Bowtech Assassin Review

Bowtech Assassin

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Bowtech Assassin Review5.0531 out of 31 user reviews


  • fast bow with little hand shock and vibration
  • lightweight and well balanced
  • very adjustable performance system with a nice valley and a very solid back wall
  • eccentric system can be equipped with either speed or smooth rotating module
  • no bow press or cams/modules are required to adjust the draw length
  • comes with a good ready-to-shoot accessories package
  • one of the best value for money bows in 2011


  • some shooters report a little hump closer to the end of the draw cycle
  • the draw cycle is a bit stiff (but smooth)

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Editors' review

While the Assassin doesn't feature any new revolutionary technologies, the bow is designed with a number of proven and highly reliable engineering solutions and is equipped with a highly attractive ready-to-shoot package at a very affordable price. This bow will undoubtedly become one of the best selling Bowtech rigs in 2011 due to it being great value for money for a high quality package.

InVelvet Finish

The Assassin comes with the high quality InVelvet Finish that has been used on many Bowtech bows for a long time. The InVelvet Finish on the Assassin is reported by many archers to be very durable and soft to touch. Bowtech shooters say this finish has little wear even when their rigs are used extensively for a long time. In addition, the InVelvet finish effectively protects hands from cold when using the bow in harsh weather conditions.


While top Bowtech bows come with the high-quality Hardcore limbs, the Assassin is a less expensive model that comes with different limbs. While the limbs on the Assassin are manufactured using a less expensive technology, they are still pretty reliable and efficient. In addition, utilizing this technology helps reduce the bow price to make it much more affordable compared to high-end Bowtech bows. Overall, while the quality and efficiency of the limbs could be better, they deliver good efficiency and reliability and make the Assassin more affordable.

Eccentric System

The Assassin comes with a very flexible and easily adjustable eccentric system capable of producing advertised IBO speeds of up to 333 fps. The Binary cam system is designed with two identical cams that are perfectly synchronized by being slaved to each other. In essence, one cam is unable to rotate without the same action of the other. This design helps to eliminate cam timing issues and, as a result, maximize accuracy and consistency.

The draw length on the Assassin is easily adjusted from 26 to 30 inches in 1/2 inch increments via a rotating module. As a matter of fact, there are two rotating modules you can use on this bow: the speed rotating module and the smooth rotating module. While the former can generate faster speeds, the latter is smoother but a bit slower. So, it's up to you which module to choose based on your preferences. Both speed and smooth modules are extremely adjustable: there is no need for a bow press or additional cams/modules to adjust the draw length. The draw length can be set by removing the module screws, rotating the module, and re-tightening.

Another nice feature about this cam is that it has an infinite draw stop meaning the draw length can be adjusted to individual's precise preference. The let-off can be tuned from 65% to 80%. Another great thing about this eccentric system is that the draw stop is designed to touch the limb at full draw. This design allows for a rock solid back wall. Overall, this binary cam system is a great engineering solution from Bowtech - it's flexible, easily maintainable, and very efficient.

Draw cycle

While the draw cycle on the Assassin is pretty smooth, it's not the easiest drawing bow. As a matter of fact, the draw cycle is often described by archers as a bit stiff (but smooth). At the end of the day, this is a pretty fast bow. So no big surprises here: you should always expect a bit of stiffness in return for faster speeds.

Although some shooters are completely satisfied with how the bow draws, others note a little hump at the end of the draw cycle that is pretty easy to get over. The draw also depends on what type of rotating module is installed: with the fast module, the hump is more pronounced and the draw cycle is a bit stiffer. On the other hand, a bow equipped with the smooth module feels easier on the draw but is a bit slower.

The Assassin has a pretty good valley: if you creep a little the bow won't go. In addition, a very solid back wall makes it steady in the hand at full draw.


Although the Assassin is impressively quiet out-of-the box, some shooters note the bow can be made even quieter by eliminating the after-shot noise coming from the string. This can be done by putting cat whiskers on it. Overall, the Assassin is reported to be pretty smooth and quiet on the release without much noise and vibration.

