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  • The latest speed bow from the PSE camp
  • High let off and low let off modules available from 65-90%
  • Speeds up to 360 feet per second in the low let off setting
  • Evolve cams has tons of adjustment and very shooter friendly


  • The 5 1/4-inch brace height may be a little short for some shooters
  • 4.4-pounds is a little heavier than the 4-pound standard for aluminum riser bows
  • PSE has eliminated the ability to purchase Pro Series bows online, must be in store purchase only
  • $1099 MSRP is not cheap, but comparable to other brands


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Editors' review

PSE has done it again producing an ultimate speed bow with a shootable feel and relatively favorable specifications for a hunting rig of this caliber. PSE has been in the speed and performance game a while ago dating all the way back to the X-Force models. The 2018 Xpedite does not disappoint with smoking fast speeds up to 360 feet per second with the fast modules at 65% let off. for shooters still wanting quickness, but a little more let off, shooters can also opt for the high let off module, which will still shoot 352 feet per second at its lowest let off, or shooters can go up to 90% let off if they choose. the Evolve cam system is simply outstanding, and for a bow with this type of performance to be paired with such an easy shooting cam system, the hunting world should be amazed at what PSE brought to the market. The brace height is one reason behind the performance, and may be a little scary for some at a fairly short 5 1/4-inches. The Xpedite bare bow weight of 4.4-pounds is also a touch heavy for comparison sake, but with the added performance, it really helps keep the Xpedite tame and vibration free. The MSRP is comparable to other flagship models as well at $1099, but for some shooters, that is too steep for consideration. Overall, for shooters wanting an outstanding speed bow from a reputable archery company, the Xpedite deserves a hard look. This thing is sweet!


Pse has always had nice looking finish options in regards to looks, and for 2018 that is no different. Under normal use conditions, the finish holds up well and is fairly resistant to regular wear and tear. the dipping process is done well and hits all the hard to reach areas of the aggressive riser design as well. The final product is well covered, looks nice, and should last for a long time. Unfortunately, although the finish is well done, PSE only offers four finish patterns for the Xpedite. Shooters can opt for Charcoal or black for a non-camo look, or choose Mossy Oak Break-up Country or Kryptek Highlander. PSE has always outfitted their rigs with Mossy Oak patterns, and the newer Break-up Country is nice looking on the aluminum riser, but it is nice to see a newer Kryptek pattern thrown in the mix for 2018 as well.To add a little flavor, the PSE logo, still in red, is featured on the limbs along with the Xpedite block lettering in white. This looks pretty sharp without distracting in any way from the rest of the bow. The PSE logo is engraved along the grip area, and featured on the riser near the pockets, and just above the string stop as well, for unmistakable brand recognition. Shooters can also change the dampener colors for a more personal style match if they desire to do so. Overall, the bow looks very much like a PSE model, and the limited finish options available are well done.


The reflexed riser is undoubtedly PSE. The cutouts are aggressive, the riser causes highly prestressed limbs, and everything about the looks screams performance. PSE is not known for long risers, but the Xpedite riser is a bit longer than other similar axel-to-axel bows measuring 33-inches from PSE. The overall bare bow weight is a bit heavy at 4.4-pounds before any accessories or dampeners, but it does not seem that heavy in hand based on the outstanding balance.The cable containment system gets some upgrades for 2018 on the Xpedite riser as well. The first change includes the Flex Rod System (FRS). This cable slide is adjustable for the best tuning results, and can be tweaked for vane clearance based on the specific set up of each shooter, which is an outstanding feature given all the vane, arrow, and broadhead choices on the market in 2018. As the name suggests, the FRS is flexible as well to help reduce torque caused as the massive cams are drawn to the back wall. Along with the Flexible Rod System, PSE integrate the RollerGlide system as well. This design combines a more traditional cable slide motion as well as a roller, which allows for better fluidity of the cables through the system with less stress on the rollers from the cables as the string is drawn back. With the cable flexing, the slide sliding, and the rollers rolling, the cable containment system on the Xpedite is pretty slick to say the least.PSE also integrates a dual cage riser design for the aluminum Xpedite. The cage adds a great deal of strength and rigidity to the riser to help offset with the torque caused as the giant Evolve cams reach full draw. The strategic placement of the cage design on the top and bottom of the riser does add a little extra mass to the bow, but the stability and strength is well worth the added ounces.PSE also incorporated a new string stop system as well, going with a flat back rubber dampener. The Backstop string stop system is fully adjustable, and the carbon rod it uses is sturdy and strong. Along with this, the PSE engineers have added dampeners to the top and bottom of the riser to counteract any noise and vibration caused after the shot. These dampeners can be swapped for a variety of different colors if shooters prefer, but many will stick with the black ones straight from the factory. PSE also has a front mounted stabilizer bushing as is all but standard on bows produced in 2018.


