Bowtech 82nd Airborne Review

Bowtech 82nd Airborne

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Bowtech 82nd Airborne Review4.8513 out of 13 user reviews


  • extremely fast and powerful bow
  • solid back wall
  • flawless finish


  • not the most forgiving bow
  • harsher draw cycle


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Editors' review

With the advertised IBO speed of 350 fps, the Bowtech 82d Airborne is one of the fastest bows on the market. As the bow is designed to generate blazing speeds, the draw cycle is rather harsh. It is therefore the ideal choice for experienced shooters who like hitting the target with a lot of power.


The riser on the 82d Airborne is made from forged aluminum. Being fully machined to add more strength the riser also has a dozen of cut-outs which help to reduce the overall mass weight of the bow.

Shooters notice that the new "InVelvet" finish applied to this bow has a great feel and is very strong. They say it protects from wear and is resistant to chemicals. At the same time the new finish feels warm and soft protecting shooter's hands from the cold. In addition, "InVelvet" acts as a dampener further quieting the bow.

Eccentric system

The engine behind this bow is a new and powerful binary cam system that offers interchangeable module system for adjusting the draw length. This eccentric system is designed to store an incredible amount of energy and is capable of generating smoking speeds of up to 350 fps. The draw length can be adjusted using a bow press. A set of interchangeable modules is available for draw lengths ranging from 26.5" to 30.5" in 1/2" increments. Also, the let-off is adjustable from 65% to 80%. Overall, this cam system delivers great speeds and is very efficient.

Draw cycle

While performance, speed, and efficiency are the characteristics making this bow stand out, the 82d Airborne does not have all these benefits for free. Not surprisingly, many archers say this bow has a harsh draw cycle - this is what makes this bow so powerful. While the 82d Airborne is not the smoothest bow, the back wall is pretty solid once you reach full draw. In fact, some shooters are very impressed on how easy it is to hold the bow at full draw for a considerable amount of time without being tired.


While more experienced hunters will enjoy shooting this bow straight away, the beginners might be disappointed with their results if the 82d Airborne is their first bow. Many shooters notice it takes time to get used to this bow due to its short brace height. They do notice, however, that once mastered, the accuracy is not a problem and the bow feels great. In addition, many archers believe this bow is more forgiving than expected due to a longer axle to axle length. So, if you are an experienced shooter or if you are happy to build your form gradually, it's very likely you will admire this bow for its blend of speed and shootabiliy characteristics.

Recommendations for beginners

If you are a beginner and would like to build your skills first, consider getting a more forgiving bow. For example, you may want to have a look at the Diamond Marquis. While the Marquis is not that fast, it has a longer brace height and a smoother draw cycle.


To summarize, the 82d Airborne is incredibly fast and has excellent performance. Although it has a harsher draw cycle, getting used to this powerful beast is only a matter of time or experience. That is why this bow is a great choice for experienced shooters or people who don't mind building their form gradually.
Bowtech 82nd Airborne Review4.8513

User Reviews

  • 13 reviews
  • ( out of 13 reviews for all versions)
  1. Solid and strong bow that shoots amazing for being a speed bow.

    Version: 2009 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: Great back wall, awesome speed, great looks, stable.

    Cons: If you don’t have good form or have issues with accuracy this might not be the bow for you as it can be unforgiving especially once your muscles tire.

    Full review:
    This was my first bow and I love it. At 70lbs be ready to be sore starting out but I loved the solid back wall compared to the new 2010 bows and I noticed that it seemed very dead in hand for a speed bow. Overall it’s great and it’s just as accurate as anything I’ve shot. Mine shoots 315 with an arrow weighting in at around 410 grains.

  2. Fast, powerful, accurate. Just a little loud.

    Version: 2008 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: The speed and accuracy of this bow is awesome. If you have good form the bow shoots consistently well.

    Cons: The bow’s a little noisy. I’ve got to figure out a way to quiet it down some.

    Full review:
    The bow’s got a very harsh draw cycle. As soon as you start to pull you can feel all 70 pounds of that draw weight. It doesn’t let up much either, until you get to the wall. Once you’re at the wall it’s letoff is just fine, but be careful because it’s got a very narrow valley. Still, as long as your form is good you’ll have no problem drawing, and holding, the bow.

    The short brace height means you’ve got to have good form with your bow arm and hand or you’re going to get a little fore arm slap. It’s just basics, cant your hand, small bend in the elbow and your fine.

