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Bowtech Realm X
Editor review:

It is getting harder and harder to find faults with bows made in 2018. Everything Bowtech offers in the Realm X is customizable, making it one of the most unique rigs on the market. Anything shooters can have a personal preference with is customizable, and that makes the Realm X very competitive in the hunting bow market. The axle to axle measurement is in a sweet spot between compact bows and more target friendly bows, and the overall weight is not too heavy based on aluminum riser standards. The 345 feet per second speed rating is surprisingly easy to draw, and the brace height is 6.5-inches, which is not too far below the forgiveness standard of 7-inches many shooters have engrained in their mind. The $1199 price tag is not too high for flagship models in 2018, but those on a budget are really going to have to stretch in order to afford the Realm X. The new solid core limbs should correct any flaking issues experienced in the past, which has been a long time coming from Bowtech. It is very hard to find something not to like about the Realm X, and if there was something an archer could find, it can be tweaked to match what that shooter wants instead. The Realm X is going to be very popular, and it deserves a test shot for anyone on the market for a new bow in 2018... read full review

User reviews:
  • Best of both worlds by Dustin Loftus from Indianola, IA

Bowtech Realm X Specifications

2 versions

Manufactured: 2018 - 2019 (2 versions, specs not changed)

Latest version: 2019 Bowtech Realm X

Brace Height 6.5 "
Axle to Axle Length 33.25 "
Draw Length 25 " - 31 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 345 fps
Weight 4.3 lbs
Let-Off 80 - 86%
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