Bowtech Specialist Review

Bowtech Specialist

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  • No timing issues after initial setup
  • Virtually no riser torque
  • Minimal Vibration
  • No bow press needed to adjust draw length
  • Smooth drawing
  • Fast IBO speed rating


  • Limited draw lengths (no option for longer draw shooters)
  • Some shooters complain of small valley
  • Limb color limited to black only


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The Bowtech Specialist is a 2011 model bow that replaced the Brigadier from 2010. Very similar to last year's bow but with a slightly shorter brace height. However, the Specialist is 15-20fps faster than the Brigadier; a long ATA and good brace height and respectable IBO speed; with these features to set this bow apart from its predecessors it will make a good choice for anyone looking for a new target bow.

InVelvet Finish

The Bowtech Specialist, just like other high end Bowtech bows, has a coating called INVELVET. Bowtech has been using this coating for years now. It has been a proven coating to hold up against the punishment that its shooters put it through. The Bowtechs of old had problems with the coating wearing off after a lot of use; this INVELVET was Bowtechs answer to that problem. The coating is soft to the touch and protects shooter's hands against harsh cold and even vibration.

Color Options

The Specialist has five different color options to choose from; mossy oak tree stand, black ops, inferno, onyx, and snowcap. All color options however come with the same limbs which are black, and an InVelvet coating


Like most high performance Bowtech bows the Specialist uses the patented Hardcore Limbs. These limbs use a layering technique to create a very strong and fast limb. The seven layers are all different types of materials that work in conjunction with its carbon core. With carbon as the core of this limb it will naturally reduce vibration seeing that carbon makes an excellent dampener. Unlike other types of limbs that store energy on the outside of the limb, which can cause damage. The Hardcore Limb system stores its energy in the core, reducing stress and possible damage, while making it very fast and strong as well. A very attractive limb system, however, some people may not like to have only the option of a black limb.


The Specialist for the most part is geared toward target shooters and the grip would be just another reason to make it feel like a shooter. This grip is formed into the riser without inserts; by doing this Bowtech can keep the grip thin and straight which will help to reduce hand torque. Bowtech took it upon themselves to engrave the company logo into each grip which gives it a look all of its own being the only bow out of this year's line up to have that look.

Eccentric System

The Specialist uses the new Overdrive Binary Cam system developed by Bowtech in 2010. With this system both the top and bottom cams are identical and have a split bus cable; there many benefits to this system. By using identical cams the worry of a bow getting out of time virtually disappear, because the cams move in perfect synchronization. Along with having very few timing issues this system creates a very flat arrow flight trajectory, from release until after the arrow leaves the rest. This is what Bowtech refers to as the three s's; symmetry, synchronization, and stability. The stability comes from the split bus cables; with them being split it eliminates cam lean. Also, having split bus cables allows for even more tuning; if there is a little bit of lean to the cams all that is needed is another twist in one side of the bus cable. Out of all these benefits comes a bow that is unbelievably smooth drawing that has an IBO speed rating of 330fps. Changing the draw length of the Specialist is very easy and doesn't require a call to the bow shop to put in an order for a new cam or draw module. Instead, this uses a module that has a screw that can be removed and then the module turns allowing for draw length adjustment from 26-30.5".

Draw Cycle

With this cam system, the draw feels smooth and steady. During the pull as the cams begin to turn over, around 2/3 of the way through the draw, the resistance peaks generating speed for the release. Some shooters may experience a small valley but it is easily fixable by playing with the draw length and placement of the infinitely adjustable draw stops.

Vibration dampening

When it comes to limiting vibration, Bowtech did everything possible to keep it to a minimum. From the materials used in the limbs to the carbon rod string stop, and even the action of the cam system; this bow feels dead in the hand after release. Probably the most effective piece of equipment to mitigate vibration would be the carbon string stop. Bowtech engineered the riser so that the string stop would be located directly in line with the stabilizer making it possible for the shock from the string to be transferred through the sting stop and out through the stabilizer. Not to mention the string stop is made of carbon which is a natural vibration dampener in and of itself.

Great target bow

This bow is a competitive target shooter's dream; everything about this makes it a good target bow. With a 7.5" brace height and an axle to axle of 37.5" it will be a very forgiving bow and it still has the speed to keep the pin gap to a minimum. A smooth draw, slim grip and virtually no riser torque at all add to the enjoyment to be had out on the course. This is Bowtech's answer to all of the competition target bows and it is a real contender.

Bowtech Specialist vs. Brigadier

BowBowtech SpecialistBowtech Brigadier
Version 20142010
PictureBowtech SpecialistBowtech Brigadier
Brace Height7.5 "8 "
AtA Length37.5 "40.19 "
Draw Length26 " - 30.5 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed330 fps307 fps - 315 fps
Weight4.1 lbs4.2 lbs
Let-Off65%, 75% 65% - 80%
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In 2011 Bowtech brought out the Specialist to replace the target geared Brigadier. The Specialist has a couple new things to set it apart from the last years bow. The Specialist went to the newer Overdrive Binary Cam system which some shooters believe to be more tunable against cam lean than the Center Trac Binary Cam the Brigadier used even though the Center Trac Binary Cam is very solid. Also the Specialist has the FLX guard that replaced the fairly standard roller guard. However, the Specialist has a slightly less forgiving brace height and a three inch shorter axle to axle.As far as shooting goes; the Specialist overall is a little more forgiving even with the shorter brace height and axle to axle. One of the complaints with the Brigadier was that the arrow seems to take some time leaving the string which requires excellent form and a good follow through. The Specialist is fairly quick to release the arrow partially due to being a much faster bow. The Brigadier has an IBO rating 307-315fps which is a touch slower than the Specialist's 330fps.That battle for value is a tough one, but if a person has perfect form the Bowtech Brigadier is for them because it wouldn't be a problem finding a used one from $425-$700. However, for the majority of shooters that aren't perfect the Specialist is an excellent choice. Being a new bow, it won't be hard to find one, and being able to run over to the local Bowtech dealer and pick one up will be a breeze.


