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Bowtech Carbon Rose

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  • Great speed
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to adjust draw length and weight
  • Smooth and Quiet


  • Lack of color options


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Editors' review

The 2014 Bowtech Carbon Rose is a great women's bow at any level. The light weight and balanced feel is amazing. Nearly any teen to adult woman could fit into this bow. It also has awesome speed. This bow is everything a woman could ask for to hunt nearly any animal at any of its sizes or settings. Bowtech is a top notch company that is known for producing solid products with impressive velocities. The quality is hard to beat. It feels light and comfortable to shoot especially if you are hunting. The Carbon Rose is for a fairly serious female hunter that also likes to spend time shooting.


The Carbon Rose is only available in the colors of Black Ops (black), and Mossy Oak Infinity. Both colors have purple cams and accents that give it the touch for female archers. The finish seems tough in general and on the carbon riser. There have not been many reports of easy chipping or pealing as of yet. It is flat in texture.


The length from axel to axel is only 30" on this compact bow. This makes it ideal for hunting and trying to get into some tighter spaces. It is also easier to handle for many women. It is feather light at only 3.2lbs. It is most likely the lightest "women's" bow on the market. This riser has a very modern look that is not matched, even slightly, by any other bow manufacturer. Bowtech's new carbon line of bows have a look of their own. The string stop comes standard and is built in the bottom half of the riser along with a bushing for a stabilizer on the outside of it. The one piece parallel limbs are solid and strong. Together with the riser there is a 6.75" brace height on this bow. The limbs are connected to the riser by pivoting limb pockets. It has a smooth draw especially for a dual cam bow with speed. There is hardly any recoil and it seems to be pretty forgiving.


The grip on the Carbon Rose is mostly composed of the carbon riser. It has plastic side plates that have a carbon fiber pattern printed on them with "Bowtech" on it as well. It has a good feel and doesn't seem to produce any torque. It seems somewhat square, but still nice and steady in the hand. The carbon is nice and warm to hold on to compared to metal risers when the weather is cold especially.

String Suppressers

As standard with many bows now a string stop comes standard. It also has one string dampener on the cable. Everything seems to come together well to produce a nice quiet shot with this bow.

Eccentric System

The Carbon Rose utilizes Bowtech's Binary Cam System. This dual cam system produces speed while staying in tune. It also has rotating modules. Without a bow press any owner can rotate these modules to adjust the draw length from 22.5" to 27". This range of draw lengths should fit a huge percentage of full or nearly full females. It is adjustable in .5" increments. It has 80% let off and has a great feeling when at full draw. The ease of adjustment is a very positive attribute to this bow with as many times that it may need adjusted.This bow is available in 40lb., 50lb., and 60lb. max draw weights. This again can fit almost any grown female with the minimum weights being about 10lbs. less than the max. weights. The IBO speed is 302 fps which would be at its' 60lb. max draw and 27" max draw length. That calculates to an amazing 352 fps IBO with the standard calculations.

Draw Cycle/Shoot Ability

The Carbon Rose has a nice draw cycle. It is smooth with not much of a hump. At full draw if feels like there is very little weight to hold. Almost like more than 80%. There is hardly any recoil at the shot. The valley is very generous with plenty of room to play at the back of the draw. Shooters are able to creep forward without the string wanting to fling their arm back forward. The back wall is nice and firm and partially because of an infinite draw stop that is also adjusted along with the modules for the draw length. A stabilizer would be great for this bow as they do for most. It seems that they always help with steadiness and vibration especially with real light bows. It has a basic slide type cable guard that moves along a carbon rod. It does its' job well with no problems foreseen. **Silencing Package This bow has a pleasantly quiet shot. Some of the silencing is contributed to by the string stop, but there are other silencing components as well. It has a string dampener on the cable. There is little vibration, but a stabilizer would change that along with reducing any noise that there is.


