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  • A youth bow able to grow with younger shooters
  • Highly adjustable draw weight 25-50-pounds
  • Highly adjustable draw length 19-29-inches
  • Sold in a Ready to Hunt Package
  • MSRP of only $199.99


  • The accessories are not top of the line
  • Only available in one finish pattern
  • The bow is only right handed


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Editors' review

Bear Archery has created some great youth hunting bows, and the Limitless is the latest version of their commitment to getting young archers into the sport as early on as possible. The Limitless model is just that when considering how much adjustment it has overall. The draw weight range is offered in 25-50-pounds, while the draw length is available in 19-29-inches. The axle-to-axle measurement is 28-inches as well, which will be longer for the shorter draw archers, and more compact as they grow into the bow. The 3.7-pound weight is just about a perfect feel for everyone in the draw length range as well. The 50% let-off is also well done for younger shooters. It makes the bow easier to hold, while also allowing younger shooters more control of the draw cycle. The accessories are not top of the line, but they are pretty good for beginning archers. It would be nice for a bow made for younger shooters to be available in a bunch of colors. For $199, the Limitless is hard to beat for a youth bow.


When younger shooters are getting started it is important for the bow to look like an adult bow, and it can be helpful to have a rig with different color options for shooters to pick from. Unfortunately, the Limitless is only available in God's Country camo on the riser, with blacked out limbs. This pattern looks great, and the black limbs help add a little extra flair as well. however, some shooters would be happy to have a solid colored bow, or maybe even something more geared towards younger girl shooters would be nice. The limb decals are simple, and the Bear badging on the handle matches the rest of the lineup well. Overall, God's Country pattern looks nice, but it would be great to see some other options offered for the little ones to choose from.


The Limitless riser is well designed for shooters across the draw length range of 19-29-inches. The riser, in combination with the limbs and cams create an axle-to-axle measurement of 28-inches. This measurement is pretty great as well. For the shorter shooters, the 28-inches feels a bit longer and more sturdy. For those at the upper end of the draw length range, the axle-to-axle measurement is more compact and maneuverable. The overall rig weighs 3.7-pounds, which may be too heavy for those just starting out depending on the shooter's size. However, those strong enough will benefit from the added weight for stability and increased accuracy. The riser features a rear mounted string stop system, which will cut out noise and vibration, but also helps keep the string away from the shooter's arm after releasing the arrow. There is also a front mounting stabilizer bushing as well. Although the package does not come with a stabilizer, there is an option if there is a want to add one later.


The Bear grip used on the Limitless is similar to those on the rest of the Bear lineup. It proudly displays the Bear logo on the side plated grip. It is important to note that although the grip has side plates, they are basically functionless. They do not serve a major role in adding to the feel and shape of the grip overall. With that being said, the grip is an integrated portion of the riser, and has a flat back, and fairly thin width. It fits great in the hand, and should help with repeatability for younger shooters as well. Although some other grips may be more comfortable, this one should promote proper hand placement and shot execution for those just starting out shooting a bow.


In true Bear fashion, the Limitless gets a split limb design to match the rest of the adult lineup. These limbs are available in one limb configuration, but has a draw weight range of 25-50-pounds. For shooters just starting out, the weight should be low enough to meet their needs. The draw weight can also go well into the effective poundage needed for big game younger shooters may pursue. For that reason, the split limbs with a 25-pound range is pretty great on the Limitless package. The limbs are a fairly standard pocket, which function well for the larger draw weight range, but does not contain a great deal of technology or marketing lingo. The polymer pockets work well at keeping everything locked down and secure, and should last the lifetime of the bow without issue.

Eccentric System

The cam system on the Limitless is pretty impressive with a 10-inch rotating module adjustment range from 19-29-inches. The dual cam on the Limitless offers a let-off of 50%. When compared to high-end hunting bows, this let-off seems pretty low. however, when considering the archer this bow is designed for, the lower let-off will be easier to manage during the draw force curve. In addition to that, if shooters need to let down for any reason, it will be much easier to do so with a 50% let-off versus a 75-90% let-off.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow feels and performs very well for a $199 fully rigged bow. The draw force curve is pretty favorable for most shooters with easy to manage transitions. With so much adjustment in the cams, the shooter experience can vary greatly from the 19-inch setting when compared to the 29-inch draw length setting. The 50% let-off is nice as well for having less of a dump into the let-off and the back wall. However, for those pulling 50-pounds, the 25-pound holding weight may be pretty hard to hold for any length of time. After the shot, the arrow is pretty zippy as well. the shot has a little noise and vibration, but nothing terrible. The 28-inch axle-to-axle measurement is easy to aim, and actually holds pretty well or target. To get younger shooters, or even female archers involved for a low entry price, the Limitless is tough to beat.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is a great bow for getting beginning archers into the world of archery. The Bear Limitless also has a great deal of growing potential, which means the first bow shooters ever shoot, may also be the first bow they carry into the woods. For a bow shooters learn on, and take to the woods for the first time to be the same rig is pretty special. Bear has created that bow in the 2019 Limitless.

Ready to Hunt Package

The Ready to Hunt package available on the Limitless makes the bow even more appealing. For an MSRP of only $229, young archers get a great shooting bow able to grow with them and all the goodies they need to get started. The accessory package includes a Trophy Ridge 3 pin sight, a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest, a Bear 3 Arrow Quiver, a peep sight, and a Nock Loop. Shooter will be able to add a release and arrows, and be all set for getting started in the exciting world of archery. These accessories are not the top of the line accessories, but for shooters just getting started, they will work perfectly. As shooters become more serious, higher end accessories can be purchased to replace any of the included accessories.


The Limitless may be the perfect bow for transitioning shooters through the phases of becoming an archer. The Limitless allows shooters to begin in the world of archery, and the bow can grow with them a long while before they are interested in a higher end model with a bit more speed. The MSRP of $199 for a fully set up bow may be one of the best deals in all of archery. It would be really nice for this bow to be offered in left handed models as well, but for now, the Limitless is a right hand only production. Getting youngsters involved in the sport is a crucial step in growing archery, and this bow is a great one for getting shooters involved without breaking the bank. It would be nice to have some added color options, and the accessories are not the best money can buy, but ultimately getting shooters into archery at an early age and an affordable price is the goal of the Limitless bow for 2019, and Bear knocked it out of the park.

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