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  • Easily adjustable shooting style: fast or smooth modules + adjustable let-off
  • Very solid back wall
  • Quiet bow for the speeds it generates
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system (except 2005 version)
  • Draw length can be adjusted easily without using a bow press (except 2005 version)
  • Great hunting bow also suitable for 3D shooting


  • Draw length specific eccentric system in 2005 (2006-2008 versions are adjustable)
  • The grip on the 2005-2006 modifications could be a bit narrower


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Editors' review

The Bowtech Allegiance is a very adjustable bow with great shootability characteristics. A number of technological enhancements were introduced by Bowtech engineers every year to improve shootability and deliver better performance. Admittedly, the Allegiance is a great shooting hunting bow that can also be used for indoor competitions and 3D shooting.

Allegiance evolution (2005-2008)

With constant improvements on a yearly basis, the Allegiance was manufactured and enhanced from 2005 until 2008. The very first (2005) version was not as advanced as the other 3 modifications (2006-2008). The main difference is that the eccentric system on the 2005 version is cam specific. In 2006 Bowtech engineers redesigned the cam system by making it modular adjustable and introducing two different types of modules (one set for extra speeds and another for a smoother draw cycle). A few crucial technological advancements were made in 2007 as well: virtually all cam lean was eliminated; the new interchangeable grip was slightly narrowed to improve feel; and the bow became lighter.Due to great design enhancements introduced in 2007, no major changes were made in 2008: only a new protective coating with increased durability was introduced. This new InVelvet finish is more effective in protecting a bow from wear and chemicals and has great insulating qualities.

Riser and Limbs

The bow is built using Bowtech's Vertical Force technology: the short parallel limbs are connected to the long riser to reduce vibration and increase arrow speeds. While this technology was very effective from the beginning, the improvements made to the riser in 2007 allowed for reducing the mass weight to 3.8 lbs.


While the first two modifications of the Allegiance (2005-2006) were not equipped with the most comfortable grip, many Allegiance owners say the grip on the 2007-2008 versions feels much better - it's slimmer and has side plates on it.

Eccentric system

Although the 2005 Allegiance was cam specific, Bowtech improved the eccentric system significantly for all subsequent modifications (2006 - 2008). Starting from 2006, the Allegiance cam system is modular-adjustable and has two different types of modules capable of delivering increased speeds (fast modules) or a very smooth draw cycle (smooth modules). In addition, the let-off is adjustable from 65% to 80% on all Allegiance bows. With this design, your shooting style can be easily adjusted without using a bow press. The 2005 Bowtech Allegiance comes with the draw specific Equalizer cam capable of generating IBO speeds reaching 322 to 328 fps. The 2005 modification offers no on-board adjustment in draw length (new cams are required). This eccentric system offers draw lengths adjustable over a 25"-30" range.As noted earlier, the 2006 - 2008 Allegiance modifications are modular adjustable and have 2 sets of modules (smooth and speed modules). The draw length is adjustable from 26.5 to 30.5 inches in 1/2 inch increments without using a bow press. While the smooth modules are capable of generating IBO speeds of up to 327 fps, the fast ones increase speeds to 335 feet per second.

Draw cycle / Shootability

With the extremely flexible eccentric system (from 2006), the Allegiance can be easily adjusted to different shooting styles. Not only smooth and fast modules are totally interchangeable without using a bow press but also the let-off is adjustable. As a result, many options of the draw cycle can be easily adjusted to match your preferred shooting style.With the smooth modules, the rig comes up to poundage quickly and then falls off into a rock solid back wall. While the fast modules are similar in coming up to poundage quickly, additional efforts are required to get father into the draw cycle before quickly falling off into a very solid back wall. While the fast modules feel a bit harsher than the smooth ones, the difference is often neglected by many archers who prefer smoother draw cycles. Such people say they the draw cycle is still pretty smooth and they are very happy to get extra speeds with fast modules. In our opinion, you need to shoot both types of modules to decide for yourself.The Allegiance is pretty smooth on the shot: little to no hand shock or vibration can be felt on a fully equipped bow with good stabilizer and limb savers.

Silencing system / Quietness and vibration

With the Vertical Force Technology and effective silencing package, the Bowtech Allegiance is a pretty quiet bow. When it comes to a bare bow with speed modules, shooters say there is a little jump on the release. However, installing a good stabilizer will help eliminate the jump and improve shootability. A bare bow with smooth modules is reported to be even quieter on releasing the arrow. While the 2007 and 2008 Allegiance modifications are pretty quiet, shooters say the 2006 version is even quieter due to its heavier riser. Overall, almost all Allegiance owners are very pleased with how quiet this bow is no matter which modules are used (fast or smooth).

Great hunting bow suitable for 3D shooting

While the Allegiance is a great hunting bow, its longer AtA length, forgiving brace height, and high IBO speeds (of up to 335 fps) make it possible to use this rig for 3D shooting. We agree with shooters who say this bow can be used for both activities due to its great shootability characteristics, high accuracy, and fast speeds.


To summarize, the Bowtech Allegiance is a high quality all around bow with an easily adjustable shooting style. Each Allegiance bow is available in smooth or fast modules to deliver extremely smooth draw cycle or faster speeds. In addition, the let-off can be adjusted easily from 65% to 80%. No bow press is required to change the draw length or adjust the let-off. When it comes to shootability, the bow has a smooth draw cycle and is pretty quiet on the shot even with the speed modules. Ideal for hunting, the Allegiance can also be used successfully for 3D shooting and indoor competitions.