R.A.K System (ready-to-shoot package)

Some of 2011 Bowtech bows come with the new R.A.K. system - a great set of accessories delivering ready-to-shoot packages out-of-the-box. Here is the exact list of components each R.A.K. equipped bow (including Assassin) comes with:

  • 4-pin TruGlo Apex Sight - a lightweight and compact sight from one of the leading sight manufacturers.
  • 1-pc 5-arrow Camo Ultra Lite Quiver - constructed using ultra light materials yet still durable and strong and releases easily/quietly.
  • Octane Hostage XL arrow rest - fast and quiet arrow containment system with little to no fletch damage designed to work with aluminum or carbon arrows
  • 4" light stabilizer - lightweight Bowtech's stabilizer
  • Comfort Wrist Sling - comfortable and easily adjustable sling made of water resistant neoprene (with Bowtech logos and phrases on it)
  • Alloy Peep - made from anodized aluminum and has rounded corners to combat wear
  • Dura-FLX String Dampening components have a long lifetime
  • BCY String Loop helps to increase string life and eliminate nock pinch
Not only does this package make this bow a great value for money, but it also allows for using the bow straight away (with just a few little adjustments to the sight and rest).

Great value for money

Admittedly, the Assassin is one of the best value for money bows in 2011. Many shooters and experts strongly agree this is an amazing bow for the money. Not only it's a great shooter but it's also a great deal because you don't need to spend extra cash on the accessories it comes with.

Bowtech Assassin vs. Hoyt Rampage XT

Bow Bowtech Assassin Hoyt Rampage XT
Version 2014 2012
Picture Bowtech Assassin Hoyt Rampage XT
Brace Height 7 " 7 "
AtA Length 30.625 " 32 "
Draw Length 26 " - 30 " 24.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 333 fps 323 fps
Weight 3.8 lbs 4.0 lbs
Let-Off 65% - 80% 75%
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The Bowtech Assassin is often compared to the Hoyt Rampage XT - another great rig falling into the "best value for money" category. The Assassin is a bit faster but has a little hump at the end of the cycle (the Rampage XT also draws smoothly but doesn't have a hump). Both rigs are balanced pretty well and have very solid back walls. Another important difference is that each Assassin is shipped with a full set of accessories (the Rampage XT comes as a bare bow from the factory).

Admittedly, both bows are great shooting rigs for the money. So, if your goal is to save budget while getting a very good shooting bow, consider shooting both rigs side by side to decide for yourself which one better fits your shooting style.


To conclude, the Bowtech Assassin is designed with proven technologies and equipped with a very attractive ready-to-shoot package at a very affordable price. With an extremely flexible eccentric system, the draw length on the Assassin can be easily adjusted without using a bow press or any extra cams or modules. In addition, the performance system is designed to be equipped with either smooth or fast rotating module thus allowing for choosing the right combination of smoothness and speed as per individual preferences. While some shooters can feel a little hump closer to the end of the draw cycle, others either don't feel it for their setups or say it's not pronounced. Continuing with the draw cycle, the Assassin has a pretty good valley and extremely solid back wall. With a full set of factory installed accessories, the bow is ready to be taken to the woods almost immediately. While the Assassin is a very good hunting bow for beginners, it will also be a great choice for advanced shooters who want to save money. Overall, the Assassin is one of the best bows for the money in 2011.
Bowtech Assassin Review5.0531

User Reviews

  • 31 reviews
  • ( out of 31 reviews for all versions)
  1. Best bow i have shot in a long time

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Fast
    Smooth Draw
    Dead in hand
    Accuracy is unbelievable

    Cons: absolutley none so far

    Full review:
    Awsome little bow, Shot about 200 arrows thru it so far and im just blowed away by the performance. Fast, Quiet, Smooth draw, Dead in hand, and accuracy is unbelievable. This thing flat out drives tacks.

  2. For those who like the Tribute, your going to love the Assassin!

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Fast, quiet, light, no vibration, great value

    Cons: None really for me

    Full review:
    Personally, I thought that the draw was pretty good, and after about 50 shots it was effortless in drawing. I was amazed by the speed of the bow, and the lack of vibration and noise. The finish on the bow is perfect, and the bows looks are even better in the Black Ops version IMO (the should be posting pics of my bow on here pretty soon). At 27 inch draw, 63 pounds, shooting a 388 grain arrow with the string having the silencing kit, peep, loop, and xl kisser button, I was getting 270 fps which is pretty darn good for the setup. Overall, I could not be happier with the the bow.

