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Bowtech Guardian

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Bowtech Guardian Review5.053 out of 3 user reviews


  • very quiet bow with low recoil
  • excellent overall shootability
  • no bow press is required for adjusting draw weight, replacing strings or cables, or adding peep sights


  • modular cam system requires individual modules for different draw lengths

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Editors' review

The Bowtech Guardian is considered to be one of the best "fast and quiet" bows on the market. With IBO speeds reaching 328 fps, the Guardian has great shootablity characteristics and is known for its lack of noise and vibration. Equipped with new and improved technologies, this bow is a very good choice for average shooters.

Eccentric system

One of the new technologies is the CenterTrac Binary Cam system that was designed to eliminate cam lean. This is achieved through attaching both harnesses in such a way that they are placed on both sides of the string groove. In addition to eliminating cam lean, this system also reduces torque through balancing the limbs. All in all, it all boils down to increased efficiency, better shootablity, and greater consistency. The draw length can be adjusted from 25" to 30.5" through a set of cam modules.

Draw cycle

The draw cycle is very consistent and smooth as noticed by many experts and archers. One could expect a harsher draw cycle for the speed the Guardian generates, but admittedly it's not the case. With a smooth draw throughout the cycle and a very solid back wall, this bow draws and holds very well and delivers excellent overall shootability.


When it comes to shootability, the innovative Center Pivot technology makes this bow stand out from the crowd. As with conventional bows the limbs are attached to the riser at two places. What makes this bow different, though, is another (third) attachment place - the center pivot point. Such design changes the way the limbs bend - some experts like to say that when bent the limbs look like a rainbow, with an arc around the center pivot point. What it all boils down to is that not only this bow is forgiving and fast at the same time but it also is very quiet and has very low recoil.


Interestingly, when this bow was first released a number of comments were generated about its look. Having a deflexed riser this bow does look different. That is why some hunters were saying the Guardian looked 'unusual' due to its center pivot design. Even though such archers were not satisfied with its look, they appreciated the innovative design making this bow 'dead in your hand'. Despite some negative comments, many people really liked the new look (not to mention its shootability characteristics).

Quietness and vibration

As many Bowtech bows, this one is designed to be quiet and vibration free. A number of Bowtech Guardian tests conducted by archery experts confirm that most shooters are completely blown away with its zero silence and lack of recoil. Archers agree that little to no jump is noticed on releasing the string. They also say that using the standard string silencing system (as opposed to adding extra silencing components) is more than enough to enjoy shooting this bow.

Other thoughts

It is worth mentioning that this bow is designed in such a way that no bow press is required for adjusting the draw weight, replacing and working on strings, and adding peep sights.


To conclude, the Bowtech Guardian is a fast and quiet bow that has received a lot of great feedback from many shooters. Multiple tests by experts and archers confirm that this bow is fast and has virtually no hand shock and vibration. That is why the Guardian is considered to be one of the best "fast and quiet" bows. With the forgiving brace height of 7.25" this bow is a very good choice for average shooters.
Bowtech Guardian Review5.053

User Reviews

  • 3 reviews
  • ( out of 3 reviews for all versions)
  1. its been the best bow i have ever owned.

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Guardian


    Pros: its silent and deadly almost no vibrations which makes it a killer bow.

    Cons: i dont like the weight and the length of the bow.

    Full review:
    i have the 2007 bowtech guardian and i can honestly say that being a 15 year old and having a 29" draw it has been absoloutly great in the woods and has never malfunctioned or messed up in anyway. with my 29" draw and pulling back 65 lbs it has a fast ibo speed of atleast 285 and has done the best for me.

  2. at

    60lb. With 27 1/2 inch draw with 500 arrows with 100 grain heads I get 285fps.

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Guardian


    Pros: easy to shoot, no hard "wall" to pull thru, quiet, minimal vibration

    Cons: would like more speed

  3. The Guardian" should be a MUST READ Learning Tool for all other Compound Bow Manufacturers

    Version: 2008 Bowtech Guardian


    Pros: This Coumpound Bow is exactly the way I would have built it from the ground-up!
    The Speed, Kenetic Energy, Zero-Hand Shock, Tensil Strength throughout the Main Frame
    & Ease of Adjustments rolled into the Beauty say it all!

    Cons: I put my 2007 & 2008 through every kind of test rendered, and I find nothing wrong with them at all. I love this Bow so much that I have a collection of them (9 to be exact)because!

    Full review:
    The featurea & immediate appearance of the 2007 Guardian the week they were released caused me to purchase it. I then became more familiar with all Her aspects & I bought two more within a month & set the draw weight at different levels of 50-60-70# because I shoot 300 arrows everyday and I like starting out & going back to a lower to heavier draw weight throughout.
    My Targets are set from 40 to 90 yards & the shootability of each Bow is simply amazing. They are the quietest, smoothest drawing (& this is a dual binary cam system we’re talking about)& in a class all it’s own with the speed. I use ‘Match-Grade Gold-Tip Arrows at 555 grains with these results: 40# = 298 fps, 50# = 310 fps, 70# = 327 fps as a determined average.
    The Length, Weight, & Balance are just fine for a person of my stature of 6′1" 240 lbs in a Blind, or Tree Stand, or standing, in a field of targets.
    The Camo finish stands up to the harshest conditions and after all the test were performed on the 2007 model, I bought the 2008 model when introduced to the Archery World & it performs as well as the ‘07. If you want a Compound Bow that will out-do any other…’take it from a person that has seen the light & get the Bowtech Guardian. In closing, dont be mislead when someone tells you any difference.If they dont own one, then they should just shut the F— up. Again, I own 9 of them along with 17 other Compound Bows: Mathews, Darton, Browning, Bear, PSE, Diamond, Martin, Jennings, and Hoyt, and they all have their good & not so good points but Nothing Outperforms The Bowtech Guardian, and this is coming from a Traditional Archery Specialist building some of the finest Longbows and Arrows throughout the world.

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