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Bear Showdown

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Bear Showdown Review4.053 out of 3 user reviews


  • Quality Finish
  • Durable
  • Affordable to anyone


  • Grip could be slimmer
  • In need of some vibration dampening components
  • Could be faster

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Editors' review

The Bear ShowDown is a solid choice for the entry level archer. While this bow isn't full of bells and whistles it is a no nonsense rig with a very economical price tag. All around a very adjustable bow with a good draw weight range.


As on the whole Bear line up, the finish on this bow is a quality, durable finish that comes in Realtree All purpose green camouflage. The limb pockets and cams are coated in a green finish.


The riser is constructed from machined 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum which makes this riser very rigid and durable. The riser is designed to minimize riser flex which in turn gives you a more forgiving and accurate shot.

Limbs/Limb Pockets

The limbs on the Showdown are compression molded quad limbs that rest in the parallel position. They are constructed of continuous, uncut fibers that make them very reliable. The limb pockets are constructed of aluminum and are designed to have a tight riser to limb fit. They are also equipped with rubber isolation boots so that the limb never actually touches the limb cup or riser cutting down on buzz and vibration.


The grip is made from a synthetic composite grip in a two piece side plate design. The grip is quite wide compared to the other bows in Bear's line up.

Eccentric System

The ShowDown comes with a single cam and idler wheel system. This same cam system has been featured on previous higher end Bear bows. The cam is a more aggressive style cam and that where most of the speed comes from on this rig. In addition this cam allows 1" draw length adjustments from 25-31" and 1/2" post adjustments. This set up also has 80% let off and has a 290 fps IBO speed.


The ShowDown has a rather smooth draw cycle but does have a decent hump through the valley. It transitions well to full draw and once there it holds very well with the 80% let off. Once shot this bow does have a slight string twang and hand shock. Vibration dampening components would be recommended for install of this bow. With the installation of some limb savers, vibration dampening stabilizer, string leeches and a string suppressor the shootability of this rig could be greatly improved.

Showdown vs. Lights Out

The Showdown and Lights out are the closest to each other in price point of this Bear line of bows. These bows share the same style grip and the risers are made from the same material. Outside of those things they are considerably different. With the Showdown being a more no frills super economic bow, the Bear Lights Out has a smoother drawing cam, higher IBO speed and has a string suppressor installed.


For most applications the Showdown would be a beginner's bow. While a hunter on a budget could be happy with this rig, the purchase of some vibration dampening components would greatly help the shootability. If chosen for hunting its short axle to axle length would be good from a tree stand and with 80% let off it can be held for a good duration of time without your arm getting tired.
Bow Bear Showdown Bear Lights Out
Version 2009 2009
Picture Bear Showdown Bear Lights Out
Brace Height 8.75 " 8.75 "
AtA Length 31.75 " 30 "
Draw Length 25 " - 31 " 25 " - 31 "
Draw Weight 50 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 286 fps - 290 fps 296 fps - 300 fps
Weight 3.8 lbs 3.7 lbs
Let-Off 80% 80%
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Overall the price tag on the ShowDown is at a level that anyone can afford. If you are giving archery a try for the first time this would be a solid choice for you. If you are just looking for an affordable rig then the installation of some vibration dampening components will most likely been needed to help with consistent shooting. In conclusion this bow has potential but in most cases would probably suit the beginner archer the best.
Bear Showdown Review4.053

User Reviews

  • 3 reviews
  • ( out of 3 reviews for all versions)
  1. I think the green single cam showdown is great.

    Version: 2009 Bear Showdown


    Pros: It seems to shoot nice and not have any issues with leagues repetitive shooting. It hasnt given me any issues in cold wheather shooting either. It also puts arrows through both sides of deer.all around one of my favourites.

    Cons: I havnt had any issues yet.I dont get any vibration in my showdown either.

    Full review:
    First id like to say bear did good making the showdown.I shoot leagues and it never lets me down. I shoot small game all the time including squirrels out of tree tops and rarely do I or my bow miss.I did some vibration dampening to perfect it.I like the fatter handle as I have big hands. I havnt found any dislikes. Its quiet and fast if you cant use the showdown you shouldnt use a bow period.

  2. A very good bow

    Version: 2008 Bear Showdown


    Pros: I like how versatile it can be from varying draw lengths and weights. Relatively quiet bow. Provides a lot of bow forgiveness, which is beneficial for starters.

    Cons: There is quite a bit of vibration felt in the hand when the arrow is released.

    Full review:
    This was my first bow, which I bought in 2008. After shooting hundreds, if not thousands, of arrows, and for it being now 7 years old, it has yet to let me down. It doesn’t shoot 350 ft/s like most of today’s new fancy bows (mine shoots between 280-290 ft/s on a 70lb. draw weight), but I believe those arrows are still killing just as many deer as a much more expensive one could—keep in mind that speed kills on the highway, but accuracy kills in the woods. Also, for being almost 4lbs., it is more sturdy and has more forgiveness than a lighter bow would offer. Bottom line, I’m comin up on my 8th season with it and I really don’t plan on switching any time soon. This was a great starter bow for me, and for those who are just looking for a more affordable bow, this is also a great bow for you too. The only thing that may be "negative" is that there is some vibration felt after the arrow is released—it’s not as smooth as most of today’s new fancy bows, but it really has never bothered me.

  3. Good durable bow for those just starting or for those who want something simple and affordable.

    Version: 2009 Bear Showdown


    Pros: Simple design,easily adjustable,strong & durable,suitable grip.

    Cons: A little slower than preferable but can be worked around. Makes more noise than desirable but dampeners and string suppressors helped a bit with that.

    Full review:
    My current setup is real basic due to the fact that this is only my second year hunting since I was a kid and also at this time I’m going to college and don’t have lots of money to spend on extras and upgrades. The bow has worked well for me and my only complaints are with my old light collecting sights since they break easily and are temperamental when it comes to sighting it in. That and the bow is currently maxed out at 70lbs and is still slower than desirable not to mention cost me a nice buck this last season having only grazed him after he heard me release my arrow, which happens to by my third complaint that the bow is a little louder than desirable just by its self but gets better when you add vibration dampeners and string suppressors.

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