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  • Amazing tuning technology for optimizing arrow flight for each shooter
  • Compact hunting bow meets the needs of many compound hunters
  • Allows shooters to tweak their own bows


  • Allows shooters to tweak their own bows
  • 4.4-pounds is fairly heavy for a 30" bow
  • A suggested retail price of $1099


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Editors' review

Bowtech shows no signs of slowing down in continuing their innovative push to offer shooters the most refined hunting bow they can produce. The new Revolt is the shorter of the two new bows in the Revolt series, and is geared towards hunting fanatics demanding perfection in a small package. Bowtech is making some serious claims for this rig stating this bow is "The smoothest, most reliably accurate hunting bow ever built." Considering what is available in 2020, and recent years, that is not an easy claim to make. The new Deadlock Cam System truly seems like a game changer for those who like to tinker, but that could be a downside as well for people who like to tinker without understanding what they are actually doing. This cam is modular adjustable from 26-31-inches, and when paired with a long 7 1/4-inch brace height still shoots an acceptable 335 feet per second. There are faster bows in the compact hunting bow market in 2020, but none having an equal or longer brace height to the Revolt. The Deadlock Cam gives shooters the ability to fine tune their bow without a press for absolute perfection. For shooters with an outstanding bow shop nearby, it may not be as big of a technology advancement, but for those with nothing close by, the idea of being able to personally fine tune everything about the bow is going to be really appealing. The suggested retail price is $1099, which is on the more expensive side for aluminum riser, flagship hunting bows, but it does have some great technology integrated, that may help justify the larger price tag. The Revolve did win the ArcheryTalk 2020 Hunting Bow Shootout, which speaks to how great it is as an all around hunting rig.


The Bowtech Revolt is available in a total of 14 different finishes, and each of them are superbly applied and look really great. From more traditional camo patterns, trendy newer camo finishes, and solid colors, the Revolt truly has something for all shooters on the market for a compact hunting bow. Options include: Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Smoke Grey, Mossy Oak Brown Country Roots, Mossy Oak White Country Roots, Mossy Oak Breakup Country, Realtree Edge, Kryptek Altitude, Optifade Elevated II, Optifade Subapline, Kuiu Verde, Kuiu Vias, and Woodlands. In that finish line up, there is certainly something all shooters will appreciate. As with anytime a ton of options are available, the likelihood of a shop having a specific finish pattern and limb configuration in stock may be slim. However, a shop should be willing to order anything a shooter may want, and the wait times have not been too long for the Revolt bows.


The Revolt has a fairly tiny frame with the compact 30-inch axle-to-axle measurement. The brace height is a forgiving 7 1/4-inches, which is fairly long for a compact bow, typically built more for performance and sporting a shorter brace. The overall weight is 4.4-pounds, which is pretty standard for 2020, but with the bow only being 30-inches, it seems a bit heavy on paper for how small the bow really is. In the hand, the bow does not feel heavy at all, but the mass weight number does suggest it weighs a bit more than the shooter may be expecting considering the overall size of the bow. Bowtech decided to go with the tried and true Deadlock Cable Containment System on the Revolt, and for good reason. This system has been battle tested for reducing torque from the cables to the riser, features a roller slide for easy cable sliding, and has a built in dampener for reducing as much noise and vibration as possible. The riser will also come with two of Bowtech's Orbit discs, which can be adjusted to meet the shooter's preference as well. There are mounting holes integrated all over the riser for the weighted dampeners to attach to the bow, they can be stacked with each other, or they can be connected together, and can be purchased separately from Bowtech for anyone wanting to add more to their setup. The dampeners work well to get rid of noise and vibration, and also help a bit in counterbalancing accessories mounted to the bow without adding more stabilizer weight. Bowtech also has stabilizer and side rod mounting locations, and multiple sight mounting locations for shooters to really get the Revolt feeling exactly how they want it to.


Bowtech is doing something pretty interesting with the grip options on their hunting bows, which is something some target bows have done in the past. The Revolt will ship with a standard grip, Bowtech is calling the Clutch Grip straight from the factory. However, shooters have the option to purchase the Clutch Control Grip separately, which is about a quarter of an inch thicker than the standard Clutch Grip. Four colors are available on the grip including black, brown, green, and red. The grip itself is machined directly into the riser, but the modular grips are inserts for the back where the palm of the bow arm rests. Each of the grips are pretty comfortable, but there is a felt difference between the standard grip and the control grip. The standard grip has a flat back and feels very streamlined, rivaling a target bow feel. The control grip is tapered with a thicker throat, which tapers off towards the bottom of the grip. The offering of different choices for the grip are great additions to the Revolt bow, but it would be nice for both options to come standard from the factory, with the ability for shooters to purchase a different color if desired later on.


