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Bowtech RPM 360

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  • Fast, accurate, quiet
  • Very shootable and versatile
  • Solid shooting platform
  • Solid back wall


  • There is a slight bit of vibration out of the box, but a stabilizer will eliminate this
  • The ball bearings in the silencing kit fall out
  • This is a very new bow and you may have to wait for it to hit your local stores


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Editors' review

Team Bowtech could very well have created THE best bow ever. With a new riser design, a re-designed limb pocket, and a re-design of an already popular cam system, the RPM 360 was born. This bow does not draw like a speed bow, as it is very smooth. This bow is also very quiet, unlike the typical speed bow. The new flagship rig from Bowtech has a 31" ATA, 7" brace height, and produces a blistering 360 fps IBO. Until you shoot it, it's hard to see what all the fuss is about, but once you shoot it, all doubt is removed.


This rig comes in a variety of colors - Black Ops, Mossy Oak Infinity, Realtree AP, and Realtree APG HD.


This bow is designed with a new patented trapezoidal I-beam riser that provides exceptional strength. The riser also has a new patented Bridge Lock pocket system with N-Fused technology. This setup is designed to put the limb flex in just the right spot for maximum power. The tips of the riser feature the Center Pivot Extreme design that reduces flex points on the limbs while providing the most efficiency where needed. Paired with the Overdrive Binary Cams, this setup produces a blazing 360 fps IBO without sacrificing accuracy, control, and silence.The limbs are the patented Carboncore Limbs. This split limb system has an extreme impact resistant skin that enhances the strength of the limbs, and a carbon center that aids in noise resistance and vibration. This system only adds to the overall efficiency of this bow.

Other Components

This rig comes a little light on bells and whistle, but does come with Octane Factory Strings, Bio-Shock Extreme Silencing system, and a Flex Guard cable guide.

Eccentric System

The Overdrive Binary Cam system is the most advanced cam system developed by Bowtech. This cam system is a synchronized dual-cam setup that was initially introduced in 2010. The cam system gives this bow the highest levels of tunability and consistency. The split limb system uses a split buss cable that keeps this cam system perfectly synchronized while providing the shooter unmatched accuracy and an outstanding draw cycle, even for a speed bow.The cam system also includes a rotating module for easy draw length adjustments. Simply by removing a pair of screws, the module can be rotated to set the bow to lengths from 24" - 30" in half-inch increments. This cam system also includes a solid draw stop that can be further adjusted in 1/16" increments.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw cycle on this bow is very surprising. At a glance, the shooter will notice the tag showing 360 fps IBO and a pair of aggressive cams. The next thought is it must be a bear to draw in order to achieve that kind of speed. Then, the moment of truth, the shooter pulls back this bow and thinks there is no way that a bow the draws this smooth can reach that IBO. The draw loads quickly on the front end and is silky smooth through the rest of the draw. There are no harsh humps to overcome, and then it settles easily into the valley. Although the cams are aggressive, the bow does not try to rip your arm off during let-down. With an 80% let-off, this rig is easy to hold on target. The shootability of this bow makes it fast, accurate, and a joy to shoot. This rig could very well be the best bow that Bowtech has assembled, and very well the best bow ever. This bow did have a slight bit of vibration out of the box, but the addition of a decent stabilizer eliminated that altogether.

Silencing Package

This bow comes standard with Bowtech's Bio Shock dampening system. This system includes in new design that incorporates ball bearings into the dampeners. The thought behind this was the weight of the bearings would aid in the vibration dampening. However, these ball bearings do come out of the dampeners relatively easily. Although this is a pretty cool looking set-up, it would be advisable to replace these with dampeners that are less maintenance unless you aren't overly concerned with the lack of the ball bearings. The loss of the bearings has minimal impact on the overall shootability.


The grip on this rig is a plastic slip-on type one-piece grip that appears to be attached with some type of adhesive. Because of the design, it has a slightly larger feel than the traditional Bowtech grips. It looks very nice on this bow, but many of those that have shot it so far do not like it initially, and say it takes some time to get used to the feel. They also say that once you are accustomed to shooting with this grip, it fits very nicely in the hand.


BowBowtech RPM 360
Version 2016
PictureBowtech RPM 360
Brace Height "
AtA Length "
Draw Length "
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IBO Speed fps
Weight lbs
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The Bowtech RPM 360 is similar to the PSE DNA. Both bows are fast with the RPM 360 offering about 15 fps more speed than the PSE. That is close enough that you will not notice it as a shooter. It will require a chrono to tell you that. Each also is right at 31" ATA, making them both a good fit into your hunting area, whether blind or stand. The PSE has a shorter brace height and offers a wider range of draw weight, but does not have the smooth draw cycle of the Bowtech. Both of these bows offer a rotating module for ease of adjustments, but the Bowtech offers 1/2" more range. Both bows have a max draw weight of 70# and a max draw length of 30." Also, both have a retail price of $999. The primary difference in these bows is the shootability. Even if you are not a fan of Bowtech, you owe it to yourself to give this rig a test drive. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Usage Scenarios

This rig will fit nicely into any archery scenario. The accuracy of this bow will have 3D shooters eager to have it on the range, while the speed, quietness, and size will have it in tree stands and ground blinds all over. A bow that shoots this well will not leave the shooter exhausted at the end of the day, which will have more archers ready to shoot it.


