth draw cycle
  • Great value for money


  • Factory strings could be of better quality


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Editors' review

The Vendetta XS is a high quality and great shooting bow that has been specifically designed for shooters looking for a lightweight and highly maneuverable bow. Being accurate and fast, this bow is ideal for tree stand or blind hunting. With its very adjustable and extremely smooth drawing eccentric system, the Vendetta XS has a modest price tag and, as a result, is a great value for money.

Eccentric system

PSE's new and highly adjustable L6 Cam system powers the Vendetta XS to advertised IBO speeds reaching upwards of 330 FPS. Many experts and archers say this is a very impressive and efficient eccentric system. With a unique design, this system is a mix of hybrid and single cam systems: the top cam looks somewhat like an idler wheel. However the top cam is not an idler wheel and functions differently to deliver high performance and exceptionally smooth draw cycle. Also, this eccentric system is very adjustable: no bow press or new cams/modules are required to adjust the draw length from 24.5 to 30.5 inches. The let-off is 75%.

Draw cycle / Shootability / Quietness

We were overwhelmed with the amount of extremely positive feedback indicating the Vendetta XS is a great shooting rig. Firstly, this bow is extremely smooth to draw as noted by many shooters. This is quite impressive given this bow is so fast. Moreover, the Vendetta XS has a solid back wall, balances very well, and aims nicely. At just 3.8 pounds and measuring 29.5 inches from axle to axle, the Vendetta XS is a pretty lightweight and highly maneuverable bow. While a bare bow could be a bit quieter, installing a stabilizer and other silencing components will definitely make this bow one of the best shooting rigs in 2010.

Great bow for tree stand and blind hunting

With its short AtA length (29.5") and high IBO speeds (up to 330 feet per second), the Vendetta XS is a great rig for tree stand and blind hunting. We totally agree with those shooters who say the Vendetta XS is a fantastic short hunting bow due to its great shootability characteristics, fast speeds, and high accuracy.

Factory strings

Some archers agree the stock strings on the Vendetta XS could be of better quality. While you can still get great life out of the factory strings, many people say they just get a better quality set once the original strings are worn.

Value for money

Many hunters strongly agree this high quality rig is underpriced and is a great value for money. With a very reasonable price tag, the Vendetta XS is as good (or even better) as some of its more expensive competitors with similar shootabilty characteristics and specs.


To summarize, the Vendetta XS is a top quality and great shooting rig with very adjustable and extremely smooth drawing eccentric system. With a solid back wall, this bow is balanced well and aims easily. While a bare bow could have less vibration, when fully equipped this bow is a great shooter. Many experts firmly believe this is one of the best shooting bows introduced in 2010. Designed specifically for hunters looking for a lightweight and highly maneuverable bow, this rig is ideal for tree stand and blind hunting. While it's a high quality rig, the Vendetta XS has a very reasonable price tag and is a great value for money.
PSE X-Force Vendetta XS Review5.057

User Reviews

  • 7 reviews
  • ( out of 7 reviews for all versions)
  1. This is the best bow you can buy for this price!

    Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Vendetta XS


    Pros: Very smooth draw, fast, light, relatively inexpensive. this is a pro series bow for the price of a mainline bow.

    Cons: Factory string. even that is not horrible but could do with an upograde.

    Full review:
    I bought this bow in march 2010, and have fired about 3000 arrows with it. This is the smoothest bow i have ever shot that can still shoot well over 300fps. the bow is light to carry and easy to use in my tree stand. It is very accurate for a short axel to axel bow. It also has a very solid back wall. Overall I would recommend this bow to anyone who is looking for the performance of a 2 cam bow with the smooth draw of a single cam.

  2. Great performance at a very good price.

    Version: 2011 PSE X-Force Vendetta XS


    Pros: The draw cycle is very comfortable for this level of performance. Good grip, easy to shoot well. Relatively light weight.

    Cons: The America’s Best strings would be better but would probably add to the cost.

    Full review:
    Purchased new as a replacement for an older 70# bow. Am getting to an age that makes efficiency look more attractive. Shot other bows from both PSE and other manufacturers and this seemed to fit me the best for my needs.

