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Bowtech Constitution

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  • Very forgiving target bow
  • Has a solid back wall
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system (except for 2005 version)
  • Very stable bow that holds very well
  • Very quiet bow with little shock and vibration


  • Narrow valley - if you creep it wants to go


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Smooth, fast for what it is. Accurate in the right hands. Great comp bow

Version: 2008 Bowtech Constitution


Pros: Accuracy fast target aquisition and overall a smooth bow. Smooth draw fast shooting shallow valley allows for room for clothes or error. Great bow

Cons: Axel to axel leangth makes for a hard hunting bow

Full review:

from an engineering standpoint this bow is ahead of its time

Version: 2007 Bowtech Constitution


Pros: Very fast and forgiveing with a generous brace height 8.25 inches smooth draw, 65 to 80% let off what's no to like a kid could shoot this bow. Two thumbs up to bowtechs rd dept.

Cons: Axel to axel a little long but still tree stand shootable.

Full review:

The overall feeling of the constitution is comfort you won't want to put this bow down. If you like shootability and speed this bow has it.easy to tune my first shot paper tuning was a bullet hole thought it is was an error so I shot again bullet hole again this has never happened in 22 years of bow hunting/target shooting bowtech has done there homework. My poundage is 65lbs 28 inch gold tips 100 grain hellrazors ,they fly like darts just don't shoot at the same spot you will destroy your arrows.

I have hunted with this bow for 10 years and it's a killing machine..

Version: 2008 Bowtech Constitution


Pros: It's a shooter out to 80 yards deer and elk will die

Cons: It's a little long on the ATA and heavy.. I call it my boat anchor but I can't put it down

Full review:

Great bow shoot fast.. draw cycle is great and I have shoot a ton of bows.. very stable in the hands .. does get a bit heavy after 10-15 miles of hiking but when it's time to do it's job it is always ready to deliver.. if I so happen to miss it's my fault.. great bow

This Army Captain Took an Oath To Always Uphold , Protect And Defend The "Constitution".

Version: 2006 Bowtech Constitution


Pros: Phenomenal Bow ,Fast ,Quiet and Forgiving, been Shooting This For Years and No One Has Bested me in My Local or Regional Meets Especially when we shoot for 100$ an Arrow !!

Cons: It's Hard To Keep The Chrome Looking Good Tarnishes way too quickly. ..

Full review:

I have shot many types of Tourneys for over 30 years, I Love A Fast and Forgiving Bow and This is IT , Yes They Went one Better With the Guardian but No Other Bow has Come Close to its Speed and Forgiveness, I am Taking shots at quarters at well over 110 Yards ,Its not just that I am That Good ,The Bow Brings out The Best In Me ..

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