Bowtech Destroyer 340 Review

Bowtech Destroyer 340

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Bowtech Destroyer 340 Review4.855 out of 5 user reviews


  • One of the best top quality speed bows
  • Accurate rig with a forgiving brace height
  • Smooth bow with a nice valley and a solid back wall
  • Extremely quiet bow with little hand shock and vibration
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system (bow press is required)


  • Relatively stiff draw cycle with a little hump at the end
  • Plastic grip looks cheap for a top-quality bow (can be replaced)

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Editors' review

The Destroyer 340 is the flagship bow of the 2010 Bowtech line. This is a high-performance bow with aggressive styling and great shootability characteristics. While the draw cycle is relatively stiff, it's also smooth for a speed bow. With minimal shock and vibration, the Destroyer 340 is one of the quietest rigs in the speed bows world.


Archers say the plastic grip on the Destroyer 340 is comfortable but looks cheap for a high quality bow. They agree that side plates or wood grip would make this bow immaculate. While this grip will not appeal to everyone, it performs well. It's not a big deal anyway because if you don't like plastic grips you can always replace it.

Eccentric system

Bowtech's new OverDrive Binary Cam system powers the Destroyer 340 to advertised IBO speeds reaching upwards of 340 feet per second. A set of interchangeable modules is available for draw lengths ranging from 26" to 31" in half-inch increments. While this is a modular-adjustable eccentric system, a bow press is required to change out modules. The Destroyer 340 offers an effective 80% let-off.

Real IBO speeds/setups reported by shooters:
Important note: the following data were obtained by researching and analyzing real setups reported by different shooters and experts. The below specs, setups, and speeds should be considered approximate (more details).
24 setups found
Version Draw length Draw weight Arrow weight Real IBO speed Setup / Comments
2010 31.0 70.0 425 312.0 peep, loop, two nock sets on each end, and cat wiskers
2010 31.0 68.0 370 328.0
2010 31.0 61.0 386 308.0 lots of silencing stuff on it
2010 31.0 60.0 472 270.0 peep, string silencers, two eliminator buttons, and loop
2010 30.5 64.0 390 315.0
2010 30.0 70.0 414 309.0 kisser and peep on the string
2010 30.0 70.0 415 312.0

Draw cycle / Shootability / Quietness

While the draw cycle is relatively stiff, it's also smooth enough for a speed bow as noted by many shooters. Archers say there is a little hump closer to the end of the draw cycle before it drops into the valley. Also, the back wall is pretty solid. When it comes to shock and vibration, this rig is one of the best speed bows. We were overwhelmed with the amount of feedback indicating that this bow has an amazing lack of shock and vibration. Some experts strongly agree the Destroyer 340 is one of the quietest speed bows out there.

Destroyer 340 vs. Destroyer 350

Bow Bowtech Destroyer 340 Bowtech Destroyer 350
Version 2011 2011
Picture Bowtech Destroyer 340 Bowtech Destroyer 350
Brace Height 7 " 6 "
AtA Length 32.375 " 32.375 "
Draw Length 26 " - 31 " 25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 340 fps 350 fps
Weight 3.9 lbs 4.1 lbs
Let-Off 80% effective 80% effective
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Shooters like comparing the Destroyer 340 with its faster brother from the series: the Destroyer 350. Specs-wise, the main differences between the two is that the Destroyer 340 has a longer brace height (7"), is 10 FPS slower than its 6" brother, and might be a better choice for shooters with longer draw lengths. Some long draw archers say a more forgiving brace height is worth more to them than a few FPS, especially when shooting from non-ideal positions.

Speaking about shootability, short draw archers (up to 28") may not feel any difference between the two rigs. Therefore, such people often say they like the Bowtech Destroyer 350 much better because it's 10 FPS faster. On the other hand, many archers agree that for long draw length shooters (28"+), the Destroyer 340 is a better choice due to its shifted draw length range, forgiving brace height, and a better string angle.

Another comparison factor is the draw cycle. While both rigs have a smooth (but relatively stiff) draw cycle, many shooters agree the draw cycle on the Destroyer 340 is a bit smoother.


To summarize, the Destroyer 340 is an excellent shooting speed bow with minimal shock, vibration, and noise at the shot. This lightweight and well balanced bow has a smooth (but relatively stiff) draw cycle for a speed bow. While the eccentric system is modular-adjustable, a bow press is needed to adjust the draw length. Although this is not the best bow for beginners (unless you are willing to put the time and effort into learning how to shoot this rig well), the Destroyer 340 is a great choice for average and experienced shooters who like quality rigs with great performance and aggressive styling.
Bowtech Destroyer 340 Review4.855

User Reviews

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  1. Bowtech hit it out of the park!

