Bowtech Insanity CPX Review

Bowtech Insanity CPX

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Bowtech Insanity CPX Review5.057 out of 7 user reviews


  • Very fast IBO speeds of up to 355 feet per second
  • Combines Bowtech shooters favorite technologies all in one package
  • Lots of available finish options to match every shooters style
  • Overdrive binary cams allow for 25.5-30-inches in draw length adjustment


  • Bowtech has an issue with limb finish peeling in the past (the finish is different, but peeling may still be an issue)
  • Price may be a little high for buyers on a budget

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Editors' review

The Bowtech Insanity CPX is a fast shooter with virtually no hand shock or vibration after the shot. The draw is extremely smooth for such a fast shooting rig. Die-hard Bowtech shooters have historically loved the Center Pivot Limb pockets like the Guardian, Admiral, and last year's Invasion. They also loved the speed of the Destroyer 350. Engineers listened and combined the Destroyer 350 technologies with the Invasion to create a fast shooting bow with great shootability that feels like a much longer axel-to-axel bow.


Bowtech has a lot of options available in terms of the finish color and camo options available. In the past, Bowtech has struggled with limb finish issues and peeling. This year, Bowtech uses Anorock finish, which comes from target bows. This finish is supposed to be a little more durable and withstand a little more punishment. Bowtech has also put a different finish on the Insanity limbs this year, but only time will tell if it will hold up to normal use of shooting the bow.

Shooters will have several finish options available that will be sure to match most shooters style. The first option available is Bowtech's BlackOps finish. This is an all black riser with black limbs. For target colors, Bowtech offers Inferno and Onyx available for those interested in a neat target look. For shooters interested in a camo pattern, there are several options available as well. Gore Optifade Forest, Gore Optifade Open Country, Mossy Oak Infinity, Mossy Oak Treestand, and Realtree APG HD are all camo options available for the Insanity CPX this year.


The Insanity riser is designed for strength and stability. The shape of the riser allows for Bowtech's Center Pivot limb pockets as well. For the most part, the riser is the same length as the axel-to-axel measurement. This makes the bow very accurate and it holds very well with the added stability of a longer riser. The riser also has some tuning holes on the side to allow shooters to set up their rigs properly. The riser has a rear mounting Carbon rod string stop attached for added dampening and string vibration reducing. Along with this comes a front-mounting stabilizer hole for shooters wanting to add a little extra weight. The FLX Guard actually flexes with the cables while being drawn. This flex is typically transferred to the riser and Bowtech feels this is a better solution. The FLX guard helps keep nock travel to a minimum. It also has a rubber dampener for noise reduction as well.


Bowtech shooters loved the grip from last year's Invasion so much they decided to keep it on the Insanity this year as well. The grip is a bit thicker with a narrow neck that is actually comfortable and easy to adjust to. Shooters used to a different sized grip should not have a major issue adjusting to the Bowtech grip from this year. The grip fits nicely in to the shooters hand and helps eliminate any hard torque caused from an improper grip. The result is a repeatable hand placement that will ultimately help improve accuracy and long distance shooting.


In 2010, Bowtech introduced their Hardcore 7-layer limbs. Each layer is made of a slightly different material and works with the other layers to provide extreme durability, strength, and speed. Bowtech mentions that their limbs put the entire limb, including the core, to work storing energy rather than just using the outside of the limbs. In turn, this spreads out the stress of the limbs and ideally improves limb life as well. The carbon core adds a bit more strength while keeping the limbs more lightweight. Limbs are available in 10-pound increments with maximum weights of 50, 60, 70, and even 80 pounds.

The Insanity also utilizes Center Pivot Extreme (CPX) technology as well. This basically adds another pivoting point for limbs that is closer to the cams. This takes a reflexed riser and makes it a bit more deflexed, which helps with accuracy, eliminates, vibration, and adds to stability.

Eccentric System

The Insanity CPX uses the Overdrive Binary Cam system to power its blazing speed. The Overdrive Binary Cam System is made of an alloy composite material, which makes the cam system strong and light weight while helping to cancel out noise and vibration. The cam also comes with module adjustability as well for draw lengths in half-inch increments between 25.5 - 30 inches. Although shooters have the luxury of changing their draw-length to match their shooting style, they may have to visit a pro shop to do so. A bow press is not needed for all draw length adjustments, depending on where the module is set, a bow press may be needed. The 80% let-off really makes the bow easy to hold at full draw as well.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

For a speed bow with a six-inch brace height, the Insanity is a wonderful shooter and is very easy to get used to. The draw cycle is extremely smooth with that builds up very quickly. The transition to the valley is noticeable, but very manageable. Overall, the bow does not draw like a speed bow, which is a great characteristic to have. The back wall is aided by a string stop on each cam. The wall is very solid, and there is no desire for the bow to creep forward. Shooters will be able to reach full draw and relax a little without the bow wanting to rip their arm forward. After the shot, the bow does not move and does not have the tuning fork syndrome the Invasion from last year had. It is dead in your hand and does not want to leap out of the shooters hand. The shot is very quiet as well.

