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  • Compact
  • Excellent draw cycle
  • Backed by Bear's excellent warranty and customer service


  • Usually overshadowed by bigger named manufacturers


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Editors' review

Bear introduced the archery world to the Authority in 2014 that offered a 31" ATA, 7" brace height, and 315 fps. It has a draw length range from 24.5" - 31.5" and up to 70# peak draw weight, and was very affordable. Compared to some of the bows on the market today, it is relatively slow, but is very smooth, has virtually no hand-shock, and is an extremely nice shooting bow.


The finish is of the same high quality standards expected from Bear Archery. Unfortunately, this bow only comes standard in the RealTree APG camo pattern.


The Authority uses a milled aluminum alloy riser to provide a very solid platform. The exacting measures used in this design set the foundation for the 31" ATA. The riser is capped with a pair of Bear's Zero Tolerance limb pockets that secure a pair of Bear Flared Quad split parallel limbs. These limbs come in peak draw weights of 50#, 60#, and 70#. Each are adjustable by up to ten pounds by simply turning the limb bolts (maximum of four turns).

Other Components

This bow generally comes in a Ready-to-Hunt package that includes Bear's Zero Tolerance limb pockets, Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit, Trophy Ridge 5-pin sight, Trophy Ridge stabilizer and string, dual string suppressors, Trophy Ridge quiver, and Trophy Ridge peep sight and nock loop.Eccentric SystemThis bow utilizes the Bear's EZ3 single cam setup. This cam uses dual sealed bearings that make it very smooth, quiet, and dependable. It is smooth throughout the draw cycle with no harsh humps or sudden stops. The draw length (24.5" - 31.5") is easily adjusted (without a bow press) using a rotating mod system, and is adjustable in half-inch increments. Simply remove the screws on the module, set to the proper location, and re-tighten. This rig does have a tendency for "nock wobble" at the shot, but it has no effect on the performance of the bow.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow is very smooth throughout the draw cycle with no unexpected bumps and jerks. It begins smooth and builds slightly throughout the draw cycle with very little hump at let-off. It has a nice valley and is easy to hold on-target for as long as needed. There is virtually no hand-shock and minimal noise, and is a very comfortable shooting rig. Although it is a little slow by today's standards, it still has plenty of speed to manage any situation you wish to use it for.

Silencing Package

This rig is built to be quiet, but includes (in the Ready-to-Hunt package) a Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit, Trophy Ridge stabilizer and sling, and dual string suppressors. It also has Bear's Zero Tolerance limb pockets that help absorb vibration when shot. This is a very quiet bow and has virtually no hand-shock..


The grip on the Authority is slim with a pair of composite side plates. The advance design of the grip gives this rig a torqueless draw while enhancing the accuracy throughout the shot. It is well-balanced and makes the bow easy to hold for those with small to medium sized hands. The curved edges will not dig into the palms of the hand, and it is also easy to hold at full draw for extended periods of time.

Compared to Similar Bows

BowBear AuthorityDiamond Provider
Version 20142018
PictureBear AuthorityDiamond Provider
Brace Height6.75 "7.5 "
AtA Length31 "31 "
Draw Length24.5 " - 31.5 "25.5 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs20 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed315 fps310 fps
Weight4.0 lbs3.3 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The Bear Authority is very similar to the Diamond Provider. Both have a 31" ATA and overall weight is very close. The Diamond has more brace height (7.5" compared to 6.75"), but the Bear offers an additional 1.5" of draw length adjustment range. The primary difference in the bows is in the draw weight area. The Bear's range is 40# - 70#, where the Diamond's range is 20# - 70#. They price point on these two bows is only $20. Deciding between these two bows will strictly be based on how the purchaser feels when shooting them.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is an introductory level bow that will be found mostly shooting targets, or even a 3D course. It is also a good hunting bow for the beginning hunter. If the shooter is new to archery and/or archery hunting, this could be an excellent choice.


This rig is below average on price point and comes in a Ready-to-Hunt package for $499. At this price, it is a very good option for the beginning archer without spending too much money. Although this bow was introduced in 2014, it can still be purchased new and can be found in the Ready-to-Hunt package for as low as $360.


The Bear Authority was introduced in the 2014 lineup, but is still a very good bow choice today. A little slower by today's standards for speed, but 315 fps is plenty enough to meet the needs of anyone serious about the shot, and not how fast the arrow gets there. It also produces enough KE to take down just about any animal you may hunt. With a 31" ATA, 7.5" brace height, and four pound overall mass weight, it is not too big to be cumbersome in the field, yet is solid, smooth, and accurate. Best of all, it is a quality rig at a very affordable price.

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Easy draw cycle with solid back wall.

Version: 2014 Bear Authority


Pros: Quiet with no hand shock.

Cons: Grip gets cold. With a wood grip, this would be even a better bow.

Full review:

I have owned this bow for two years. This bow is quiet and vibration free. Since it is a single cam bow it tunes easy and the draw cycle is solid and consistent. No hard spots or clunks during the draw cycle that you sometimes get with a dual cam bow. The back wall is solid and it doesn't feel like you are fighting a jumpy cam at full draw. Not the fastest bow out there, but it doesn't beat you up during practice sessions like a speed bow does. It is a comfortable, accurate shooter. On a good day, I can shoot a softball sized group at 50 yards. I have been very happy with this bow and I have owned bows from Bowtech, PSE and Mathews in the past. All of those bows were good, but this one seems to be the most well rounded for my type of shooting/hunting. In my opinion, it does all things well.

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