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Bowtech BT-Mag X

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  • The Mag is a long draw archers dream with draw lengths from 29-34-inches in half- inch increments
  • 36-inch axel-to-axel measurement
  • 360 feet per second at 34-inches


  • Nothing shorter than 29-inch draw length
  • MSRP of $1299 is a bit expensive


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Editors' review

Long draw archers typically get the short end of the stick in regards to choices for compound bows. Companies thinking enough to create a bow for those over a 31-inch draw generally do so in a short axel to axel package, which can make longer draw archers scrunched a bit too much for optimal comfort. Bowtech created a long draw bow for tall shooters by taking everything the do for their flagship model and making it larger for the BT-Mag X. The cams easily adjust within the 29-34-inch range with half-inch increments, and the long 36-inch axel-to-axel measurement gives bigger shooters an outstanding base to shoot well. Speeds are decent with the advertised speed for the 29-inch draw length being 323 feet per second, and the 34-inch speed as fast as 360 feet per second. The MSRP is a bit steep at $1299, but it is not much higher than other flagship bows, and the long draw options are fairly limited, which makes the price less of a factor for some.


Bowtech has been slammed in recent years for less than exceptional quality in their finishing process. For 2018, some of those qualities have been laid to rest, and the finish has improved to more acceptable standards, especially for bare bow rigs costing more than $1000. The finish options on the BT-Mag X should have something for everyone to enjoy with the all black BlackOps version, the Mossy Oak Breakup Country, Kryptek Altitude, and Kryptek Highlander. The addition of the Kryptek camo is also well received. This camo pattern is pretty popular in the clothing lineup, and to see it offered on a Bowtech product is a nice touch. Each of these four finishes looks great with the simplistic Bowtech badging and refined lettering. Bowtech has created a finished product that looks refined and premium. As far as finishes go, the Bowtech BT-Mag X is easy to appreciate.


The BT-Mag X is a giant bow, and that goes for the riser as well. This rig is large to match the users interested in this kind of bow, and the stable platform created by the riser itself is something not all large framed bows include. The geometry of the riser is similar to the rest of the Bowtech lineup, which gives it a true heritage look from its manufacturer. Bowtech calls this version of their riser the Center Pivot Extreme (CPX) design. Just like the rest of the CPX bows in the Bowtech lineup, this riser design allows shooters to benefit from having a reflexed and a deflexed riser design. Bowtech has added a pivot point to their limbs, which sits closer to the cams. This allows the benefits of each style of riser to shine by offering shooters the most in forgiveness and stability from a deflexed riser, while allowing the bow to be as fast as a reflexed riser design. Shooters benefitting from each style of riser should see an improvement in down range accuracy while keeping the arrow speed of the bow at a reasonable pace as well. In addition to the geometry benefits of this beast, the BT-Mag X design also features a standard string stop cable and dampener, a stabilizer mounting bushing, which all help keep the bow as quiet and vibration free as possible. The BT-Mag X also features the FLX cable containment system. This system is a roller system, which flexes inward as the bow is drawn to full draw. This design helps keep the riser for having so much pressure placed on it it causing torque issues, and allows shooters to tweak how much flex occurs in the system to account for vane clearance as well. All in all, the BT-Mag X features every technology a consumer would expect from a company like Bowtech, and these design features makes for a high quality piece of equipment, which functions well and allows shooters the benefits of increased arrow speed and accuracy.


The grip featured on the BT-Mag X has a nice feel overall, and the stained wood gives the bow a classic and distinguished look. The throat of the grip is pretty narrow, and it allows for shooters to get their hand in the spot best aligned in the proper position. The back of the grip fits well along the thumb pad also, and the grip just feels like it fits where it should. Some shooters may take an adjustment period to the shape of the Bowtech grip, but comfort is going to be acceptable for the majority of shooters on the market for a new bow.


Bowtech limbs have been a bit unstable for a while, but shooters are hopeful this issue has been addressed in a way that eliminates the need to replace limbs and wait for the factory to ship parts to the pro shop. The BT-Mag X moves forward with the split limb besign, which helps hold the massive limb system and the riser design allows engineers to utilize the entire limbs instead of the ends of the limbs because of the center pivot design. The Bowtech BT-Mag X is only offered in 50, 60, and 70-pound limbs, which meets the needs of most shooters. It would have been great to create an 80-pound option for this rig considering the size of the shooters interested in this model. That would have made several shooters very happy, but it in understandable why Bowtech chose to not throw that 80-pound configuration into the mix. Bowtech maintains the same pocket system they have used in the past as well to get the most out of the center pivot technology.

