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  • Tons of adjustment meant for growing shooters
  • Draw length is adjustable between 22-28-inches with a module
  • Draw stop moves with the module.


  • The module may need to be changed using a bow press


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Editors' review

The Bowtech Soldier is marketed toward a few different shooters. The first type of shooter is the one with some growing left to do. With the ability to change from 22-28 inches in draw length by simply changing a module, shooters have a few years of use out of the bow. Limbs are also available in 15-pound increments instead of the ten-pound standard typically seen. With a 25-40 pound model or a 40-65 pound model, the Soldier is sure to fit the needs of almost every shooter. The smooth draw, low shock rig is also appealing to shooters interested in high-end technology without paying the steep prices of a flagship bow. Female shooters will also appreciate the specification and exceptional shooting ability the Soldier offers.


The finish on the Bowtech Soldier is very well done. Using the InVelvet finish, solely used by Bowtech (Diamond also uses it, but they are produced by Bowtech), the bow has a different feel than others. The InVelvet finish has a soft feel that offers a barrier for protecting from dings and scratches, while dampening noise as the riser contacts other objects. For example, if shooters were to hit their arrow against the bow, there would be a metallic clink sound. The InVelvet finish tames this sound into a light thumb. It is also a bit warmer to the touch on cold weather sits when compared to typical bow finishes. The Mossy Oak Treestand camo looks really great as well.


The riser is not really anything earth shattering in terms of technology or functionality. Although it performs very well, the technology used I not all that new. Riser cutouts are placed throughout the bow to maintain strength and flex, while eliminating some extra mass. The bare bow weighs in at 3.5- pounds, so engineers did a great job with trimming the fat. The Soldier is equipped with a rear-mounting carbon rod string stop system. This carbon rod system is debatably the strongest string stop offered because of the material used. Directly in line with this string stop is the front mounting stabilizer hole where shooters have the option to offset a little weight for a steadier hold or add a dampening device.


Rounded contour grip fits very well in the shooters hand. It is a bit on the small side, but that works very well for the shooters interested in the Bowtech Soldier because it is marketed for shooters with a draw length 28 inches or less. The contour of the grip fits really well in the shooters hand and will help keep a repeatable grip with proper shooting form in mind. The grip has the InVelvet finish, but is sure to be a little cooler in cold weather hunting conditions as opposed to a rubber composite or wooden grip.


The limbs offered on the Soldier have a 15-pound increment instead of the traditional 10-pound increment seen more frequently on the market today. The deep recessed limb bolt helps with the slightly larger draw weight range adjustment. This allows for more adjustability allowing the bow to grow with younger shooters. The limbs measure at 12-inches are made of solid glass, which makes them strong and helps with the forgiving brace height of just under 7-inches. Bowtech does not equip the limbs with any type of dampening device from the factory. Although the bow is very shock-free after the arrow has been released.

Eccentric System

The cam designed to power the Bowtech Soldier is designed around being smooth and adjustable. With a rotating module for draw length adjustments, shooters will not need to purchase expense cams or even a new module to change the draw length. Another positive of buying this bow for a shooter that is still growing. Although some draw lengths may require a press to access the bolt safely, everything needed to change the draw from 22-28-inches is available straight from the factory. With speeds around 300 feet per second at maximum weight and draw length, the bow is relatively fast for how smooth the draw cycle is.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

There is often a fine line between offering a bow that is adjustable, while maintaining performance throughout all areas of that adjustment. Engineers have to make sure the bow performs at 22-inches and 25-pounds as it does completely maxed out. Bowtech has done a nice job addressing this. It truly performs well regardless of where the bow is set up. The bow has a smooth draw cycle and a solid back wall caused by the limb stop contacting the cables. With decent speed, and a 6 7/8 inch brace height the bow is very forgiving. The 31 38-inch axel-to-axel measurement is a really great on to have as well. With the shorter end of the draw length, the Soldier will offer a longer feel and a steady hold on target. For shooters at the high end of the draw length, the Soldier has a more compact feel, but matches the bow-hunting trend of shorter axel to axel rigs. All in all, the Bowtech Soldier is a great shooter regardless of where shooters need it set up at.

Usage Scenarios

The bow is designed for shooters on a budget. It appeals very well to shooters with some growing left to do because of it specifications and ease of adjustments. However, beginners and veteran shooters alike will love how smooth and vibration free the Soldier is. The price tag is a great bonus as well. For most shooters, the Soldier will be a starter bow, but it could easily be used for hunting or getting started with 3D shoots for those being introduced to archery.


The Soldier is a great option for shooters on a budget or those interested in a bow that will grow as quickly as they are. With younger shooters in mind, the price is right for making this bow a great first bow and offers some high end technology to make sure new shooters are shooting the best technology and equipment available for the money. The InVelvet finish is a great addition to go along with the overall comfort and performance the Soldier has to offer.

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