    Version: 2010 Bowtech Destroyer 340


    Pros: Smooth draw with a nice valley and solid wall.
    Quite and shock free at the shot.
    Very accurate with great speed.
    Fit and finish is top notch.
    Tun-ability is second to none.
    Grip is very comfortable.

    Cons: Plastic grip "looks" cheap.

    Full review:
    I bought the 340 wanting to have more speed than my 2008 Guardian. I expected it to be noisier than my Guardian and was surprised to find out that it isn’t. I have had buddies shoot both bows so I could listen and I can’t tell a difference. The 340 has a better draw cycle with a deeper valley and more solid wall. Best of all it is 20fps faster than the Guardian and just as accurate if not more. My 340 is set at 60lbs with a 29 inch draw length and my 360gr arrows are going through the chrono right around 302fps.

    The Destroyer is a great looking bow that feels good in the hand. It is light and well balanced. The plastic grip looks a little cheap on a $800 bow but it is very comfortable and promotes proper grip without torquing the bow. I tried a custom wood grip from a well known maker and was happier with the OEM grip for shoot-ability.

    Tuning of the Destroyer with the double yoke system is easy and infinite. This bow can be tuned to shoot with a true center shot.

  2. I really like this bow !

    Version: 2010 Bowtech Destroyer 340


    Pros: The D340 is just about as shock free as a bow can be
    Very quiet with nothing on the string to worry about
    Smooth draw and good wall, less likely to pull your arm off if you creep
    Limbs are a real step up for Bowtech, Seem very well thought out

    Cons: I, like others found I didn’t like the grip

    Not much else

    Full review:
    First off I haven’t always liked the feel of Bowtech bows, that is the draw alwats seemed stiff and zero tolerance for creeping or letting down. I know it’s not right to creep but hey it happens.

    The D340 is not like it’s predecessors, smooth, easy to draw and a very comfortable valley into the wall.

    The fit and finish is flawless and the multi layered limbs although the expensive part of the bow are very impressive. My 340 was easy to set up and tune, a few twist to adjust the cam lean produced clean holes in paper, after a small rest adjust walk back tuning it will shoot a bare shaft right with fletched arrows at 20 yards.

    I’m ready to go hunting in a few weeks, The Destroyer 340 is dialed and ready, I was shooting 100 yards the other day with impressive results (Well I impressed myself anyway)

    It’s a great bow, I recommend the following: Add some sort of dampener on the flex guard and Limbsavers on the limbs for an all out stealth finish.

  3. Fantasticly designed shooting machine

    Version: 2010 Bowtech Destroyer 340


    Pros: This bow can be set up to tune down the center.
    The draw cycle of the 340 is smooth with a solid wall.
    The 340 is light weight and silent.
    It is plenty fast with a forgiving brace hieght.

    Cons: Changing the rotating draw length modules can be a bit of a tedious challenge.
    The grip looks not up to scale with the other great features incorporated into this design.

    Full review:
    My favorite last two hunting bows were both Bowtech Tributes. Bowtech has done what I thought could not be done and designed a better Tribute.
    I am primaraly concerned with maximizing silence, smoothness, and accuracy instead of raw speed with my hunting bows; but with a pair of cat wiskers, a 400 grain+ arrow, and some tweaking of buss cables; you can get it all.
    My set up is 65# 28"
    with a 407grain ACC 390 = 275fps
    I change all of my grips to an identical high wrist grip anyway so the cheap plastic one that came on the 340 was easy to remove facillitating the new grip instalment.
    This bow when tuned correctly will shoot fixxed blade broadheads effortlessly into the same hole as the field tip made the shot before with a properly spined arrow……

  4. Great Bow

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Destroyer 340


    Pros: the draw cycle is smooth enough for me

    great back wall

    great Feel

    Cons: I would have to agree the grip does look kinda cheap, but the whole bow feels great to shoot

    Full review:
    2011 Bowtech destroyer
    68 pounds @ 29" draw
    Black w/
    Axcell armortech 5-pin 0.10" pins dovetail mount
    QAD Ultra rest hd
    NAP Apache 5" Stabilizer
    A very very shitty octane bantamweight quiver (Hate this fucking thing)
    Easton Flatline Surgical 340’s w/ Razr Feathers.

    Very Quiet Setup this way. I was shooting the Easton Axis FMJ’s and those being heavier arrows really made this bow super quiet.

  5. fast,quiet,smooth

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Destroyer 340


    Pros: 31 inch drawl
    nice smooth drawl cycle
    32′ axle to axle

    Cons: cheap grip
    big logo on limbs

    Full review:
    with the bowtech 340 at 31′ drwal I can shoot a 425gr. hunting arrow at 72 pounds and get 320 f.p.s. with 97 pounds of kenetic enery. The IBO is 343 f.p.s which I could get if I lightened up the arrow a bit. I won’t for this reason. WHY? This bow is great! Smooth, quiet, and put the arrow where I want every time.

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