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  • Good deal for carbon
  • Light weight
  • Comfort options


  • Not super fast
  • plastic cable side


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Editors' review

The 2015 Bowtch Carbon Icon is a solid bow. It feels great and weighs very little with options for a more or less agressive draw. Bowtech is an experienced company and seems to have great followers that will include many that will fit the nich for what this bow offers at a decent price. It's a nice and compact hunting bow. Carbon bow enthusiasts can save some money with this bow.


This bow only has two color options unfortunately. It comes in either black ops, or Mossy Oak Break Up Country. The camo on the riser is dipped and can have a stretched out look in some places. This camo option is not a common pattern, but looks pretty similar to the standard Mossy Oak Break Up. The finish has not had any complaints of being undurable at this point and seems to be holding up well.


The Carbon Icon has a 31" axel to axel measurement. It has an incredibly light weight of only 3.2 lbs. and still feels real steady in the hand. The Knight Riser is a carbon riser and has a good cross weaved look to it. This riser is also used on the Diamond Carbon Cure, Bowtech Carbon Knight, Bowtech Carbon Overdrive, and Bowtech Carbon Rose. The string stop comes standard on the bow and protrudes from the bottom portion of the riser. A stabilizer bushing comes standard.The limbs are solid in structure and are nearly parallel when flexed. For it being a shorter bow it is quite forgiving. The riser/limb combination produce a 7" brace height on this bow.


The grip on the Carbon Icon consists of only carbon printed side plates on the riser. They have a glossy finish with black carbon printed on it. It seems to feel well and balanced and maybe just a small amount of torque. It doesn't feel too slippery, it may get a little chilly in the hand when hunting in extreme cold.

String Suppressers

The string stop does an awesome job at suppressing noise and vibration on this bow. It is integrated into the riser and deadens the string. The rubber end softens the shot and looks durable. Although it is not completely absent there is little shock and buzzing after the shot mostly because of this string stop.

Eccentric System

The dual cam set up is not lightening fast, but it is less money than many other models. These Binary cams feature Bowtech's revolutionary PowerShift FlipDisc2 technology. This flip disc module allows two different feels within the same bow. It has a performance and a comfort setting. By simply flipping the disc one can change this setting from a fast and aggressive to slower, but more comfortable. The speed difference is about 15 fps. It has a rotating module that will adjust the draw length without a bow press 26.5" to 30.5" in .5" increments. It has 80% let off and comes in 50, 60, or 70lb. draw weights. The IBO speed is 335 fps and it seems pretty true to that.

Draw Cycle/Shoot Ability

The draw on the Carbon Icon is nice and then really nice with the comfort setting of the flip disc. It has a hard draw stop that provides a firm back wall. The draw stop adjusts with the draw length adjustments by the owner. The valley almost feels even better in the comfort setting, but it can also be varied with the draw stop to your preference by having in the correct setting for the draw length or one setting longer for an larger valley. A stabilizer would benefit this bow in balance and recoil. The slide type cable guard set up can not match up with the roller guard systems on most of the higher end bows these days.

Silencing Package

For this bow being a little more of a "middle of the road" model it has a fairly low level of noise. The soft string stop kills the majority of sound and vibration. There are 2 other rubber silencers on the cables of the bow that also help to deaden vibration without slowing the string down.


BowBowtech Carbon IconBowtech Carbon Overdrive
Version 2020 DLX2015
PictureBowtech Carbon IconBowtech Carbon Overdrive
Brace Height7 "6.5 "
AtA Length31 "31.5 "
Draw Length26.5 " - 30 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed335 fps342 fps
Weight3.2 lbs3.3 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The Bowtech Carbon Icon is a few bows down the line of flagship bows of this year a couple of years past. It will do more than a large majority of bow hunters are looking for and among many others is shares that same riser as the Bowtech Carbon Overdrive. The Overdrive is about 7 fps faster on its' IBO, but is .5" shorter on its' IBO. It is also a .5" longer, weighs .1lbs. more, and has many more color options. The Carbon Icon does have Powershift Technology and Flip Disc Performance unlike the Overdrive. With the differences between this bows seeming somewhat minor the difference in MSRP price is greater with the Overdrive being $249 higher.

Perfect Usage

This is a good hunting bow and would be great for the hunter on a bit of a budget. It is more than enough for any big game and light enough to carry on longer hikes or stalks. The Carbon Icon would fit a large range of shooters, but may be a little short in total length for taller or longer draw length shooters. Leisurely 3D shooters would be fine with this bow.


The work value is what really comes to mind with this bow. It is a great bargain and although it is not quite a budget bow it is a real good deal. With it being so light in weight it still has plenty of quality. Bowtech also offers this bow in a package that they call the "RAK Package", Ready, Aim, Hunt. For only $100 more it includes a quiver, Bowtech wrist strap, Octane stabilizer, capture type rest, sight, loop, and a peep.