    I’m a big fan of the kisser button and with the current location of the cable rod you just can’t have one. Steve at B&B Archery of Manassas was able to take the original rod out and put in a custom one that’s lower so I could put that kisser button in. Much better.

    The bow’s got a fairly loud slap when you shoot. There’s a lot of power going through this bow though, so I feel like that’s almost to be expected. There’s a couple things I can do to it in order to minimize that noise/vibration that I still just haven’t done yet.

    All told, I love this bow. When the arrow hits something it’s coming with a ton of bricks.

  3. Awsome feel, awsome shooting, this bow is just AWSOME!

    Version: 2008 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: BLAZING fast, tons of kinetic energy, rock solid back wall, invelvet finish, roller guard, thin grip, I find the draw cycle very smooth, long ATA, extremely flat shooting, and no recoil.

    Cons: Draw cycle my not be very smooth for some, forgiveness, valley is a bit harsh (little bit of a hump when you lock back into the wall)

    Full review:
    I’m a speed bow guy and let me tell ya, if you are too will not be disapointed with this bow. Its very smooth for a speed bow and due to the long ATA length it is more forgiving than one might think. With a 385 gr arrow shooting 70lbs and 29" draw I was getting 317 fps with 85 ft/lbs of kenetic energy, WOW!

    I have nothing but good things to say about this bow. Though it may be pretty forgiving, if you don’t have a good form this bow will make it known very quickly but just keep shooting it and before you know it you’ll be stacking arrows. I’ve ruined fletchings on arrows many times and this bow is extremely flat shooting I shoot one pin out to 35 yards, and for such a powerful bow, there is almost no handshock.

  4. HOT ROD! form is a must!you creep you pay! bow demands good form.own 60lb/70lb,3d 60lb, hunt 70lb.

    Version: 2009 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: Fast!! easy to tune! light weight for hunting. like the grip. serious bow with a purpose. great wall and holds awesome. HOT ROD! durable finish! couple of yrs with this bow in the field.

    Cons: draw cycle has to be learned and get used to. string serving wear can be a issue down the road. not for a beginner shooter. need some skills.

    Full review:
    I like speed, 82nd delivers, holy crap!! cams are a little harsh to learn but once shot for awhile not a problem. if shooting lower like 60lb draw cycle not a issue. experienced shooters that want performance will appreciate.

    The bow is light and simple to tune. nothing tricky on setting up and fairly maintenance free. i own 2 of these bows and will probably never get rid of. this bow is a big block of HOT ROD bows and wants to be tested!

    you can buy a newer faster bow but not by much and you will pay for it. need to shoot good arrows and spine arrows accordingly. I shoot ACC easton arrows. High end bow requires quality arrows to really appreciate this bow. Can’t say enough on this bow for what it is, HOT ROD! own 2009 and 2008 82nds

  5. Smoking fast and feels great in my hands.

    Version: 2009 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: Fast, light weight, looks great.

    Cons: Ok fine, it does have a bit of a harsh draw cycle. thats the price you pay for speed and quality.

    Full review:
    Shoots great, feels great. Solid back wall. Only problem is you better master your FORM! In full draw, if you let off just a hair, this bow will rip your arm out of it’s socket! Not for the beginner, but highly recommend for the experienced shooter.

  6. smoking ast and whisper quiet bow!!!

    Version: 2009 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: fast quiet light smooth and it makes you just wanna slap your momma

    Cons: if you give alittle when in full draqw it will rip your arm off

    Full review:
    i love this bow!!! speed isnt a matter when hunting as long as your bow is quiet. this bow is quiet and fast! i had problems with target panic and its helped me pull out of that. im shooting 50 yards in 2 inch groups with gold tip arrows and rage broadheads. love it!

  7. Love everything about the bow.first bow,and I would not have wanted to learn with anything else.

    Version: 2008 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: Speed, length, wall. Everything about it.

    Cons: Kind of a harsh draw i guess,But when you learn with it you dont know any better.