PSE used to have the majority of their bows outfitted with the same size and shaped grip, which is no longer the case. Depending on which PSE model shooters opt for, the grip is slightly different in feel and finish. The Xpedite grip is fully integrated into the riser design, and has no side plates or rubber added like in past years. Aside from the PSE engraved logo, it is a fairly simple look and feel. The back is basically flat with a little curved edge, which sits well in the hand. It is not quite as thick as other PSE models, but does not feel too thin either. Without the side plates, it makes it very easy for shooters to tape the grip up to the perfect thickness and shape. The slimmer starting spot allows shooters to tweak the size easily, and get the exact feel they prefer. For shooters coming from a different PSE model, it may take some adjusting to get the grip positioned where it is more repeatable, but it does feel comfortable. For those using the Xpedite for hunting the grip is going to get cold because it is the aluminum riser. It may be a necessary to hang the bow, or have really warm gloves if shooters are going to hang on to the handle the entire sit, especially during cold rut days on stand.


Split limbs continue to get the nod for PSE, because quite frankly, if it isn't broke, don't fix it. The Evolve cam system is large, and the new quad track cable system combined with the beefed up limb width eliminates almost all cam lean, which would be present with other systems. Shooters can opt for 60, 65, or 70-pound maximum draw weight limbs, which should be accommodating for most shooters. It would be nice for a 50-pounder to be released as well, but the 65-pound sweet spot is a welcomed addition to any bow lineup.The Wedge Lock pockets keep the limbs securely fastened to the riser. The pockets were also beefed up a bit to take on the extra width of the riser and they will function well for a long time. PSE also equips the Xpedite with factory installed limb dampeners to keep the speed demon as quiet as possible.

Eccentric System

The Evolve Cam System is an outstanding piece of engineering genius from PSE. It has absolutely everything shooters could want from a system, and when paired with the Xpedite specifications, this rig is capable of speeds up to 360 feet per second! For starters, PSE is able to get this outstanding performance from a bow with a rotating module, which is generally heavier and therefore slower than a cam system with a set draw length. The rotating module allows for draw lengths ranging from 24.5-30-inches, which should accommodate most shooters on the market for a speed bow. The Evolve cam also accommodates two different let off modules, which will allow shooter to have a high let off option, which will be a bit slower, or a low let off option, which will give shooters the highest performance rating. Between the two modules, shooters can adjust the let off between 65-90%. All these adjustments can also be made without the need for a bow press!Aside from adjustability, the Evolve Cam has some other noteworthy features as well. For starters, the cam system eliminates split yoke cables in favor of a newly designed quad track binary cam set up. This, along with the wider split limbs, is done primarily to help off set cam lean, which is characteristic of of larger cam system using yokes by placing everything closer to the centerline of the bow. It allows for similar adjustability, but also keeps things much closer and less susceptible to lean. This does make the cable look different since it must now have a splitter on the top and bottom cam to connect to the cam instead of splitting to connect to the axels outside the limbs.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This is a tough category to discuss given all the adjustment and varying let offs available with the Evolve Cam system, so it may be best to discuss the most performance at 65% let off, and the highest let off at 90%.For starters, the Xpedite is a mean looking bow. It is heavy enough to feel like a legit piece of machinery, but not so heavy it feels like the 4.4-pound bare bow weight. The balance is outstanding, and holding on target is effortless with minimal pin float even at long distances. After the shot, the vibration is pretty tame considering the high performance of the Xpedite. Shooters can also opt for a variety of performance and let off setting making it outstanding for multipurpose use.In the performance setting, the Xpedite does not disappoint. With 65% let off, the let off draw weight into the back wall is obviously higher, and this particular module keeps peak weight a bit longer into the draw cycle, but the performance is truly outstanding. The stiffness may take some getting used to, especially for shooters used to a more comfort style draw, but it is nothing like speed bow draw cycles of the past. The valley is favorable and the back wall creep is totally doable as well. Shooters are able to relax more than the Full Throttle on the back wall without the cam system wanting to take off. For a bow with this performance, the draw cycle is unbelievably well done.For shooters wanting the specification of a speed bow like the Xpedite, but would rather utilize a 90% let off instead of the 65% option, the high let off module is going to be outstanding. Shooters will lose right around 10 feet per second using the 90 over the 65% let off, but what is gained in comfort is truly amazing. The peak weight is held less time, and the let off is 90%! This is something shooters must feel for themselves in order to believe. The end result is still a bow shooting close to 350 feet per second, only holding 7-pounds at the absolute most into the back wall. For shooters to have the option and completely different feels the Xpedite and Evolve cams offer is a huge leap in the archery world. Some may be concerned with the shorter 5.25-inch brace height. However, with the Evolve cam system comfort, some may be willing to look past this short brace height measurement for the added performance. Overall, this bow has a place in the archery industry and will deservingly become the bow of choice for many shooters in 2018.