This is more than a regular bow with a decent price. It's extra light weight due to its' carbon riser takes it beyond basic. It has many options and new innovations along with being at least fairly comfortable to shoot at even the more aggressive settings. It has a solid backwall with a generous brace height. Many archers would be happy with this bow with its range in size and easy adjustability. The Carbon Icon is quite a bargain with an MSRP of $649 for the bare bow and $749 for the RAK Package.

User Reviews

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great bow little tuning needed

Version: 2018 Bowtech Carbon Icon DLX


Pros: love the weight bought the rak package didn't change a thing

Cons: none

Full review:

Been using the bow for deer hunting have taken 3 deer in three years shooting grim reaper 100 grain broadheads with 400 carbons set at 56 lbs pass throughs on all of them bow requires little tuning year to year love the weight

Really Excited About This Bow!

Version: 2018 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: Even though the article says this bow isn’t fast, it pumps my arrows out there really quickly. I have enjoyed how forgiving this bow is even though it is fairly short axle-to-axle

Cons: It’s not as quiet as I would like, but some string dampeners have helped with that

Full review:

I love almost everything about this bow. It is super light but still feels really well balanced in your hands. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new bow and can’t spend $1000+ in doing so. I haven’t taken it out in the woods yet, but I can’t wait until archery season starts!

Best bow on the market for mobile hunters

Version: 2017 Bowtech Carbon Icon DLX


Pros: Does exactly what i bought it for
Shoots great and accurately i have mine sighted for up to 70 yards on stock parts and i would be confident shooting further

Cons: The riser feels very slightly top heavy being the bow is so light and the stock stabilizer dosent really balance it out perfectly feels like it needs a few ounces on the bottom to make to top not feel like tipping over

Full review:

Overall i bought this bow to walk the bush with and it does that job perfectly i feel if your somebody hunting from a stand you would prefer something else even tho this will still do a great job this bow is gonna be favourited by mobile hunters walking the bush chasing game or shooting birds my friends still cant believe my bow with a full quiver of arrows is lighter than their gun

A really nice bow for the money

Version: 2016 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: Light, reasonably fast, easy to adjust.

Cons: Mine has a noise when shot that I can't resolve.

Full review:

I bought the bow at a pawn shop for little money and replaced the 50 lb limbs with 70 lb limbs for $125. It is so easy to hold on target. My only problem is the noise at the shot. I have a whisker biscuit on the bow at the moment, but have ordered a QAD UltraRest. I'm hoping that will quiet the bow.I did not like the brush rest that came on it. I'm 68 years old so appreciate the lightness of the bow.

Plenty of power

Version: 2015 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: This bow has plenty of speed and power

Cons: Duel setting between comfort and performance.

Full review:

This bow had plenty of power to put a rage extreme through a mature buck's shoulder blade for a complete pass through, and a short trail of 25 yards from a 40 yard shot.

I am strong enough not to notice the difference between the comfort and performance setting, so rather than adjusting sites on a regular basis, I just site in with the performance setting and leave it.

This is the perfect setup above the economy level, and not so many features that could create problems in the brush.

Completely adequate

Version: 2015 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: Very easy to tune and shoot

Cons: Not that impressed with the factory arrow reast

Full review:

3 deer, two seasons. No problem. Never any issues. Had to replace the factory rest with a drop away.
Shooting 390 grain arrow at 62 pounds and around 245 fps not sure if accurate on this. Shot very well from day one and required little adjustment

Very contented with this bow

Version: 2015 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: Adequate arrow speed. Smooth draw. Comfortable to carry

Cons: Not really a dislike but a suggestion. Deleting the standard arrow rest and providing a better quality drop away rest even if the cost is a bit more overall that would be a great asset

Full review:

2 deer in 2 seasons. 2 shots. I am very happy with my purchase. I did however change the sights as I wear glasses and a sight with brighter pins helped a lot. There's really nothing wrong with the factory sights,it's just my eyes. I replaced the rest as the brushes began to wear The drop away rest I installed works great and do definitely recommend one. Speed is of no concern for me and is not the utmost on my priorities. This bow is shooting about 255 or 260 In around there. For thousands of years natives took game with bows that were a fraction of the speed. I like a heavy arrow and helical fletch as my hunting encounter could be anything from a deer to elk to moose or bear. I've heard that there are even a few pigs around so I like to straddle the fence on weight and performance. Overal I will and do promote this model of bow.

Tack Driver, couldn't be happier.

Version: 2015 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: Lightweight, ridiculously accurate, very quiet.