To summarize the Bowtech Specialist is a very high performance up and coming target bow. A long axle to axle, a good brace height and great IBO speed are all ingredients that make a great target bow that is very forgiving and capable of competing with some of the top target bows of the world. The Specialist uses a binary cam system making it a smooth drawing bow that is easy to adjust and has virtually no timing issues. Tuning may need to be done by a professional but once it is set up there should be no problems keeping it that way. With a number of color options to choose from, it's a bow that can look good while putting great numbers up on the score card.

User Reviews

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great bow, new technology!good lookin bow, quick target bow. love the grip! 1000 arrows through bow.

Version: 2011 Bowtech Specialist


Pros: grip is awesome, tunable features, outstanding. strings great, 1/2 twist to spec, 1000+ arrows.65%/75% holding weight easy tune, module is not! lots of balance setup points. string stop nice and can adjust for fine tune.

Cons: limbs flake and not durable. doesn't affect the shot. target specific wish it was longer 39"+. drawlength adjustment, press bow! Another specialist shooter same issue on drawlength module.

Full review:

bow is crisp and solid. will be buying another! good speed and love the grip on this bow, repeatable!! lots of tuning features, probably more than we need. once setup strings hold tune excellent. 1000 arrows maybe 1/2 twist to sync cams with mine. shooting 58lbs. will be double checkin string tune but from what i seen not to much of a issue with specialist. I've shot bowtech strings on several of my bowtechs and all are great so far, hold tune after 200 arrows. drawcycle is good. slight stiffness at beginning but typical drawcycle for bowtech and a slight bump near anchor. not a big deal. if shooting 75% letoff about 1/4" valley. if 65% not much but a typical target valley for serious shooters trying to compress the joints for repeatability. i've shot both the 75% and 65% and depending on what type release they both work, you pick your preference on holding weight? twin yoke on cams to tune cam lean and factory setup pretty good and didn't touch and will check again soon. have a drawboard in shop to check at later date. good bow!!

Excellent "neutral" fast bow with solid wall and superior factory strings.

Version: 2012 Bowtech Specialist


Pros: Virtually torque free Fast Excellent build quality Easy to tune for any arrow Excellent strings Quiet Great Target Bow

Cons: Ok so the valley is small, but easily fixed with a cam peg adjustment, no bow press required. For a Target bow i'd still prefer a 40" ATA. So come on Bowtech give us a 40" ATA Specialist, don't mind losing some speed and a half inch of brace!

Full review:

I use the Specialist for Target from 18 to 90m. The FLX cable guard takes out nearly all of the twist or riser torque during and at full draw that you usually get with a rigid cable slider. It's not pulling over to one side, so your not fighting as much to hold it how and where you want. It's also very well made, feels solid and I've had no problems for 3 years, the invelvet riser looks like new still, no limb flaking either. The factory strings are as good as any of the custom ones I've had and I continue to use them when they need replacing. No peep twist or bow spec movement. The draw is smooth with a rock solid wall. Very easy to tune bow also, the Overdrive Binaries are a breeze to tune. My stabiliser, string and scope all line up dead centre with the riser, this is extremely beneficial again giving that "neutral" feel. Plenty of speed and kinetic energy if you need it too.

Outstanding target bow!

Version: 2014 Bowtech Specialist


Pros: Smooth draw Good IBO Well Balanced Excellent stability post shot

Cons: Limb Flake

Full review:

The Specialist is one of the best target bows ever put on the market...and one of the best from Bowtech overall. This is a well balanced shooting bow that is forgiving up to a point...still seems to hold the arrow on the string a little longer thus requiring very good form. The limb flake is about the only major flaw with this bow but when you replace the limbs with Barnsdale limbs then it becomes a moot point...and Barnsdale limbs will make this bow an absolute dream to shoot!

I have a lot of bows and brands. this is the Bentley of bows even compared to newest bows available.

Version: 2014 Bowtech Specialist


Pros: I liked everything of this bow.

Cons: The limbs do not flake if you lightly sand the corners, something they should have done in the factory. I have a red and black specialist and the limbs do not flake if treated as mentioned above.

Full review:

I think bow manufacturers do not know what to do next or how to improve bows anymore. The specialist was the pinnacle of development, its like the Mathews conquest 4. Unfortunately they are driven to have new models yearly and in the process sacrifice excellent qualities for fashion trends. The specialist reduces 6 o'clock lock dramatically and stabilization is a feast to suit any archer. The quality is fantastic as well as the dependability. It instills confidence in the archer to perform at his/her best. That was the way to go Bowtech.

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