  3. This bow out of the box made a novice look like and old pro. I was shooting a 4" group at 35′.

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: This bow is light and comes with everything you need. Don’t be oversold at the archery shop, the Assassin comes loaded up. Great feel and shoots like a dream.

    Cons: The only think I did not like is the plain looking stabilizer. Other bows have more high tech looking units that really add a flare to the box where the Assassin stabilizer is simple.

    Full review:
    I have never shot a box before and for a beginner I was very impressed. The tech at the Archery outfitter was very helpfull and was able to get me on target and shooting very well in only a few minutes. Bow does all the work and is very easy to look like your an old pro.

  4. great bow- great value-nice package, pulled it out of the box and was shooting.nice job bowtech

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: bow was setup perfect,no guessing,have shot bows for over 30 years,this package hit a homerun to get started

    Cons: little hand shock,not to bad–have felt worse on more pricey bows

  5. great job once again by bowtech its like the tribute but on steriods!!!

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: first thing i noticed about Bowtech years ago was the sticker on the bow IN GOD WE TRUST tells me everything about the company great morals with a great product no doubt the best bow for your BUCK and the BUCK will thank you too GOD BLESS !!!


    Full review:
    i shot the destroyer 350, the invasion, and the assassin alot my personal overall view the destroyer had a vibration after the shot might be because its so fast, the invasion personally did not like the looks of the bow and how it felt in my hand dont know if the setup was wrong but it slapped my arm twice shot felt better than the destroyer, i did not want to put the assassin down at 27 inch draw at 70lbs with a 350 grn carbon express maxima hunter it shot 300fps i took off the string silencers that bowtech installed and put spider legs on now shoots 311fps but this was not shot threw a really good chrono they said its old and slow still 311fps aint to shabby bow feels and looks great really luv shooting it GREAT JOB BOWTECH GOD BLESS YOU GUYS

  6. Great bow!! I’ve shot bows going on 12 years and this is one of bowtechs best.

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Sweet valley, very comfortable bow to shoot, very little vibration and very very fast!!

    Cons: No complaints what so ever.

  7. light,accurate,smoothe,fast.Drop consistant from 20-80 yard pins. Fun to shoot.

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: price, speed, looks, weight, fit in the hand, dead in the hand after shot, easy to hold for long periods if requied while on the hunt, 7 inch brace height, easy draw. Excellent fit and finish.

    Cons: Fake stabilizer (just a thin hollow camo’d plastic tube ) no camo finish on sight was a stupid idea, I tossed it, along with the stabilizer. Arrow rest was OK but again no camo will stand out in the woods.

    Full review:
    Wish I had the option to select the bow naked. Only accesory I’d keep is the quiver, hand strap peep sight and string silencer, but I would direct the designers to camo every last screw on the bow. I see this on hunting equipment all the time….nice camo then stock black straps sewed onto the garment making it ineffective. The same way Bowtech did with the accesories…

  8. My first compound bow and I love it.

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: It’s light, quiet and is adjustable which, for a novice, is good. As my skills & strength hopefully grow, this bow should grow with me. The cammo pattern is better for the area of the country where I live (Texas).

    Cons: Can’t find any significant issues so far.

    Full review:
    Up till I purchased this bow yesterday I had only shot a long bow and my wife’s compound (also a Bowtech). I was so amazed her bow was quiet, light and accurate that I decided I had to have one. Even with instinctive shooting and her bow adjusted for her it was like the difference between a Model-T and a Lexus. The place I bought mine is a small one man business and he spent time working with me one-on-one, helping with the technique, adjusting my sights etc. I was able to shoot a 4 inch pattern, or slightly smaller at 30 yards within 15 minutes. I was a very satisfied customer when I left. Love this bow.

  9. Best Bow I have ever shot

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Good price, deadly accurate, ready to shoot

    Cons: Cheap D-loop on the bow.

    Full review:
    I have shot compound bows for the past 25 years and never would get a high end bow simply because of the excessive price. When I saw this all inclusive package for under $600 I took the bait and bought it. Within 5 minutes I was holding a 3 inch group at 20 yards. After shooting it a few times I am now consistently deadly at the 40 yard range.

