Bowtech Assassin SD Compound Bow

Bowtech Assassin SD Review

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Bowtech Assassin SD
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The Bowtech Assassin SD was introduced to the lineup in 2012 to bring in a new dimension of hunters by offering a fast, accurate, and affordable bow to those with shorter draw lengths. The team at Bowtech decided to take the Assassin and outfit it to accommodate those archers. This culminated into the production of the Assassin SD. This rig provides the same characteristics of quality, speed, and accuracy of the Assassin, but specifically designed for those with a 22.5" - 27" draw length. This is not a beginner's bow though. This bow can be purchased with limb weights of 40#, 50#, 60#, or 70#. This rig also offers a 305 fps IBO. It has also been chrono'd at 297 fps at 27" and 60#. This bow is easy to tune and will give the shooter exactly what they are looking for in a hunting rig... read full review

Bowtech Assassin SD Specifications

1 version

Manufactured: 2012 (1 version)

Latest version: 2012 Bowtech Assassin SD

Brace Height 7 "
Axle to Axle Length 30.25 "
Draw Length 22.5 " - 27 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 305 fps
Weight 3.7 lbs
Let-Off 65% - 80%