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Bowtech Sentinel

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Bowtech Sentinel Review4.657 out of 7 user reviews


  • Very accurate
  • Can be used for both hunting and 3D shooting
  • Very quiet bow with little hand shock and vibration
  • Lightweight (for a long AtA length)
  • Has solid back wall
  • Easily adjustable draw length - no need for a new cam or module


  • Some people had minor problems with tuning this bow (however, many archers say it's very easy to tune)


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Bowtech Sentinel Review4.657

User Reviews

  • 7 reviews
  • ( out of 7 reviews for all versions)
  1. A very good overall bow that can be used for hunting, 3-d, spots, or field archery.

    Version: 2009 Bowtech Sentinel


    Pros: The bow has a nice draw cycle.The adjustablity of the draw length is a HUGE bonus. It holds like a rock with a hard wall. The grip is what makes the bow for me. You do however have to really shoot her high up in her grip.

    Cons: The bow didnt like to tune easily through paper, but grouped well anyway. The draw stop screws will strip if not careful.

  2. A bow that holds and points great that has a draw cycle.

    Version: 2010 Bowtech Sentinel FLX


    Pros: Holds very well.
    Vibration free.
    Good speed.
    Sharp looking.
    Very consistant.
    Easy to tune.

    Cons: Would like to see it come in a longer draw.

    Full review:
    What a great bow. Made a great 3D/Hunting cross use bow. I got it in the Gore Optifade Forest camo. The only adjustment that I made was a sims limbsaver insulator strip on the outside of the FLX guard. It tames the vibrations (very slight) at the end of the shot. If the bow had any vibrations in it’s shot, you would not feel this slight vibration in the FLX. Overall a 9.25.

  3. A quick quiet bow that shoots great.

    Version: 2010 Bowtech Sentinel FLX


    Pros: Quiet
    No vibation
    Easy to tune
    Shoots great
    Very well balanced
    Easy draw lenth adjustments

    Cons: If you have to let it down be ready, it wants to yank your arm off.

    Full review:
    I have owned quite a few high end bows over the years. I have owned this bow for about 5 months now and it is the best bow I have ever shot. My last few have been short axle bows so I thought I would give the long axle bow try again, I’m glad I did.
    This bow shoots great and truly has no hand shock. It has a great grip and feels good in the hand during the draw and through the shot. As far as tuning goes, I put a QAD ultra rest on it and was shooting bullet holes in 5 minutes.

  4. Great 3D/Target/Spot Bow

    Version: 2010 Bowtech Sentinel FLX


    Pros: Very Smooth, quiet and fast.

    Cons: Don’t have any cons

    Full review:
    Very smooth draw, no vibe and holds great! I use the 2010 Sentinel FLX for my indoor league bow. I like the smooth draw and how dead in hand it feels at the shot… I was reading another reviewers comment and I think it has a pretty good valley. I shoot all kinds of bows and the only bow I can really think of that wants to rip your arm off is the Omen Pro from PSE, letting that bow down that will rip "you" through it; the Sentinel no way. If your looking at getting a Sentinel FLX, you won’t be sorry…

  5. smooth, no hand shock. great shooter. grip good! nice bow.

    Version: 2009 Bowtech Sentinel


    Pros: dead in the hand bow. centershot awesome cams. hold nice.

    Cons: some shops are not setup to press bow. be sure shop is equipped to press properly. have seen a bent riser due to improper press, bowtech replaced riser.

    Full review:
    great shooter. set up a friend with this bow and just a really nice bow. dead in the hand bow. like the cams for tune/drawlength. nice bow. set up for target and just a solid shooter and holds nice. when pressing make sure press is designed for these type of bows special attention needs to be made to press on limbs correctly with some presses.

  6. Dollar for dollar, one of the best values available.

    Version: 2010 Bowtech Sentinel FLX


    Pros: Smooth, quiet and fast! With 50-60 lb limbs I had to reduce draw weight to 54 lbs keep the arrow speeds within NFAA guidelines. Steady in the hand and well balanced

    Cons: I’ve owned both the FLX and non-FLX models. With the non FLX model you have to be careful about fletch selection. High profile vanes will often contact the cable during the release, just enough to cause a miss to the left.

    Full review:
    I have been shooting a bow for more years than I care to remember. Each year I am amazed with the technological advancement and refinements that manufacturers make. There seems to be an insatiable craving for more speed with every new model. However in the quest for speed, many bows have harsh draw cycles, short valleys and reduced brace heights. A high performance bow, in many respects is similar to a high performance engine. When everything is tuned perfectly performance is optimal. If everything isn’t perfect, performance drops off.

    In my opinion the Bowtech Sentinel, offers speed, accuracy and stability. The longer riser design reduces bow torque and permits a generous brace height. The patented FLX guard allows the cables to move inward during the draw cycle to further reduce torque and noise, thus improving accuracy and reducing recoil at the same time. I cannot detect any hand shock what so ever.

    It used to be easy to pick out a good bow because there was a great disparity in quality and performance between manufacturers. Not so these days! It seems that every major manufacturer offers selection, performance, color options and a full line of accessories! Of course all of this comes at a price. It’s not uncommon these days for target bows to be priced at close to $1,000 dollars for the bare bow without accessories. In our culture many archers purchase a new bow each year featuring the latest and greatest innovations, which is great news for those of us who are searching for a bargain.

    My Bowtech Sentinel FLX was priced at nearly $800 when it was new. Fortunately my friend needed the next year’s model and parted with the Sentinel FLX for $375! Although I am an avid supporter of Botwech, I’ve noticed the availabilty of parts such as cams, limbs, decals, etc declines rapidly within a couple of years. However if you bring your Bowtech bow to the factory pro shop they will make every effort to repair it, often at little or no cost to the original owner.

    Now a word on fit and finish. While my bow performs well, the finish is another matter. Originally my Sentinel was a black ops model. The finish on the riser wore easily, especially on the edges. Touching up these areas is problematic. I finally resolved this issue by having the riser powder coated. The limbs, where they are mounted to the riser are simply, UGLY! Although functional it detracts from the rest of the bow. An attractive cap would greatly enhance the appearance on the target models. The only color options on the cams are black or possibly red if the bow tech can find a pair in the warehouse. There are no factory replacement decals available in the event yours are worn off due to the bow resting in a kick stand.

    On the Bowtech bows manufactured in the past three years the finish on the limbs is atrocious. This is due to the laminated finish, which is brittle. The limbs get small chips on the edges at the slightest provocation and a two year old bow can appear to have been dragged through the woods for an entire season. Bowtech recognized this and modified the lamination process with only modest improvement. About the only fix I have found is to apply a thin piece of automotive pinstripe tape on both edges of the limbs. It looks sharp and can be easily replaced if it is marred. Luckily these chips are only cosmetic and do not affect the performance of the bow.

    Well that about sums it up. Shoot well and live, laugh and love. Life is too short.

  7. Consistent Shooter

    Version: 2009 Bowtech Sentinel


    Pros: Easy to use, forgiving, accurate, and quiet

    Cons: Weight. Outfitted with sight, rest, stabilizer and quiver, it can get heavy.

    Full review:
    I primarily use this bow for hunting, but also do spring time 3D. It holds the 1"/10yds rule out to my personal limit which is 60 yards. My friend (previous owner) has shot groups out to 80 yds. The bow just shoots smooth, fast, and quiet.

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