Eccentric System

The Bowtech BT-Mag X is a great bow, and the cam system used is a huge reason why. Bowtech has coined the term Smartbow, and the Overdrive Binary Cam System is the main reason why. This bow is made for large shooters, and the draw length can accommodate shooters with draw lengths of 29-34-inches in half-inch increments by rotating the module. The speed rating is acceptable, with speeds up to 323 feet per second at 30-inches or up to 360 feet per second at 34-inches.The Smartbow technology is really appealing in regards to everything that can be adjusted on the cams to meet every shooters needs. For starters, the Overdrive Binary Cam System features two identical cams on the top and bottom, which are synced together to keep the nock in the exact same spot from the start of the draw cycle to the end of it. The arrow nocking point never moves off the vertical plane, and this creates optimal arrow flight and perfect nock travel. Each cam features the split buss cable system as well, which gives shooters the ability to twist the cams and set the lean exactly where they want it to be. In addition to adjusting the cam lean, this also allows shooters to tweak the horizontal nock position. Therefore, shooters can maintain the vertical and horizontal nock positioning and create a system to perform the exact way they want it to. However, the Overdrive Binary Cam System does not stop its adjustability with easy nock adjustments. This system also has what Bowtech calls the PowerShift technology. With this design, shooters have the ability to choose three distinct performance settings including performance, classic, and comfort settings. Shooters can easily do this by simply adjusting the PowerShift sytem to the desired setting. The performance and draw cycles are modified through the Powershift system, but the tune is not. This means shooters could shoot the comfort setting in the morning while at a tournament, and change to the performance setting for hunting in the evening. The draw and performance will change, so shooters wanting to do this may need to have different sights ready to go to account for the arrows hitting in different spots based on how fast the arrow flies. However, this bow is truly a do it all bow offering shooters three different draw cycles to match what they feel is best for each situation. Shooters in this draw weight range are already restricted in regards to bow options, and this technology could be the most anticipated addition because it is like buying three different bows all wrapped into the large package of the BT-Mag X.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This 36-inch axel-to-axel bow is made for large framed shooters. The string angle is fantastic, the axel-to-axel measurement is stable for longer draw lengths and the ability for different draw cycle adjustments to be made is appealing as well. In a sense, shooters limited by the number of bows able to reach their draw lengths have three bows in one purchase with the BT-Mag X, and that will be worth the $1299 price tag for most shooters. Each of the three settings offers a distinct feel and performance rating. The performance setting is the speediest of the three, but also features a shorter valley. The comfort and classic settings offer longer valleys for a bit more comfort on the back end of the draw cycle, but have speeds a little slower than what the performance setting will shoot. For a bow to have three very distinct draw cycles is pretty awesome. For that bow to be offered in a segment where not many choices are available is even better. The only thing keeping shooters from purchasing the BT-Mag X would be personal preference. The bow offers absolutely everything a shooter could want in the 29-34-inch draw length range.

Usage Scenarios

The BT-Mag X is a do it all bow for long draw shooters. The speed, cams, axel-to-axel length, and straight up feel allow this Bowtech to be versatile and capable of any style shooting shooters are interested in doing with it. Bowtech did an outstanding job creating a longer draw bow by thinking more about more than just stretching out the draw length. This rig will make a lot of bigger shooters thrilled to have a bow comfortable to shoot for every style of archery they are interested in pursuing.


Bowtech has taken the longer draw bow market to a new level producing the BT-Mag X. They took everything they do well on the flagship models and extended it to a larger framed bow for larger framed shooters. Often times, this segment of archery has a limited number of options to choose from, and even then, the cams adjust to longer draws, but the bows are not properly designed to fit longer draw archers. It would be difficult for shooters to find something wrong with the BT-Mag X. The MSRP of $1299 may be pricey for some at first glance, but this bow is top-shelf in everything it has, it looks great, shoots well, and can be used for every style of archery shooters want to put it through. It may be difficult to find this bow on the rack to try out before buying given the smaller customer base it is designed for, but it may be worth driving to shoot just to validate the three in one design the Powershift technology delivers. For shooters over a 29-inch draw, the BT-Mag X may just be their next do-it-all bow.

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