    This bow is simply AMAZING and easy to shoot. Hats off to Bowtech for one of the BEST deals of the year. I would HIGHLY recommend this bow to anyone.

    My only recommendation is to have a good D-loop installed before you ever leave the archery shop. It will only cost you a few bucks, and the one that comes the Bow is just way to flimsy for someone that will be shooting a lot.

  10. Great Bow! Very accurate and smooth.

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Great value, very accurate, no vibration, easy to make adjustments.

    Cons: Very big hump if you have to let off after you have come to full draw. Now that I know to expect it, it’s not too bad.

    Full review:
    2 years ago, I hung up my bow for a crossbow. I really missed using the compound, so I went on a mission to find the best bow I could find for the money. Trust me, I shot them all. I had a budget of $1,000.00 to spend on a complete rig. I was so happy, that I only had to spend a fraction of that amount. This bow is fun to shoot, and it is effortless with no vibration. One thing I would suggest, is check all of the allen set screws before you shoot it for the 1st time. When I shot it, the cable gaurd rod pulled out of the riser when I drew back. I found the set screw was never tightened down, so I checked the rest of them, and found similar results. I have shot around 300 arrows now, and it has functioned flawlessly to date. I can’t wait to get it into the woods!

  11. Great bow

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Very fast, quiet and accurate. I took it from the shop to the range and within just a few minutes I had two inch shot groups at 50 yards!

    Cons: So far I havent found anything wrong with the bow. Price was fair but I’m not so sure my wife will agree when she gets the visa statement (they don’t understand).

    Full review:
    I’ve been shooting bows for about 20 years and have until now been behind the technological curve with my outdated "sticks and strings". With this American made and God blessed bow I’m confident I am up there with the best.

  12. Best buy available.

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Very smooth, shooting bow.

    Cons: None so far.

    Full review:
    Just purchased Assassin yesterday, compared to a lot of new bows out there. And after shooting them all was quite surprised to find that this bow shoots as well as the others for a fraction of the price. Good job Bowtech!!

  13. Best bow on the market for the price and performance

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Fast
    Little to no vibration
    Price for performance

    Cons: I wish it came with some limb savers but no big deal yall saved me hundreds on this setup so i think i can swing twenty little ones to purchase some

    Full review:
    Awesome bow, i went in the archery shop not looking for a bowtech. After looking and reviewing dozens of bows the assassin took the cake. Why pay 800 to 900 dollars when u can get just the same performance from the assassin for 600 bucks. Worth every penny even with out the setup. Sights and stabalizer not the best but come on they cant give everything for free. I like to buy new assessories anyway so no big deal. Overall best bow for the money Quiet, fast, and smooth what more do u need and very forgiving bow too. "Note" serious, deer going to get spooked cause that little sight on ur bow is black go look in ur woods in mine i see alot of black out there i even hunted in jeans and a t shirt and killed deer so theres no spooking deer with a black sight. But overall the assassin is awesome u wont be disappointed more of disbelief

  14. awesome bow, awesome company.

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: great price, great package deal, no vibration, true accuracy.

    Cons: can’t think of anything I don’t like about this bow.

    Full review:
    I just purchased my assassin last weekend and I am thoroughly impressed with it. I am fairly new to the world of archery but I was shooting this bow like a pro in no time at all. it is so easy to shoot and very forgiving. I highly recommend this bow to anyone wanting an excellent bow regardless of it’s great price. I got a great deal from hunters friend, they added more to the package than just the R.A.K. package that bowtech gives for just a hundred bucks more. I got 6 arrows, a release, 3 broad heads, and a hard shell case, plus the bowtech hat that now comes standard from bowtech. how awesome is that? I’m shooting mine at the lowest lbs setting right now until I build up. starting at 50lbs, draw length 28", 80% let off. the bow was clocked at 270fps and averages 269fps, at my current settings. not bad at all. A friend of mine is an archery instructor and he was extremely impressed with my bow. I absolutely love it and am very glad I decided on this bow over the other bows that I was considering buying.

  15. Stop Reading the Reviews and just go buy an Assassin! You won’t be disappointed!!!!!

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Price, Accurate, Smooth Draw, Fast, Solid, Ready to shoot.