BowBowtech Carbon RoseBowtech Carbon Overdrive
Version 20212015
PictureBowtech Carbon RoseBowtech Carbon Overdrive
Brace Height7 "6.5 "
AtA Length30 "31.5 "
Draw Length22.5 " - 27 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 60 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed302 fps342 fps
Weight3.2 lbs3.3 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The Bowtech Carbon Rose is the women's version of the Bowtech Carbon Overdrive in Bowtech's line up. They make a perfect pair. The Rose is 1.5" shorter in length and weighs .1 lbs less. The brace heights are nearly the same with the Overdrive being only .25" longer. They both have awesome speed for hunting bows and the Rose is obviously available in lighter draw weights. The Bowtech Carbon Overdrive has more color options and a couple little things that are small upgrades. It also utilizes a Binary Cam system with rotating modules for draw length adjustment. The draw is a little more stiff on the Overdrive when compared to the Rose, but still smooth with a solid back wall. These two bows great male/female versions of each other.

Perfect Usage

This is a hunting bow for women that could also be used for some recreational 3D shooting. It has plenty of adjustability and comes in enough draw weight options to fit almost any late teen to adult woman. It probably wouldn't make the perfect first bow for most, but someone with some experience and has already discovered that archery is for them. The Carbon Rose is also ideal for hunts involving a lot of walking or stalking due to it being so extremely light in weight.


The Carbon Rose is a decent value for a women's top of the line bow. When compared to some of the other top of the line women's bows on the market it is right in line if not a better value. For the right person that is serious about hunting and shooting their bow this bow will be more than worth it to them.


From some experience to a long time archery veteran this bow is ideal for the female hunter. It is the lightest women's bow available with its' forged carbon composite riser and it is all around solid in every category. This bow is designed for women shooters who want more than just a youth bow with some pink or purple accents. The technology put into it is up at the top in the archery world. The lady friendly architecture make it light, smooth drawing, and compact with great speed. The quality is second to none. It has a MSRP of $699 which may seem high to some, but it isn't when looking at a bow in this category of quality. With all the attributes that come with this bow it is hard to beat for the serious hunter.

User Reviews

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Amazing speed and so lightweight

Version: 2018 Bowtech Carbon Rose


Pros: Lightweight, very fast shooting and so easy to tune.

Cons: Had issues with the cable slide wearing my string and making a creaking sound when drawing so I replaced it with a pse replacement slide and now have no issues

Full review:

I really love this bow. Iv been shopping for about 4 years. And upgraded to this one this year from a youth bow. This bow is so quiet! And so fast. I bought it because I loved the look but this bow isn't awesome for . I shoot around 42 lbs. I upgraded the cable slide after having noise and string issues. I'm not super found of how squared the handle is I would like a more form fitting but Iv gotten used to it. Overall a great bow.

WOW ! What a great bow for a gal! Light and easy to hold, shoot, carry. Way to go Bowtech!

Version: 2014 Bowtech Carbon Rose


Pros: Light, but very strong. Easy to draw and hold on target. Smooth shooting. Very easy to tune.

Cons: Can't think of a single thing.

Full review:

Like I've said above, it's a great ladies bow. Looks great and was so very easy to get tuned in. I use a Spot Hogg real deal, a very tough and easy sight to adjust. Looks great on the bow too! Don't have a bad thing to say about it.

This bow was the fastest one that I found, and perfect for my step up bow!

Version: 2014 Bowtech Carbon Rose


Pros: Speed! Lightweight, balanced, comfortable, and fast!

Cons: Because of the speed that you get from this bow, it is a little less forgiving than other bows that I have shot. I think it is a bit noisy too. That problem was easily fixed with some sound dampeners on the limbs and the string.

Full review:

The Carbon Rose is light weight, easy to handle, easy to carry in to the stand. It has a smooth draw with a very solid back wall, and an 80% let off. It is comfortable and easy to hold while you wait for that perfect shot. At 302 fps the arrow meets its target noticeably faster than other bows that I have shot. I practice shooting with other ladies, and the speed of my bow is obviously faster than theirs.

It's the fist bow I have ever shot and I love it! easy to shoot and light weight to handle.

Version: 2014 Bowtech Carbon Rose


Pros: I love everything about it this bow! Its sharp looking, a real eye catcher and is amazingly smooth to shoot. When set up properly the let off is well over 80%.

Cons: The only con is I wish the grip was slightly smaller.

Full review:

I have a 26.5in dl and dw of 46lbs, I could shoot this bow all day long and never get tired. It has a great valley once drawn back, I could hold it forever with little to no effort. The compliment I get constantly is how quite it is and how fast it is for a women's bow. My current speed is 260. Bowtech's customer service and fantastic as well, they email a response within 24hours to whatever questions I have.

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