A 6-inch brace height is scary to some people, but the Insanity does not shoot like a short brace height bow. Holding the bow steady is extremely simple, and anything lost in forgiveablity with a shorter brace height is made up with an IBO speed of 355 feet per second. Do not be nervous about trying out the Insanity CPX because it is a speed bow. The draw cycle is very smooth, the back wall is great with minimal creep, and the bow is dead in your hand.

Silencing Package

The Insanity CPX is a very quiet bow and comes with a few factory-installed items to make sure it stays quiet after the shot. The factory Octane Strings come with a rubber dampener attached to the cables for string vibration. The Carbon rod string suppressor does a great job at quietly stopping the strings forward movement and is directly in line with the front mounting suppressor hole for cancelling out vibration and added balance. The FLX Guard also come standard with a rubber dampener designed to help with vibration also. The combination of these dampeners along with the engineering of the bow itself makes for a silent, vibration free arrow release.

Bowtech Insanity vs. Bowtech Invasion

Bow Bowtech Insanity CPX Bowtech Invasion CPX
Version 2013 2012
Picture Bowtech Insanity CPX Bowtech Invasion CPX
Brace Height 6 " 7 "
AtA Length 32 " 31.03125 "
Draw Length 25.5 " - 30 " 26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 80 lbs 40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 355 fps 343 fps
Weight 4.3 lbs 3.9 lbs
Let-Off 80% 80%
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These two bows offer several of the same designs, and are nearly identical in specifications. One major difference between the two bows is the brace height. The Bowtech Invasion CPX offers and inch longer brace height and therefore a little slower speeds. The Insanity is just a bit quieter due to the absorber located on the FLX Guard. The Invasion CPX is also just a touch smoother on the draw as well. Unless you are shooting the bows side by side, the smoothness would probably not be noticeable though. Overall, shooters a bit shy of a six-inch brace height bow will love the Invasion. Those shooters who like speed and are not afraid of a shorter brace height will more than likely prefer the Insanity CPX.

Usage Scenarios

The Insanity is a great hunting bow producing a lot of kinetic energy and speed needed for just about any big game species. The smooth draw, solid back wall, and shock free release make it a great option for a hunting bow. Really serious target shooters have some better options available to them, but the Insanity will perform very well on weekend 3-d shoots as well. The Insanity feels very stable, more like a long riser bow. This will be very appealing for 3-d shooters as well. With finish options available to meet just about all preferences, the Bowtech Invasion CPX has a lot to offer a variety of shooters.


The Insanity CPX combines their fast shooting technology from the Destroyer 350 with the popular Center Pivot limb technology to create a fast shooting shock free bow. There is not a lot to dislike about this bow other than the potential finish issues from the past, which have not impact on how great the bow shoots. However, for the money, the bow should not have any finish flaws. The great news is that the finish has been updated from that of year's past, so only time will tell if the new finish has cured the peeling issues. Regardless, the Insanity CPX is a great shooting bow that offers fast speeds, a smooth draw and solid back wall, with a dead in the hand release. Shooters interested in a speed bow should add the Insanity CPX to their list of bows to try out.
Bowtech Insanity CPX Review5.057

User Reviews

  • 7 reviews
  • ( out of 7 reviews for all versions)
  1. Bought this bow 2 weeks ago and I love it smooth fast and very forgiving and quite..

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Insanity CPX


    Pros: It very smooth, quite, very forgiving u wouldn’t know it’s a 6 in brace height ,very fast my shooting went from good to ruining my arrows with groups so tight I keep hitting my vanes. Love it so far..

    Cons: Nothing so far it’s awesome..

    Full review:
    It’s great I love it.. Fast, smooth, quite and deadly accurate., I’m getting 317 fps with Easton light speed 3d 500, 6.5 gpi with 100 grain point..My bow is a 60 to 70 lb set at at 62 with 27 inch draw.. I loved my tribute but this thing is awesome can’t wait to shoot a deer with it..


    Version: 2012 Bowtech Insanity CPX


    Pros: Smooth, quite, fast and forgiving.

    Cons: None so far, i’ve only had this a month.