    Cons: None so Far! Just ensure all the allen screws are tight before shooting and again after several days of shooting. The arrow rest came loose on mine on day 2 and dropped down. No biggie!

    Full review:
    I am new to archery and this is my first bow. I’ve owned it for several weeks now and have shot several hundred arrows through it. The assassin is deadly accurate even for a newbie. I cannot shoot at the same spot twice or I will damage arrows. The bow is quiet, dead in hand after the shot, and vibration free. I couldn’t be happier that I bought this bow. For now I can’t see buying another bow. Comes with all accessories and a bowtech camo hat. Best thing is Bowtech gives 15% off for military.

  16. This is a Great Bow!

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: The assassin is fast and forgiving. In no time you can be shooting tight groups. It’s light weight, even though it comes equipped to hunt. It’s very quiet. Did I mention that it’s fast.

    Cons: At 70 lbs I thought it was hard to draw.

    Full review:
    I am 54 and haven’t shot for years, until getting back into it this year. At 70 lbs it was hard to draw, but super fast. I have since backed it down to 60 lbs. Now it’s easy for me to draw, and still super fast. Very little change in performance. This bow is awesome! When deciding what to buy, I tried more expensive bows. I couldn’t appreciate any difference.

  17. Sweet bow, little hand shock, fast and at a great price.

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Draw cycle, speed,bow is quiet, most working men can affor this bow, something other bow companies seem to ignore. Affordability.

    Cons: Stabilizer is phony no vibration dampening affect

    Full review:
    I shoot a couple times a week and i just plain like the feel of the bow in hand, at full draw and upon release. Ill keep it forever even if i get a new one. Thanks Bowtech you hit it out of the park with this one. I read it has been Bowtechs best seller to date.

  18. This is my second Bowtech My right eye got to bad to shoot. I switched to a left handed Assassin!

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Smooth draw, light weight, affordable, and by far dead on accurate ! Solid back wall !!

    Cons: The hump when letting off without shooting!

    Full review:
    Love this bow ! Easy to adjust, And dead on accurate ! Im shooting 60 yard bullseye everytime with no problem! I shot alot and dont get fatigued after 20 shots! This bow is awesome!! Thank you Bowthech !!

  19. Great shooting bow

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: FAST, accurate, no vibration, easy to hold at wall.

    Cons: Little getting used to right before valley, smooth but stiff. Definitely not a ‘no buy issue’, just takes getting used to.

    Full review:
    Great bow for the price. Love the .019 pins and sight is very stable and easy to adjust. Go for the smaller peep to help with sighting. Love the weight and feel at release, smoothe follow through. Hostage takes getting used to after shooting a drop but I do find it consistant. Grouping 3" at 30 yards with 4 arrows. Previously owned a 2005 Bowtech Tomcat, this bow is way above the Tomcat, which I also enjoyed shooting.


    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Price,Size,Lightweight,Accurate,Smooth draw,Fast,Dead in hand shooter!

    Cons: None that i can tell…I replaced the stabilizer with 8" NAP Apache, and swithched to a Whisker Biscuit rest.

    Full review:
    Overall a great shooting bow, mine is setup at 70 lbs. 29.5" draw 29" Gold Tips I’m getting 313 fps. I really like the size and weight!…great for treestand and hunting blinds!! I tried several HIGH end bows and really couldn’t see any difference!

  21. Excellent bow for an excellent price!

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: I shot many bows when I purchased my assassin. This bow is very lightweight, fast and forgiving. It’s got a smooth draw, nice valley, no creep and a SOLID back wall. I love it…well done BT

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    I actually bought the bow NIB w/warranty without accessories. With that said, I cannot give any opinion on the RAK accessories. I’m not sure the acutal IBO but I did have to beef up my arrow to get a good paper tear. Out of the bow, this bow put my broadheads right in line with my field points. Good job BT!

  22. One word. Awesome.

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Fast and flat shooting. I’d say one o the best bows on the market.

    Cons: First got it everything was loose. Sights, rest, and stop. Cheep stablizer. And a little to light for me. I added a doinker 8.4oz stabilizer.

    Full review:
    Best bow I’ve ever had. No problems shooting 60 yards. Went with the doinker 8.4 oz stabilizer the original one was cheep and light. This bow is fast, quiet and flat shooting. My opinion is this is one of the best bows on the market. And you can’t beat the price.