This bow retails for $999 in the bare bow package, but can be found between $949 and $1149. It is the 2014 flagship rig from Bowtech, and is sure to have archers everywhere talking. With that said, for a rig of this caliber, this is a pretty average price. A bow that performs like this is worth the money.


The Bowtech RPM 360 is marketed as a speed bow, but do not let that fool you. This rig offers an IBO of 360 fps, which initially will turn the average hunter away, because something that produces that much speed cannot be a good hunting bow because it has to be loud and have lots of vibration, right? Wrong. This bow is super quiet out of the box, with minimal vibration. If you install a stabilizer, then that little bit of vibration is gone, and you now have a quiet, fast, and accurate bow that you can hunt with, or shoot competition with and not destroy your shoulders or rip your arms off while you shoot. With a variety of color schemes, a 7" brace height, 24" - 30" draw length, and a 50# - 70# draw weight, this bow has been touted as the best bow ever put out by Bowtech. One shooter demonstrated his rig set at 61# and 28" draw length and a 322 grain arrow, consistently shot 323 fps - easily within IBO specs. It may just be time to give this bow a try.

User Reviews

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best bow ive ever shot, ive tried them all

Version: 2014 Bowtech RPM 360


Pros: was skeptical because of brace height and ibo. smooth draw cycle was really surprising!speed was 335 with my hunting arrows. it took no getting used to was 10 ringing in five shots

Cons: had set screws fall out twice and limb pockets had to be tightened after about two months

Full review:

everyone should try this one before buying a new bow!just shot my first deer @ 40 yards and blew through and stuck in the ground. quiet, smooth and easy to draw.31 inch axle to axle makes it easy to shoot in pop-ups or stands.dont see the technology getting much better anytime soon.super solid back wall makes it easy for quick shots, let-off is average.

Best bow I have ever shot hands down!

Version: 2014 Bowtech RPM 360


Pros: Best shooting, fastest, and quietest out of the box bow I have ever seen. I can't say enough great things about this bow. If you shoot it you will by it, even if you are not a bowtech fan.

Cons: Ball bearings can fall out of silencers

Full review:

If your wife would be mad about you spending $1000 on a new toy don't make the mistake of shooting the rpm 360. You will need to have one, and have an an angered wife to return home to. I went into my local bow shop to have my bow restring before archery season opened. I had seen a few reviews on the rpm 360 and ask if they were as good for "real". The store owner told me I could shoot his and see for my self. His bow was set and inch long for me and at only 65lbs, but when I shot 3 arrows at 30 yards I split my second arrow with the 3rd (all in a 1 1/2" group). Even at 65lb the bow was so fast I could not see the arrows fly, as they just seemed to be on the target when I released the arrows. At that moment I knew I had to own one, and that I would have to figure out a way "explain" to my wife why my bow getting restrung just cost $1000. In all seriousness, if you are in the market for a new bow make sure and check this one out. Bowtech hit a home run with this amazing new bow.

Best bow I have ever shot!!!!!

Version: 2014 Bowtech RPM 360


Pros: That's so bow is blistering fast and more a bootable than most 7 inch brace bows I'm telling you try this bow.

Cons: There was nothing I didn't like about this bow no problems.

Full review:

This is the most shootable speed bow ever probably one of the most shootable of any bows with a 360 ibo. Nothing should stop you from buying this bow except the price but it is well worth it. Nothing bad about it at all.

Best bow I have ever shot no joke!

Version: 2014 Bowtech RPM 360


Pros: This bow is blazing fast, extremely accurate, and has an amazing draw cycle. Best shooting bow I have ever shot, and I tried them all.

Cons: After 6 months of owning it the string stop has ripped and I had to replace it. The ball bearings fall out of the supressors.

Full review:

I have owned my Bowtech RPM 360 for 6 months now, and have never shot better. The bow is so accurate, so accurate in fact that I put down my target bow and now shoot this instead for 3d archery. I stand by this bow with full confidence both in the woods hunting and in 3d competitions. I love the speed of this bow. At 61.5# and 27.5 in draw it shoots my target arrow 308 grains at 320 fps. That is calculated to 352 fps ibo speed at 27.5 in draw, I have no doubts it would hit 360 fps as advertised. Not only that but with my 400 grain hunting arrows it shoots 300 fps which is ibo calculated for 362 fps! That is insane. I had always shot my bows at 70lbs, but decided to buy this bow in a 60 lb model because I knew there is nothing that I would ever hunt that 60 lbs out of this bow couldn't kill. I recently have been doing long range shooting with this bow out to about 200 yards. With the speed of this bow I had no problem reaching out that far, and with extreme accuracy. I run my bow with a sure- loc target sight with a 9" extension and a 4x lens for competition, and an apex 5 pin sight for hunting. I found this bow especially hard to shoot without a stabilizer, so I put my target stabilizers on it. I use dead center stabilizers an 18" out front with 2 ounces of weight, and a 12" on the back with 6 ounces of weight. With that it is rock solid, and I have cleared a 20 target 3d shoot with nothing but 11s, a good size improvement from my previous scores with the Mathews Conquest 4. Overall I am extremely impressed with the accuracy, shoot ability, and power of this bow. I will now forever be a bowtech guy because of this bow.

