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Bowtech HeartBreaker

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  • Quiet out of the Box
  • Almost no vibration
  • Versatile
  • Comes with standard Bowtech Quality
  • Very smooth and forgiving


  • The In-Velvet finish has been known to peel on the limbs or areas of high contact

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The Bowtech Heartbreaker has quickly become one of the most sought after bows for women on the market. The bow offers the shooter a variety of draw weights of 40#, 50#, and 60# peak limb weight. The draw length ranges from 22.5" - 27" making it perfect for women and those with a shorter draw. Set at 26" and 60#, this bow boasts an IBO speed of 305 fps. There are some bows with similar specifications, but can cost up to $400 more, and those bows are not as smooth drawing as the Heartbreaker. Many shooters have stated this is basically the same bow as the Bowtech Assassin except it has the option of coming in a pink color scheme.


This bow comes with the In-Velvet finish, in the Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity color scheme. The bow can also be ordered in Mossy Oak Treestand ($25 upgrade), Black Ops ($25 upgrade), AnoRock Raspberry ($150 upgrade), and even a pink camo. The In-Velvet finish feels soft to the touch, yet provides added protection to the bow in the event of incidental bumps. This finish also helps deaden the noise of those incidental bumps as well.


This rig uses the same riser as the Bowtech Assassin. It is a lightweight machined aluminum riser that provides a solid shooting platform. Part of the machining process includes the triangular vents cut into the riser reducing the overall weight without giving up any of the strength of the aluminum. The riser is then covered with an In-Velvet covering. The ends of the riser hold the E-lite Zero-Tolerance Limb Pockets. These limb pockets are very lightweight but incredibly strong, holding the limbs perfectly in place even through the most strenuous of archery circumstances.The Heartbreaker comes with a set of one-piece limbs with peak weights of 40#, 50#, and 60#. The draw weight can be easily adjusted by loosening or tightening the limb bolts at the end of the riser. It can be adjusted in ten pound increments. When lowering the draw weight, the archer must be careful not to turn the limb bolt to such a position that it cannot be viewed through the limb bolt inspection hole in the riser.

Other Components

The Bowtech Heartbreaker is usually sold in the ready-aim-kill (RAK) package. The RAK package includes an Octane Capture Rest, custom 4-pin sight, Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver, Octane 5" Ultra Lite stabilizer, string loop, alloy peep, and Dura-flex string dampeners. These components are not cheaply made like one may find in other accessory packages, but the shooter may desire to upgrade some of the components to enhance the already superior quality of this bow.

Eccentric System

The Heartbreaker comes with a binary cam system. This cam system has become a highly desired cam system made available today. This system has two symmetrical cams that are perfectly timed working with each other to provide a fast and accurate shot. With this binary cam setup, the shooter will see zero nock travel, and a rig they can set and forgot. The binary cam system incorporates a rotating cam module as well. You will never have to change modules to adjust the draw length, and will never have to wait for them to come in when you order them. The rotating module is easy to adjust simply by removing the two screws used to secure the module, slide around to the appropriate setting, and tighten. The draw length can be adjusted a total of six inches in half inch increments. This must be done for each cam. It is also important to ensure that both modules are set to the same position to ensure timing is not negatively affected. This cam system also contains the draw stop. Let off can be easily adjusted between 65% and 80%. The shooter should take care not to improperly adjust the stop so it doesn't affect the shot. This rig also has two types of modules that can be purchased with the bow; smooth draw mods or speed mods. These mods are exactly as stated. One provides for a much smoother draw, while the other is not quite as smooth, but enhances the speed characteristics of the bow. Regardless of which mod you put on this bow, it is still a smooth draw and generates enough speed to meet any archery requirement the shooter has.

Silencing Package

This bow comes with the Dura-flex string dampening package. This includes string silencers and a string stop. These components eliminate almost all string noise. The stabilizer, In-Velvet finish, and the cam system combine to help eliminate the normal vibrations from shooting a bow. Together, these items create a solid vibration/noise elimination package that makes this one of the quietest bows around.


Bow Bowtech HeartBreaker Mathews Jewel
Version 2014 2016
Picture Bowtech HeartBreaker Mathews Jewel
Brace Height 7 " "
AtA Length 30.25 " "
Draw Length 22.5 " - 27 " "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 60 lbs lbs
IBO Speed 305 fps fps
Weight 3.7 lbs lbs
Let-Off 65% - 80%
Where to buy
Best prices online
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The Bowtech Heartbreaker is an excellent bow for women and those archers with shorter draw lengths, but it is not a youth bow. This bow can be compared to the Mathews Jewel. Both of these rigs are marketed toward the female shooters, but also fit well for the archer with shorter draw lengths. Each has a max weight of 60# and 80% let-off. The Matthews has a shorter ATA by 2.25 inches and an extra 1.5 inches of draw length. Both of these bows have binary cam systems. The Heartbreaker has a 7" brace height, while the Jewel is only 6.4". Both are very forgiving, and offer a smooth draw and fast arrow speed. Price is a big difference between these bows. The Jewel has a list price of $999, while the Heartbreaker lists for $689. There are many archers that shoot the Heartbreaker and fall in love with it. You can find used Heartbreakers for less that are in almost new condition that are worth the money.

Usage Scenarios

This rig is a very versatile bow and can be used in any archery situation. This short ATA and brace height make it perfect for a tree stand or hunting blind, while many archers use it as a target bow. The rig is very forgiving and accurate and is sure to make any archery event very satisfying for the shooter. This rig only weighs 3.7 pounds, so carrying it around is not usually an issue for anyone.


This outfit is usually sold in the RAK package at a price of $600. Those purchasing the bow should keep in mind that this is for the standard Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity finish. If the purchaser wishes one of the other schemes, the price will go up accordingly. The bow can go up to as much as $689. This price is actually about $25 less than the average for this type of bow. If the purchaser is in the position to spend the money, this is a very good bow and will save the buyer money in the long run. Many archers looking to buy a bow have gone with the Heartbreaker once they shot it.


The Bowtech Heartbreaker has been marketed as a women's bow, but is also a bow designed for archers with short draw lengths. Some say that is the same bow as the Bowtech Assassin except it has a pink color scheme option. The bow comes with a 30.25" ATA and a very forgiving 7" brace height and a strong binary cam system meld together to produce a quiet, fast, vibration free, and accurate piece of archery gear for the hunter or the target shooter. There has been some mention of the finish peeling in high contact areas such as around the grip, or the limbs. If you are a female archer, or if you just have a short draw length, if you are in the market for a new bow then you owe it to yourself to give the Heartbreaker a shot or two. It may save you some time and effort.

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