User Reviews

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  • ( out of 11 reviews for all versions)
Bow is very quiet and very little hand shock, hardly none with smooth mods.

Version: 2008 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: Fast, quiet, hunt in blind and stand. Forgiving. Easily adjust draw length.

Cons: The Invelvet cam pealed off fairly easy around the grip area.

Full review:

This is just an awesome bow. I highly recommend shooting one before you buy. There is a reason their resale value is so high. Will never let mine go. Bow is very quiet and very little hand shock, hardly none with smooth mods. Very forgiving. Easy to tune and is a real tac driver. One of the best hunting bows ever made

Awsome Bow, Very fast and deadly accurate!

Version: 2006 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: Fast, quiet, No press needed for adjustments.

Cons: Nothing its a great bow

Full review:

If you can buy one I recommend it. Its easy to shoot with good speed, very little vibration, easy to adjust for draw weight and length. The camo pattern is great on it also.I have a newer Mathews and still prefer the Bowtech.

once set-up you'll be shooting through the same holes.

Version: 2008 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: light, fast, quiet, no vibration, no torque, easy to shoot and well balanced.

Cons: There's nothing negative l can say about this bow.

Full review:

once l sighted in the bow at the range l've been shooting in the 3D target rings consistently. I've just started in the sport and the bow is very easy to shoot and manage. Have someone that's knowledgeable with bow's to set it up and go sight in. Don't cheap out on a sight or rest and you'll be extremely happy with this bow's performance.


Version: 2008 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: I bought this bow new in 2008. Its fast and manuverable. Solid wall. I have since shot a lot of new bows, but in my opinion, this may be the absolute perfect hunting bow.

Cons: No longer made!

Full review:

I shoot the Octane rest and rubber supported peep sight with a D loop, 67# at 28.5 inch draw length. I use 400 series Beeman arrows and 100gr. Muzzy broadheads. My Allegence launches these at 307. Not shabby for a short draw. Always a dead deer if I do my part. Take off the extras and use light arrows, goes well over 330. Not imagined, chronographed.

I love mine

Version: 2007 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: fast, smooth and little hand shock

Cons: none

Full review:

I have never had one issue with this bow, I bought it new in January of 07 and still to this day I hunt with it. It is time for a new string this year, the quality of Bowtech is outstanding, this is my 4th bowtech bow and I'm pleased with this bow so much it will never be sold.

Great shooting bow !

Version: 2007 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: I love the light weight of this bow. That way that it fits my hand ,feels better than any bow that I picked up while shopping around . The easy adjustable draw length is just icing on the cake.

Cons: I've had the bow for 5 yrs now, and have yet to find any. If that helps you at all !!

Full review:

Like I stated above the bow is just and outstanding bow and that the one and only change I've got to make to this bow, is that I'm gonna have to get the strings replaced. Not that I can visually see any problems with the strings ,it's been 5 yrs and hasnt been replaced . But if you are shopping around for great used bow and you run across one for sale, don't hesitate to grab it up. As long as you're happy with the price , that is. Because if you don't rite away, sum one else will snatch it up.


Version: 2008 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: very light weight very quiet and smooth

Cons: nothing love it

Full review:

i shoot a octane rest and flatline arrows with my 26.5 draw length i am shooting 280 ft/sec the best i got out of my pse was 220 this bow is going to be in my bow case for a long time have no desire to get rid of it buy one if you can you wont be dissapointed

great bow! first bow purchased and i bought it used in 2013. shoots straight, quiet and deadly

Version: 2007 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: light. forgiving for a first time shooter. deadly accurate.

Cons: none

Full review:

overall this is a great bow i believe. ive shot around with people using much newer bows and i dont hear or see any difference in speed or accuracy. ( ive always said its primarily the shooter). quiet as can be for the speed attained. im shooting a 350 spline and am comfortable shooting 50 yds at game with the right conditions and at 30 yds am within a tennis ball consistently.

Great bow

Version: 2006 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: Smooth draw easy full draw hold

Cons: Nothing bad about bowtech

Full review:

Early this year I had bought a bow tech assassin I loved it great bow I shoot many when buying this one considering my previous bows were no newer than 95. I just recently bought a allegiance and like it a lil more than the assassin. I like how the assassin is somewhat lighter and short axle to axle but I like my new allegiance and my wife loves her new assassin lol. All I can say is Bowtech out does all other bows. Thanks Bowtech for your continued improvements

Sweet shooter

Version: 2008 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: Fast silent light hammers

Cons: Should have bought 2

Full review:

I have been shooting this bow for 7 years now it has about 20 kills under it. This thing is fast and deadly. It's running a 425 grain arrow at 295 fps. 29 inch it best bow I have ever owned!

Awesome bow, been shooting it for 10 years, put many deer and hogs in the freezer.

Version: 2006 Bowtech Allegiance


Pros: Very smooth, quite, fast, accurate and forgiving.

Cons: No complaints, in 2012 I had the bow shop install 90# limbs, said it was only doable on the 2006 riser, haven't had any problems.

Full review:

My whole family shoots BOWtech bows, we are pleased with results. The Allegiance is very forgiving, once you set it up correctly with quality sights and rest, no adjustment is needed year after year as long as you don't change something.

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