The Bowtech engineers stick with their standard split limb technology, which is far superior to some of their older limbs experiencing significant issues in the past. The split limbs allow for the Deadlock Cam to fully integrate the left to right movement, which replaces the need for a yoke system. It is a bit disappointing for the Revolt to only be offered in three limb configurations with maximum draw weights of 50, 60, and 70-pounds. It would be nice to see a 40-pound version, along with a 65-pound and 80-pound draw weight configurations, but the Revolt only has the three primary options. Bowtech is also fairly proud of the Deadlock Pocket System as well, which serves as the connecting point for the entire system to work around. The multiple contact points work well with each other to allow the limbs to pivot the same way each time, while being held to almost perfect tolerances creating a really secure, and repeatable system. The pockets feature lock down screws on the side of the pocket, which will need to be backed out in order to adjust the actual draw weight of the limbs themselves just making everything even more secure. There is also a lockdown for securing the pockets to the riser as well. When Bowtech says Deadlock Pocket, they truly mean it is locked in place. There was a time when Bowtech limb graphics were beginning to take away a bit from the overall look and feel of the bow. Those days are gone though, with the Revolt name proudly displayed is more tame block lettering, which is tastefully done and looks nice.

Eccentric System

The Deadlock Cam System is the main story when it comes to the Revolt series of bows in 2020. Although the Deadlock Cam is not new technology for Bowtech, it is the first time the technology appears on a hunting bow, which is going to make a lot of Bowtech fans very happy. This cam system brings easy tuning directly to the line or the field allowing shooters to make adjustments to the tune of their bow with a standard Allen Key. The Revolt has half-inch draw length adjustments with the rotating module from 26-31-inches, and has a respectable IBO speed rating of 335 feet per second. Getting a bit more into the technology of the Deadlock Cam System, the former two track design is replaced by a three track binary cam. This removes the yoke system on the bow, and any need for a bow press to make tuning adjustments to eliminate left or right tears. Instead, shooters loosen the DeadLock setting, adjust the top or bottom cam left or right, and tighten the system back down to keep it where it is. To be able to adjust the tune of the bow while standing on the line shooting as easily as moving a sight is a really great feature. There is also no need for a bow press to make any of the adjustments either. It is unrealistic to think shooters are going to be sitting in their treestand and fiddling with the Deadlock system; however, giving shooters the ability to perfectly tune their own rigs without having to purchase a bow press is really amazing technology worth celebrating. Similar to other Bowtech models in the past, the Revolt also allows shooters to choose the comfort or performance side on the draw length module. Those wanting a smoother draw with a little longer valley should be pleased with the comfort setting, and those interested in the most performance they can get will more than likely be happy with the performance setting. There is no need for a bow press to make draw length or flip disc adjustments either. Again, this is not new for Bowtech, but to give shooters so much control in regards to how the bow feels and tunes is really outstanding and gives a lot of hope for what may be coming to compound archery in the future.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Revolt bow is amazing. There is so much built in customization, it could potentially become overwhelming for shooters who are not used to so much freedom in making the bow feel however they would like it to feel. The Revolt very much feels like a Bowtech bow in terms of the draw cycle. The weight does feel less than the card says, the transitions within the draw cycle are buttery smooth, and the feeling after the shot may be the most shock-free arrow release Bowtech has created in recent years. With the flip disc technology, shooters are getting two different feeling cam systems in the same package, which is another awesome feature as well. For those hunting situations where performance and arrow speed are crucial in creating the most kinetic energy possible, the performance setting can be used. However, when turkey season rolls around, shooters can easily flip the disc to the comfort setting, make some slight adjustments to the sight for a slight variance in speed, and be all set with a smoother feeling draw cycle. The back wall on each feels great, and the hold on target is surprisingly steady for such a compact bow.

Usage Scenarios

The Revolt is a well-designed compact hunting bow, which will work great in the timber from a tree stand, out West back packing deep in the mountains, or in the spring from a ground blind hunting turkey. The Revolt can truly do every style of hunting with ease, and will allow shooters to fine tune based on their individual setups and arrow configurations. The Revolt is also a very accurate rig, and will be seen on the local 3D courses during the summer, but those hoping to be competitive and win tournaments will more than likely be drawn to a longer bow from the Bowtech lineup.

Bowtech Revolt vs. Bowtech Revolt X

BowBowtech RevoltBowtech Revolt X
Version 20212021
PictureBowtech RevoltBowtech Revolt X
Brace Height7.25 "6.5 "
AtA Length30 "33 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed335 fps340 fps
Weight4.4 lbs4.5 lbs
Let-Off85% - 87% 85% - 87%
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These two bow share the same technology and wonderful tunability options for 2020 in the hunting bow world from Bowtech engineers. The Revolt is a more compact version, which also surprisingly has a longer brace height. The primary difference between the two models is the axle-to-axle measurement, which will more than likely be the deciding factor for shooters to go with the Revolt or Bowtech Revolt X. For those wanting the most compact rig possible, the Revolt will be the winner. Those wanting some extra stability and a little faster arrow speeds will more than likely be more drawn towards the Revolt X.


The 2020 Bowtech Revolt is a homerun, and deserves any attention it gets this year. The Deadlock Cam is a straight up game changer for shooters to have more ability in how their bow shoots. From a tuning perspective, everything is made easier, and gives shooters direct input without having to buy a bow press. The flip disc provides shooters with basically two cam systems to choose from, and the finish options make the bow look amazing. For those looking at a compact hunting bow, the Revolt is worth considering. The $1099 price tag is a bit pricier than other aluminum flagship models, but not by much, and the cams alone are providing something no other brand has. If shooters need help justifying the cost to their significant other, the flip disc's ability to make the bow feel like two totally different rigs may be helpful because buyers are getting two bows in the same package. It would be nice to see some more limb configurations, but other than that, it is really hard to find something to not like about the 2020 Bowtech Revolt.

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