    Full review:
    Like I said this was my first ever bow, I bought it used off of a buddy who replaced the limbs because he had a crack in it before i bought it. I had owned and shot it for two years. And this year on opening day of deer season I was sitting out with it and noticed a crack clear across the limb. Talk about a feeling of getting kicked in the nuts. So I took it to a dealer to get another set of new Limbs put on it. Come to find out, Bowtech stopped making limbs for this bow. "even bigger kick in the nuts." Bowtech has treated me well Though, They offered me the assasin straight up for it. And a couple other bows plus a little money. I am currently waiting for the Insanity cpxl. Cant wait for it to get here. Bowtech did not have to do this cause I was not the orinal owner of my 82nd. So I have only good Things to say about Bowtech and there Bows. Top Notch company.

  8. Lightning fast bow with lots of power.

    Version: 2009 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: long ATA. Goes out to 30.5 draw length. Easy to change things on the bow.

    Cons: No valley at all if you let off at all your shoulder goes for a ride.

    Full review:
    The bow is fast and im shooting 318 fps with a 430 grain arrow ( approx arrow weight ) Draw cycle takes some getting used to and if you take a month off without shooting be prepaired to have a soar shoulder the next day. I dislike the valley of this bow if its creeps at all on you your done. You either yank your shoulder almost out of socket or punch the trigger and send an arrow god knows where. Ive done it 3 times and not once found my arrow. Its a great 3D bow and ive used it for hunting but ill be looking to trade or sell it to move to something a little less aggressive.

  9. Sweet bow!

    Version: 2009 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: Fast, accurate, and fun!

    Cons: After full drawl letting up on a shot can take practice…

    Full review:
    After 17 years compounds have changed, picked this bow up used and you would think I never stopped…Its got character, but once you know her ways, its a lot of fun…Had guys coming over to check her out at a 3d range, they couldnt believe how quite and fast, then they found out it was 5 years old and I paid a third of there new bow cost…Its a keeper.

  10. Bowtech all the way baby.

    Version: 2009 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: fast, smooth, great balance good caricature. great length.
    and finally its mine.

    Cons: my daughter wants to use it my budies want to use it, my wife wants to sell it, I’m always out shooting. heeheheh.

    Full review:
    it shoots way to fast if you have inline fletching you can’t see or follow your arrow. but with this goes the + side, your game is dead no jumping this arrow. if your a target shooter don’t shoot at the same spot , more that likely you’ll robin hood. not good for your arrows.
    I hear these guys talk about heal wall valley toe , sounds like a dance. no its just shooting for me bring home the bacon. that why I shoot Bowtech, when I leave the house I know I have a bow in my hands that I can depend on.

  11. Ever had galaxy caramel choclate, smooth and gone in one siting..

    Version: 2009 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: Positive build quality, precision and definition for each component -positive new bow feel 5+ years later, nothing has any slop…

    Cons: Not being able to buy a new one off the shelf anymore

    Full review:
    3rd compound owned, not a forgiving bow and will pull your form apart until you are as precise as the bow, so this is not a bad thing and removes bad habits. Each item is correctky enginered to ensure consistancy, hand grip moulds to you meaning your hand is always holding the bow the same, solid backwall meaning you always have the same arow length loaded, no cam slip so both limbs are still sync’d hardly any jolt, so pins and rest rarely need tuning unless knocked by the Muppet owner, if you keep the string in good condittion you reduce the need to constanly check arrow ancor and power, currently shoot under 60llb as I use this bow in the UK for 3d target and we have a speed limit, bow has never failed, always accurate and rarely needs retuning. Keep the string waxed and the screws clamped up and she will always perform the same, very trusty bow and I do not think I will change this bow unless (God forbid) she breaks.

  12. 7 years later, still one of the best

    Version: 2008 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: Solid wall (creepers beware) but that’s a plus for me. Fast and dependable. I prefer a longer ATA so another plus for me.

    Cons: Nothing.

    Full review:
    As mentioned in the review here, it’s not the ultimate bow for the beginner. If you’ve been around the block and know what you’re doing, this is still one of the best choices out there. Amazing to say 7 years after production date.

  13. Its an impressive bow to say the least…

    Version: 2009 Bowtech 82nd Airborne


    Pros: Hits very hard. Really smooth at shot for a speed bow. I shoot 29.5in at 61lb And a 318gr arrow 334fps. my 3-D rig. Easy to tune this bow needs more backbone than most. I shoot black eagle challenger 340’s and there almost soft at 61#.

    Cons: Make sure you wax the threads on your module screws or they will loosen up. Valley what valley? Its not for the faint of heart but it will make you a better shooter.

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