Cons: Stock accessories were just "ok"

Full review:

I bought this bow a couple months back and I am a true fan of Bowtech now. I upgraded the rest to a QAD drop away, The sight upgraded to a 3 pin Trophy Ridge hunting sight, and got a Bee Stinger 10" Hunter extreme stabilizer. I have no issues whatsoever hitting x's all day long, the comfortable draw, even at the 70lbs makes it easy to practice for extended periods, and I feel quite confident to take it hunting anything that can be found in the sights. Side note for those considering a stabilizer of any sort-The Bee Stinger 10" hunter extreme was the best decision I ever made to tighten up my groups beyond 20yds. At 60yds, I am back to a 3-4" group since adding this stabilizer. Buy one right now. Seriously.

Really a very fine bow set up for the price. Why spend hundreds more to get a few more fps.

Version: 2015 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: I've found that tuning was very simple. The feel is great. This bow is rather light and I've carried it all day with no issues.

Cons: The stabilizer had a vibration when I shot so I took it off. Didn't change the shootability at all. Now I don't feel the need for the bulk.

Full review:

I have no complaints about this bow at all. Bowtech has done a great job on this package. Would I purchase another? Yes. The flip disc changed over to performance caused my arrows to impact about 3 inches higher consistently out to 40 yards.
I realize the RAK system is a balance of price point and component quality however I did eventually change the rest to the redline drop away and have been completely satisfied with this setup. Just a personal observation. As is with everything in life,freedom of choice is everything. You don't need to spend a fortune on a bow when all one requires is in a tidy package like this Carbon Icon. It's middle of the road in the technical stuff but it is a very forgiving design and does offer performance options for some more demanding individuals.
There are those who will retort with the virtues of other makes and models about some small gains or whatnot and that's fine. At the end of the day I encourage people to at least try this bow. I haven't yet found anyone who can find a negative aspect that's worthwhile arguing about.
I took 2 whitetail deer with this bow last fall. In both cases none of the other deer were spooked very badly by the noise of the shot. They milled around nervously wondering what just happened to their buddy. Just trotted off and fell over.

Great bow even if you ignore the low price.

Version: 2015 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: This bow is just a joy to shoot. I was shooting the Bowtech Destroyer 350 - a lot less forgiving bow. I find my accuracy has improved with the Carbon Icon and I find myself shooting more.

Cons: The grip felt a little boxy at first. After a few hundred arrows, I never noticed it again. Also, it is a bit slower than the Destroyer.

Full review:

I'm shooting a 60 pound Icon equipped with a Ripcord Code Red rest and a Spot Hogg Seven Deadly pins sight. My five arrow groups have improved dramatically from what I was able to do with the Destroyer 350. The last two 40-yard five arrow groups were 3 1/4" and 2 3/4". (I'm just an old bow hunter and don't shoot competitively.) I find with the Carbon Icon I can follow the flight of my arrow due to the lack of hand shock. This has led to much better "follow-through" habits in my shooting form. I have the Carbon Icon set on the "Performance" setting and I have a 28" draw and shoot 360 grain arrows. My chrono reads right at 290 fps, which is about 15 fps slower than my Destroyer registered at the same 60# draw weight using the same arrows.

Shoots great!

Version: 2015 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: Great price, light weight,versitile

Cons: Slight vibration

Full review:

This bow is awsome,the features this bow has for the price is amazing. This bow is two bows in one with the flip disc. I had bypass heart surgery, so the comfort setting is great for me until I can get myself built back up then may flip to the more aggressive setting. It shoots really smooth other than a small vibtation, but that's to be expected for such a light bow.I bought the RAK package which comes with pretty decent accessories but with a little better stabilizer I'm sure will solve that problem. So to sum it all up, this is a great bow and would recommend it to any level of shooter.

Perfect bow for me

Version: 2015 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: Speed, weight, length, handling, warranty and price/value. Owned a pro 40 bowtech for over a decade. Still fast and accurate but high weight and length compared to Icon. Bowtech fan but looked at other manufacturers. IMO nothi g compares.

Cons: Con free bow. Some have mentioned not super fast, not an issue with proper arrows and tuning. Out performs most other bows at the range.

Full review:

Easy to shoot and handle. I removed the stabilizer and use iust a wrist strap. Bought with package and swaped out my 5 pin lighted sight wjth the supplied 3 pin sight. Octane rest works pefextly, had some wear issues with my old bow using WB rest. No vane contact and very quiet bow Dealer set up was fast and effective paper tuned basically out of the box. Took bow to range and was shootng well with a few minor sight adjustments.

This carbon rocks!

Version: 2015 Bowtech Carbon Icon


Pros: Great price for carbon, smooth draw cycle in comfort setting. good draw cycle in performance setting to speed, nice for people looking into a cheaper 2015 carbon bow. rak comes with good equipment. bowtechs best carbon bow to price of 2015.

Cons: This bow is so good I could not think of anything Bad about it!

Full review:

For shooters who prefer carbon over aluminum, this is the go to budget bow, at 649.99 for bare bow and 749.99 for rak equipped, this carbon rocks! got this for my hunting bow for 860.00 with arrows, tuning and a new release. I plan to in a couple months upgrade the sight and rest even though it comes with a good package.

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