  23. Great bow for the price.

    Version: 2013 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Fast, Accurate, Quiet. Bow is very light, and seems very solid.

    Cons: The Hostage rest that came on it is a joke. After a few shots the felt will come off the prongs.

    Full review:
    All in all, a great bow for the money. Shot 200+ shots so far on the first day and the only complaint I have is the cheap rest that I will soon be upgrading to a Hostage Pro. Definately can’t go wrong by picking up this rig!

  24. Extremely pleased with this bow

    Version: 2013 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Accurate, relatively inexpensive

    Cons: Have replaced pretty much all the accessories that came with it, so wish they’d ship it stripped

    Full review:
    I’m new to compound bows but used to be quite accurate with a traditional bow many, many (40!) years ago. My dealer told me that shooting a compound was "nothing like a traditional bow" but the only real difference I noticed was how much easier a compound is to shoot accurately. It took me years to get where I wanted to be with traditional bow, while I was shooting 3-4" groups with this one out of the box and that quickly closed to 2" with a little practice.
    My dealer chucked out the arrow rest that came with this and replaced it with a QAD (?) Ultra-Rest "Hunter" model – $55, and replaced the peep sight with something better – $9. Great dealer, so I just took his advice and he took my money. Both additions/substitutions work great but since I never used the original parts I can’t say how they’d have worked. Again, I trust my dealer.
    I’ve shot, probably, 1,000 arrows now, and this thing is as accurate as the human behind it allows it to be, which means that when I’m on, it’s on. Absolutely nothing wrong with how or where this bow delivers the arrow – just like a rifle, it goes exactly where you point it and, also just like a rifle, if you screw up and point it somewhere you don’t intend to – 3" below the bullseye, for instance – that’s where it will go.
    My dealer dialed this waay down for this aging old fart – I think it’s at just 40 lbs. Practice revived some long dormant muscles and I wanted him to increase the pull but he told me I was just being a macho fool: 40 was the legal minimum for hunting and I didn’t need more power at the expense of the ease of drawing and holding at this weight. And for me, he’s right. I missed a target at a local range at at 30 yards and my field point struck the frame, penetrating through an inch of truck tire rubber and embedding itself 3" or so into a 6X6 (it’s still there, so far as I know). I’ve never shot a deer tougher than that, so I anticipate no difficulties when deer season starts. 60 yards is sketchy, but I hunt in the east where, even with a rifle, 50 yards is a fairly unusual length and I have no intention of risking a bow shot at any such range. I may still power up, but I don’t need to.
    So no complaints whatsoever about this bow. I’ve shot it all summer, an hour a day, 2-4 days a week, and love everything about it. The only thing I might change consider changing is switching over to a one-pin HHA, but that’s because I can add a lens to it to compensate for aging eyes. Nothing wrong with the Tru-Glow 4-pin that BowTech provides, so long as you don’t have 60-year-old eyes. It’s tough getting old but considering the alternative …
    Buy this bow – you’ll be happy with it.

  25. Absolute great bow, period!

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Built tough, super fast, smooth draw, adjustable without bow press.

    Cons: None that I can think of.

    Full review:
    Bought this bow brand new from dealer. Before purchasing, I shot every other brand they had: PSE, Hoyt, Mathews, Bear. This bow was the last one I shot and by far had the best draw cycle and the most solid wall. It was so smooth and quite. I was debating between this and the Mathews but didn’t want to spend 1K. By the way, I am not a beginner. I have had this bow for over 2 years and have not had any timing issues nor had to replace the string. That’s value!

  26. This bow has a very smooth draw and no sock on release.

    Version: 2013 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: This bow is a beast. It is very fast. I am shooting a 450 grain (total weight) arrow at 252 FPS. I plan to get a new batch of arrows closer to 300 grain that will yield closer to IBO speed.

    Cons: None so far.

    Full review:
    This is my first Bowtech bow. Prior I shot Martin and PSE. This is a new level. Very smooth draw, no shock upon release and very fast. The quality of this bow is excellent. I only with I bought one sooner.

  27. Awesome Piece Of Gear

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Price, Light Weight, Fast, Dead in the hand, Accurate.