    Full review:
    So far this is the best bow I have ever shot. I shot as many dual cam bow’s as I could find and this one out performed them all. The smooth draw and zero hand shot were huge sellers, I video taped myself shooting this bow probably 20 times and there is zero torque on the bow after I pull the trigger. Very easy bow to keep still and makes it easy to keep the sights on the target long after the arrow has been released.


    Version: 2012 Bowtech Insanity CPX


    Pros: Everything…Forgiving BH, solid backwall and smooth draw cycle. Let off is great and makes staying drawn on a 70lb bow easy.

    Cons: Nothing at all!

    Full review:
    Awesome bow, shoot great and very very fast! First buck I took with this bow blew through the shoulder quartering to and had almost the same velocity coming out as it did going in! Couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Buy one and shoot it, you will never turn back. Decided for this bow over the Z7 and I am so happy I did.

  4. Absolutely awesome

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Insanity CPX


    Pros: Everything – smooth, very forgiving, feels like it belongs in the hand

    Cons: Nothing at all, had it for 4 months

    Full review:
    Having only shot a Hoyt Defiant and a Matthews Legacy (very nice bow) both second hand, I thought it was about time I bought a new one properly matched to me. Being a target shooter I was dubious about trying a Bowtech (but they look amazing) as all the reports I have heard was that they were suited more to bow hunting. But after a chat with the very helpful & knowledgable staff at Wales Archery I tried 4 different models, Captain, Commander, Invasion and the Insanity and as soon as the Insanity was in my hand it felt right. After 4 hours I had it set to 57lb, 28" draw length, added Shibuya sight and 10 zone scope, X10 stabilser and side rod, Spott Hog launcher and AC Pro Field arrows. In the 4 months I have been shooting it (almost every day) my handicap has dropped to 17 (from 25) and have beaten all my personal best scores (some by as much as 90 points) and had my first ever tournament win! I am not the biggest of fellows, probably best described as weedy but I have no trouble pulling it back – and I’m not very stable in the bow hand but the let off makes it easy to take my time at aiming. I’ve had no problems and I just can’t wait to finish work each day and go and shoot. A fabulous bow and one I will keep shooting for years to come.

  5. Best Bow I have ever owned. Shoots great and sizzling fast.

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Insanity CPX


    Pros: Smooth draw, solid back wall, no hand shock or vibration and all this in an extremely fast bow.

    Cons: If you use a QAD drop away rest, buy the best one because the mid-price one was bouncing back up and causing arrow deflection. Just trying to help someone out if they experience the same issue. Would also recommed mechanical broadheads.

    Full review:
    I shot two deer and a large bobcat this season with the bow and was impressed with everything about the Insanity CPX. Complete pass throughs on the bobcat and one deer. The other deer was hit in the off shoulder and completely shattered the bone. Looked like it was hit with a 30-06. Thats Kinetic Energy. Shoot 64lbs with a 27" DL, CE Maxima 350 arrows, 100gr Rage 3 blades traveling at 328fps.

  6. Awesome bow blazing fast super quiet almost completely dead in hand

    Version: 2013 Bowtech Insanity CPX


    Pros: Loved the grip fits nice in the hand and love the draw super smooth and I like how the wieght stacks up at the start of the draw and how steady it is

    Cons: To accurate hahaha busting to many arrows got my first robinhood with it and busted plenty of knocks spending way to much money on arrows replacing them

    Full review:
    Prolly the best bow I’ve ever shot the bow bare shot very well hardly any vibration and torgue I slowly started putting bowjax products on it. First the bowjax revelations right away I could both hear and feel a difference the the bowjax string stop cover once again I could both hear and feel a difference then I took earplugs and pulled the string stop out and filled it up with the cut earplugs which again helped on sound a vibration then I bought 2 bowjax slimjax and put in the string stop rod and the bow now is completely dead in the hand and very quiet u have a few videos on YouTube under logancrossno as my username I’ve busted more nicks with this bow it is so accurate one thing I can’t explain is once I put the bowjax in there my groups tightened up I guess from the loss of vibration and even just in a month and a half of having it I got my first robinhood if your looming for a screaming fast bow that draws and shoots great the insanity cpx is for you I choose it first cuz I have such a short draw at 27 inches I needed a bow to make up some speed lost by my short draw so I shot this bow at my dealer near me and first shot loved it

  7. Awesome bow super fast and accurate

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Insanity CPX


    Pros: Everything . Super fast easy to shoot for as fast as it is great hunting bow

    Cons: Nothing had for 2 years love it no limb problems at all with min

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