Bear Authority Compound Bow

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    Bear Authority RH Compound Bow (28/70)
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    (F96648) Bear Authority Compound Bow
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  • Bear Authority Review

    1 editor review + 1 user review
    Editor review:
    The Bear Authority was introduced in the 2014 lineup, but is still a very good bow choice today. A little slower by today's standards for speed, but 315 fps is plenty enough to meet the needs of anyone serious about the shot, and not how fast the arrow gets there. It also produces enough KE to take down just about any animal you may hunt. With a 31" ATA, 7.5" brace height, and four pound overall mass weight, it is not too big to be cumbersome in the field, yet is solid, smooth, and accurate. Best of all, it is a quality rig at a very affordable price... read full review
    User reviews:
    • Easy draw cycle with solid back wall. by Matthew George from Plymouth, MN
  • Bear Authority Specifications

    1 version
    Manufactured: 2014 (1 version)
    Latest version: 2014 Bear Authority
    Brace Height 6.75 "
    Axle to Axle Length 31 "
    Draw Length 24.5 " - 31.5 "
    Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
    IBO Speed 315 fps
    Weight 4.0 lbs
    Let-Off 80%