    Have a 60# Vendetta XS set to 55#, 29.5"dl. Shooting 375gr. arrow at 286fps, a very comfortable speed.

    Did replace the factory stings when I purchased the bow which added to the cost, but have not regretted it. Brace height and axle to axle length have been no problem at all, it holds on target and shoots really well for me. Have been shooting very well at 40 yards and am really happy with how this has come together.

    It is easy to carry, comfortable to shoot, quiet and has little to no vibration at the shot. Considering the competition, I think that it is reasonably priced.

    I would recommend this bow for consideration by hunters who have to deal with tight quarters. It also delivers really good performance for people of smaller stature and/or shorter draw lengths.

  3. amazing bow no matter the price.

    Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Vendetta XS


    Pros: very smooth and quiet. any very fast and accurate and light.

    Cons: the factory string.

    Full review:
    best bow i have ever put my hands on. its very fast and smooth,I bought it last year about August
    I wanted a back up bow and bought the new pse evo two months ago and its very nice, but my primary
    bow is the vandetta xs,
    I shot just about every bow out there and the vendetta was my favorite, and speed has its advantages.

  4. Awesome shooting bow. Takes a little practice to shoot, but then, look out!!!

    Version: 2011 PSE X-Force Vendetta XS


    Pros: Everything. Fast, even at 27", smooth as silk, great back wall, light weight, quiet.

    Cons: Factory strings. First Strings, or America’s Best, even Winners Choice would serve you better. Shot fine, just wore fast.

  5. Best Bow I have used to date

    Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Vendetta XS


    Pros: light weight, fast, compact, quiet very smooth and easy to draw and shoot. it feels nice in hand, a very effective hunting machine in my book

    Cons: I was dissapointed in the original string quality even though it shot great I had to replace it due to use and hunting in the rain after the first season

    Full review:
    I have a 27.5 inch draw length shooting the bow at 65 pounds, averages about 280 fps. I have killed more deer with this bow in three seasons than in the last 10 years. It is small and compact pretty quiet, a real pleasure to draw, very smooth valley and a solid back wall. I shot two robin hoods in the last year. I had to replace the strings with winner choice after the first season but it still works great and I might even get a 2012 model as a replacement. I would highly reccmnd this bow to smaller shooters who want speed and stealth. I think the bowtech shoots a little smoother but it was hard to draw and much heavier so this one is a total winner in my book! Go shoot it and see for yourself. you will end up leaving with one

  6. Best bow I have owned to date

    Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Vendetta XS


    Pros: light weight, looks good, feels good in hand, sturdy construction, quiet, very consistant performance, under 700 dollars, short and fast

    Cons: factory strings could be better but they still work great

    Full review:
    I shoot lots of whitetail each year from swamps and trees stands. This bow is ultra light weight, easy to draw (unlike other speed bows) it looks good, feels good in the hand, its quiet and consistant performance makes this a great bow. I had winners choice strings put on for about 150 dollars a year after I purchased the bow, I dropped it off my lap from the tree stand, it fell of my truck bed, and it stayed working flawlesly. It really is a great bow for under 700. I will use this bow for a long time to come. LOVE IT!

  7. Best bow to grace Ridgway PA

    Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Vendetta XS


    Pros: Fast, short, great looking bow for a good price. It is light weight and great for hunting out of tree stands, blinds and even my favorite bow while spot and stalk hunting edges of my fields with very heavy cover around them.

    Cons: String quality was not the best but it lasted me 2 years with some extra waxing. Replaced it with an americas best works wonderful.

    Full review:
    This bow has been the best investment in to archery that i have made to date. I shoot every day from the end of may right thru archery season and with the smooth draw i never have to worry bout shooting with a sore shoulder. I am currently using a code red drop away rest with easton axis arrows, with 100 grain tips and thru the conograph iv got an IBO of 315. This bow has taken 5 deer, every shot has been a pass thru with my easton arrows tipped by a 100 grain 2 blade rage. I dont belive i can find a better feeling bow to have in my hands for back yard practice, 3d shoots to hunting every day of PAs archery season.

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