Usage Scenarios

The Xpedite is a speed bow designed with hunting in mind. With that being said, the 33-inch axel to axel measurement, combined with the other highly sought after features of this bow, would make a nice 3D set up as well. Although hunting will be the most comfortable for the 2018 Xpedite, the price could be easier to justify if shooters plan to use it for a variety of shooting scenarios. The performance and great shootability of this bow make it a solid decision for a couple archery styles.

PSE Xpedite vs. PSE Full Throttle

BowPSE XpeditePSE Full Throttle
Version 20182018
PicturePSE XpeditePSE Full Throttle
Brace Height5.25 "5.25 "
AtA Length33 "33.25 "
Draw Length24.5 " - 30 "26.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed352 fps - 360 fps362 fps - 370 fps
Weight4.4 lbs4.1 lbs
Let-Off65% - 90% 70%
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In some ways, the Xpedite can be looked at as a replacement for the PSE Full Throttle as the new speed king for PSE. Without taking anything away from the Full Throttle, the Evolve Cam System's performance and favorable draw cycle allows shooters to benefit from the outstanding 360 feet per second speed rating without the comfort sacrifices made with the Full Throttle. The specifications are very similar to each other, and more than likely the decision is going to come down to the feel of the draw cycle between these two models. The Full Throttle is more characteristic of a speed bow draw cycle, whereas the Xpedite has great performance without necessarily feeling like it has great performance as far as the draw cycle is concerned.


Speed sells, and when packaged with such great features like the Xpedite, it should be even easier to sell. 360 feet per second is marketable to a large audience of hunters, and 360 feet per second with the Evolve Cam System is marketable to even more than speed freaks. This cam draws super smooth, has a favorable feel, and is adjustable in every way possible with a bow press. 25% of let off adjustment while being around the 350 feet per second mark and higher is insane, and the feel is the same familiar feel as the Evolve from last year. The brace height may be a little short, but anything lost in forgiveness because of a shorter brace height is arguably made up with the quicker speeds. The 4.4-pounds is a touch heavier than some other similar sized aluminum bows, but in the end ounces are more than likely not going to make or break a decision. The MSRP tag of $1099, is expensive, but that is how much high quality bows from a solid company cost in 2018. The pros far outweigh the cons for anyone in the market for an impressive shooting speed bow. Anyone looking for a 360 feet per second speed rated bow, or a shooter wanting to fling the heaviest arrow possible while still maintaining as much speed as possible should take a long serious look at what the Xpedite offers. This PSE bow is insane.

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