Bowtech can make a lighter bow but there isn't anything wrong with this rocket launcher!

Version: 2014 Bowtech RPM 360


Pros: Love the speed obviously, but it is actually more forgiving than I thought it would be. Little noise and less vibration!

Cons: Its heavy compared to the carbon riser models but it's weight is comparable to other brands flagship bows. ("bearings" fall out"? Metal dowels encased in rubber, not bearings. I can't intentionally pull mine out.)

Full review:

I shoot this bow year round and have seen no string stretch that is noticable. The finish is top notch like all high end Bowtech models. The vibration and noise is almost non existant. The speed is staggering especially when you realize how forgving the bow is to shoot. I am much more deadly to critters in the woods than I have ever been!

One of the best speed bows I have ever owned.

Version: 2014 Bowtech RPM 360


Pros: Light weight, fast ,accurate

Cons: Speed of the bow falls 60fps of the posted ibo speed

Full review:

This bow is a perfect hunting bow for all big game. The bow has a post ibo of 360, the real life speed is 300 fps. Bow companies need to start rating bow at real life speeds with a 350 gain arrow. I have shot 3 antelope at ranges of 20 yards out of a blind, and 2 on spot and stock hunt aT 60 yards. This bow has what it takes for all around hunting.

Just got the 2015 version, all "Bugs" have been fixed from the past version

Version: 2014 Bowtech RPM 360


Pros: Beside being deadly accurate, fast and optimized for big game hunting, this bow is so elegantly beautiful!

Cons: Little bit heavy in the beginning, but you get used to it after some shots.

Full review:

Don't shot this bow or you gonna end up buying it for sure, it's hard to resist and I have never owned a Bowtech before. I was going to the shop to get a speed bow, my choice was the PSE Full Throttle because I already owned a PSE in the past (Revenge 2013) and I was very sure of my choice until I decided to give it a try just for curiosity. The result got me surprised, for the very same price I ended up getting something 10 fps IBO slower but more accurate, shorter and incredibly forgiving and easy to hold steady on target. The strongest point that made my decision clear as a spring waterfall was the draw circle compared to any PSE (famous for their stiff draw circle usually): this rig was so smooth that I ended up shooting 6 arrows and after only 2 arrows with the PSE FT I was sure that it was time to own my first Bowtech! 2 weekend I owe this beauty and is setted up on 55lb and 29 draw length because I'm not the super muscle kind of guy, but this rig does not make me feel that weak at all!!! I'm in love with this and I now know why Bowtech made a name with this rocket launcher: it is all deserved for what it does. Hope this review will help u to stay away from it if u don't have that budget or if u firmly wanna buy some other rig, otherwise once u try this you gonna end up going back home broken and happy! Have a responsible and fun hunt time out there.


Version: 2016 Bowtech RPM 360


Pros: Extremely fast with my hunting arrows (322 fps @ 66# w/Beman ICS 400 Hunter Pro's, 8.1 GPI), Dead in the hand right out of the box!!!! Smooth, and amazingly accurate. The shootability of this rocket launcher is amazing!!!!!!!

Cons: I'm not a rich guy, so $979.00 was kind-of tough to swallow, but I am beyond glad I did spend the money because the RPM 360 is the most incredible bow I have ever touched in my life!!!!!

Full review:

"Holy Crap" has become the term everyone uses when they see my bow shoot for the first time. My 360 is like a laser. I have a buddy that owns a bow shop that mainly has Hoyt's. He won't let me shoot it in the shop when there are other customers around because all attention is suddenly directed to my bow because of it's speed and quietness. Don't get me wrong, I love Hoyt's too, especially their newer carbon bows. Honestly I have owned or shot just about every decent bow that was ever created. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think a bow could shoot so well, and attain the velocity the RPM 360 has. I am going to buy another one in the black ops with 60# limbs because there is no reason to shoot 70# anymore. I will keep my 70# Mossy Oak Infinity RPM 360 just for a back-up set at 66#. Usually with a bow this fast, getting broadheads to fly halfway decent is a nightmare, and I had serious concerns when I bought the beast. The first time I went up to camp before season to test my broadheads, I was amazed. The Muzzy 100's shot like lasers as did the Crimson Talons. I was absolutely shocked!!!!! I am 51 years old now, and I will probably never buy another bow after I buy the 60# Black RPM 360. I shoot with and around a lot of friends, etc, and I don't even know how many of them went and bought a 360 after seeing mine shoot, but it's a bunch, you are welcome Bowtech. And thank you for making such an incredible bow. As I stated before, I am absolutely amazed that a bow this fast, can shoot this well!!!!

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