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Bowtech Sniper

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Bowtech Sniper Review4.051 out of 1 user review


  • Binary cam system offers a smooth shot and decent speeds
  • Vibration free shot and silent release
  • A fully rigged Sniper is the same price as many bare bows


  • Bowtech's installed hush kit string system may not last as long as others


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Editors' review

The Sniper is a bow designed for shooters who want a longer rig with a forgiving shot. With an axel-to-axel measurement of 34 1/8-inches, and a brace height of 7 7/8-inches, the Sniper is very easy to hold on target. With decent speeds up to 312 feet per second, and draw lengths available between 27-inches all the way out to 32-inches, the Bowtech Sniper is a great offering for shooters of all sizes. With the CenterTrac Binary Cam system, tuning issues are all but eliminated and the modular adjusted cam system eliminates needing to purchase expensive cams or draw length modules to change the draw length. Overall, the Snipe is exactly what shooters have began to expect from Bowtech, and offers a more budget friendly price than some other bows in the lineup.


The most unique thing about the Bowtech Snipers finish is the Invelvet touch feel offered as a protection and dampening agent. The finish feels a bit rubbery and helps with making the finish last longer, is a bit warmer in cold weather hunting conditions, and makes lees noise when bumped against something. The InVelvet coating is different, but in a good way. The camo pattern offered on the Sniper is really well done as well. There are several cutouts and hard to reach places for the finish, and it is applied flawlessly and looks really great aside from the Invelvet feel, which most love as well.


With an axel-to-axel measurement of over 34-inches, the riser must be designed to help with strength and stability for a more accurate shot. The Sniper is designed with a 25-inch fully forged machined aluminum riser. It is built tough for minimal flex and the stability needed from a longer axel-to-axel rig. There is also a larger sight picture cut out on the Sniper and a built in broad head shelf to protect the shooters hand. Missing from the riser is a rear mounting string stop system. There is a front mounting stabilizer-mounting hole for shooters interested in adding a dampening device of some counter weight, which works perfectly on the Sniper. The bow is virtually hand shock free without a string stop system already.


The Sniper grip is a side-plated grip, which comes from Bowtech as a plastic composite grip. The fit and feel are not too bad in hand, but the looks of the grip give the bow a bit of a cheap look. The broad head guard located just above the shooters hand placement is also a shiny looking black plastic piece taking away from the visual quality of the bow. Although they both function well, from a visual perspective, Bowtech could have done a better job here. Again, everything performs flawlessly, and fits well in the shooter hand for a repeatable grip shot after shot.


The vertical force limb technology featured on the Bowtech Sniper allow for a great transfer of energy while being vibration free after the arrow is released. Equipped with the factory Bowtech hush kit bands on the top and bottom limbs, these rubber dampeners do a nice job eliminating extra vibration and the noise caused from it. Draw weights are offered in ten-pound increments with maximum weights of 60 and 70 pounds. The hard mounted limb pockets help with side-to-side torque of the bow making it more in line with itself helping to increase repeatability and ultimately accuracy. It would be nice for the Sniper to be offered with a 50-pound maximum weight option as well, but the 50-70-pound range will accommodate most shooters interested in the Sniper.

Eccentric System

The power of the Sniper is controlled by the binary cam system. With module adjustments between 27 and 32-inches, and IBO speeds over 300 feet per second, it is hard not to like the cam system offered here. The binary cams are slaved to each other virtually eliminating all bow tuning issues. After set, tuning should theoretically remain despite string stretch and other factors that often impact tuning issues with compound rigs. The binary cams also offer adjustable let off from 65-80% as well. With so many features and adjustment variations, shooters will love how customized the feel of the Sniper actually is. Although most will not mess with the settings after they are set, those who like to tinker will also appreciate how easy it is to do so.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The first thing Shooters will notice about the Sniper while holding it is the axel-to-axel measurement and weight. For a longer bow, the Sniper feels really great and a bit lighter than shooters would expect before holding it. While drawing the bow, it is hard not to comment on its smoothness. From start to the solid back wall, all the transitions are smooth and hardly noticeable. Holding on target is easy as well, because of the longer measurement and the solid back wall. The almost 8-inch brace height is very easy to get used to in terms of forgiveness as well. Finally, with IBO speeds over 300 feet per second, the sniper is about as well rounded as a budget friendly bow can be. After the shot, shooters will notice a lack of vibration and noise as well. The hush kit does a nice job with aiding this as well. Overall, the shot offered from the Bowtech Sniper is very pleasant and worth a test.

Usage Scenarios

The Sniper has specifications that work well as a multipurpose bow for many shooters. Shooters with a 32-inch draw have relatively limited options available to them, and they will be happy to know the Sniper is a great performer in any situation. Although it is tough to argue the Sniper was not designed with hunting in mind based on the broad head guard alone. Regardless of what type of shooting owners will put the Bowtech through, the Sniper will handle them all.


After feeling how steady a 34-inch axel-to-axel bow holds, and how forgiving an almost 8-inch brace height is, the Sniper is a tough choice for many shooters. When they see the overall price of this awesome rig, shooters are even more excited. The Sniper offers a lot of really great features for any bow, but one priced this way is almost unheard of. For shooters looking at a maintenance free bow with some of the best technology offered the Bowtech Sniper should be at the top of the list.
Bowtech Sniper Review4.051

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  1. Great bow. Very forgiving, easy to maintain, descent speed, all in all. Great starter bow.

    Version: 2010 Bowtech Sniper


    Pros: Very forgiving, reasonably priced for what you get, everything you can ask for.

    Cons: Only con is when you shoot there is a relatively loud thunk, only thing I don’t like .

    Full review:
    This bow is an amazing starter bow for all ages, as well as a perfect starter bow, 8 inch brace height makes it very easy to shoot. Very well balanced bow in the hand. Does everything u can ask from a bow.

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