    Cons: Won’t ever be able to justify buying a new bow because there’s not much they can do that this cant.

    Full review:
    Even though this is a mid range bow, it shoots like a high end flagship bow of the year.
    I have put a drop away on it and cats whiskers and it is quiet, fast, accurate, light and dead in the hand.
    This bow has done plenty hunting in the hot Western Australian environment and can handle anything I throw at it. It is lighter than all the bows I’ve used in the past and has out performed other bows of twice the price.
    The draw cycle is fine for me and the rock solid back wall is great, valley is a little small but manageable.
    Some people might not like all the accessories it comes with but the way I see it is for the quality of the bow you are getting it should be worth more, even without the accessories so you may as well say you’re getting them for free.

  28. The name fits the bow perfectly. It is an assassin

    Version: 2013 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: It’s light, compact and packs a punch. Very durable bow and also very deadly accurate.

    Cons: Stabilizer it comes with is crap and factory silencers aren’t the best, but they still get the job done.

    Full review:
    Got this bow 2 years ago and put 70# limbs on it right away. First time out with it, I got a robin hood while sighting in my 40 yard pin and was instantly sold. 2 years and a couple thousand shots later, I’m still getting 290 IBO with gold tip XT hunter7595 arrow at 27.5 inch draw. Been bowhunting all my life and have hunted with and shot most of the big money bows and would put mine up against any of em.

  29. Bought the Assassin and have actually been extremely surprised and happy about it.

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Everything, especially very recently when one of the limbs was flaking, I took it in to my local dealer and Bowtech replaced it and the other limb free of charge with black ones.

    Cons: Nothing, maybe the RAK accessory equipment could have been a bit better quality or even left off as another puurchasing .

    Full review:
    I have been extremely pleased about the bare Assassin bow and it’s performance. It is smooth, reasonably quiet, forgiving, has a rock solid back wall (especially after I added a second draw stop to it) and fast enough for me. I have replaced the original rest, buss cables, string and sight (and will soon be changing out the stabalizer) but the bow is here to stay. My actual IBO speed currently is 305.5′per sec. @ 71.5 lbs draw weight @ 29" draw length with a 340 gr Gold Tip Pro Hunter arrow w a 100 gr tip. I have not shot it thru a Chronomax with my mechanical hunting tips yet. I shoot 100 gr Rage Hypodermics for hunting. I do not know the true kinetic energy that it produces but guestimate it at +-85. I know that it will kill any game animal in America that I can hit in the right area(s)! My sincere Kudos go out to Bowtech for recently replacing my original limbs (for free due to some minor flaking, chipping issues) with new black ones, making the bow look that much better and seemingly even causing it to shoot better as well. I’m a Bowtech guy for life now :-)

  30. Picked up a black assassin today.
    Very light, fast,accurate
    Can’t wait to get it in the woods!

    Version: 2013 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: Light,agile,fast,quiet,attractive

    Cons: only con is I like the Hoyt limb pockets
    Better but I’m sure bowtechs is sturdy nuff

  31. Best bow ever. I have shot for 20 years. BIS for starters, and hunters.

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Assassin


    Pros: 333FPS, at max adjust, Its fast. I can hardly trace my arrow to target without 100% focus. I shoot at 50 yds a 3" grp out of the box, I walked it from 10 yds and still cannot believe what it can do.

    Cons: the rest, it is terrible. I have 2400 arrows passed. And I have had to replace the whiskers on my bow a total of 3 times due to wear and tear. a longer wear and tear would be the only improvement I could suggest.

    Full review:
    2400 Arrows and I shoot hard. 50 arrows a day before Deer opener for Archery for a full month, both standing and sitting. I put the hurt on this poor bow.

    Knowing that. its held up with just 2 trips to the "pro shop" 1. for a new string loop due to wear.
    2. for a repair from the string slipping from the cams. (got loose from so many firings.)

    2400 arrows and counting, It has taken 3 deer 1 8pt buck, 1 10pt buck, and a fine heavy doe when it was legal. the 10pt weighed in at 280 LB. just that paid for the bow alone.

    I couldn’t be happier with my 3rd bow purchase. (All others were recurve for target shooting)

    First hunting bow, and it IS a hunting bow!

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