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  • One of Bowtech's smoothest drawing bows
  • Binary cam system virtually eliminates tuning issues
  • Fantastic shootability and no hand shock


  • Bowtech's installed hush kit string system may not last as long as others
  • IBO speeds of 320 feet per second are not the fastest available


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Editors' review

The binary cam driven Bowtech SWAT is a shooters dream. With an axel-to-axel measurement of 34 1/2 inches, combined with a 7 1/8 inch brace height, and up to 322 feet per second IBO, it is tough to beat the SWAT in the specification category. The bow comes from the factory with a hush kit that many would rather replace, but the bare bow shoots very well in any shooters hand. Those interested in a bit more axel-to-axel and a fun bow to shoot should look no further than the Bowtech SWAT.


Bowtech is the sole user of the InVelvet finish, and it is very well liked. This finish option feels like a protective layer over the actual camo pattern, which is soft to the touch yet durable at the same time. For days on stand in colder weather, the InVelvet finish offers a noticeable difference in temperature when compared to models without the InVelvet finish. Along with its durable feel, it also helps dampen noises when the riser contacts other things such as the tree stand or even an arrow. Where a metal sound clunk would have been noticeable, there is now a quiet thump instead. The SWAT is available in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD, which is sure to blend in with most hunting environments. The dipping process is done to perfection leaving no areas of concern.


The riser is a large component of the SWAT bow, in part because of the longer axel-to-axel measurement, but also because of the parallel nature of the limbs on the SWAT. The riser cut outs looks similar to other designs Bowtech has offered in the past, although it is not the same as previous models. Equipped with a traditional cable slide system with a factory installed hush kit, and a rear mounting string stop, the SWAT uses all modern technology to help with vibration dampening and great shootability. There is also a front mounting stabilizer hole as well for shooters wanting to take advantage of more weight out front to help steady the bow at full draw. The riser design does a nice job at maintaining rigidity while keeping the mass of the bow as light as possible with the overall weight tipping the scales at 4-pounds.


The Bowtech grip is comfortable and fits very well in the shooters hand. The front and sides of the grip are a bit bulky in feel, but the thin neck of the grip makes it sit perfectly shot after shot in proper hand placement. The side-plated grip is wooden as well giving the bow a bit of a high end finished look. It should also be a bit warmer than some other grip options available, especially with the InVelvet finish to help out.


The parallel bow limb design used on the SWAT helps add to the wonderful shootability the rig offers. After the arrow is fired, the limbs work in direct opposite ways to help cancel vibration and noise. The SWAT logo looks really great on the limbs and adds to the nice look of the bow as well. Sticking with industry standard limb specifications, the SWAT limbs are offered in ten-pound increments with maximum poundage available in 50, 60, and 70 pounds. Most shooters needs should be met with the 30 pounds of draw weight adjustment offered on the SWAT.

Eccentric System

The binary cam system flings an arrow at IBO speeds up to 322 feet per second, which is not too shabby for a bow with a brace height over 7-inches. There are faster bows on the market, but many are willing to make minor sacrifices in speed for a smooth draw. The let off is adjustable between 65-80% by adjusting the location of the limb stop, which rolls around to contact the top and bottom limbs. Along with this, the SWAT has an included module system that allows for draw length between 26-31 inches in half-inch increments.Traditional dual cam bows are subject to tuning issues caused by the cams getting out of sync or strings stretching. The binary cam powering the SWAT is a bit different in that the cams work together in a way that prohibits them from becoming out of sync. This means more time shooting the Swat and less time going to the shop to have the bow tuned to shoot properly.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The SWAT is smooth. The best characteristics of the cams are how well they function. The SWAT draws smoothly, holds well, and shoots smoothly. While drawing the bow, the weight is very manageable from the beginning of the draw cycle right into the solid back wall. A draw stop post contacts both limbs causing a super solid back wall. While holding the bow on target, it seems like the pin automatically goes to where it should without much guidance from the shooter. For a long time, a forgiving bow has been characterized by brace height, and the SWAT has a 7 18 inch brace height putting it in the forgiveness category. After the arrow is released, the factory installed hush kit does a great job and deadening the sounds and vibrations caused by the energy being transferred to the arrow. Although the hush kit works well, some shooters opt for an aftermarket kit that they hope will last longer. The arrow ends slapping the target, and the shooter is left without any annoying residual vibration. The overall forgiveness factor makes this rig a phenomenal shooter.

Usage Scenarios

The Swat is designed to be a hunting rig for most shooters, although many will find accuracy that will allow them to use the SWAT on the range of 3D course as well. The Realtree camo pattern does look great on the bow, and will blend in to a large range of hunting areas with ease. The 34 inch axel to axel measurement may be a bit much for some shooters who like a shorter bow for ease of maneuvering around in the stand of blind, but the added stability is worth it for many shooter interested in a new hunting bow.


The SWAT is a fantastic offering by Bowtech with hardly any negatives at all. The hush kit effectiveness is great, but after market kits seem to last a bit longer than the factory installed kit. Aside from the, everything about the SWAT rig stands out as being well done. With adjustability options to fit almost every shooter, the SWAT will prove to be the bow of choice for many shooters. Like most decision with archery, only a test shot of the bow will give shooters an idea of how they feel about it and if it will be going to a new home.

User Reviews

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great bow. easy to shoot and good axle to axle. good speed decent brace height. just a nice shooter

Version: 2009 Bowtech SWAT


Pros: really liked the draw cycle. the center pivot cams easy to setup and don't need any special modules. great for shooters who like to work the drawlength. can shoot this bow all day and easy on the shoulders.

Cons: i like speed and some of the other bowtech bows shoot faster. speed is a good thing but you give up some forgiveness in bow. about the only problem i can think of at the moment.

Full review:

if a fingers shooter look to a longer axle to axle bow but if a mechanical release the swat is a nice shooter. this bow has run under the radar compared to some of the other bows out their because they are faster. swat isn't slow but not as fast as some. great little shooter and easy to tune. really like the cam and the easy draw length adjustments per shooter. i have started several shooters with this bow and they are still shooting this bow as we speak. just a good all around bow. the rest is personal preference, good luck and happy shooting.

a nice bow to shoot everything

Version: 2010 Bowtech SWAT


Pros: forgiveness decent speed accurate easy to tune

Cons: i dont really see any problems.

Full review:

i started mi shooting as an archer with this bow one thing that i noticed is that its not fast but its had a good forgiveness that is very important, its easy to tune the draw cycle and length. i spend a lot in it and i am not srr about that its just a great bowtech bow

Great hunting bow. Awesome speed with silence.

Version: 2010 Bowtech SWAT


Pros: Super Smooth draw cycle Solid back wall Excellent Speed with hunting setup Very quiet Weight is very balanced

Cons: Easy to torque in your hand of you aren't careful with form. If you shoot 3D, you'll have to back it off all the way to get down to 280fps, or use a very heavy arrow

Full review:

I've had this bow since November of 2010 and have killed 12 deer with it so far. I shoot 70 lbs with a 31" draw, the bow is pulling 76 lbs. 313 fps with a 100 gr field point and luminock on a Gold Tip Expedition hunter 55/70. Was easy to tune. Have not had to adjust anything on the bow since the initial setup and paper tune. Several times I've been able to take 2 does out of the same group because the bow is so quiet. I hunt with the Rage 3 Blade 100 grain. The draw cycle is super smooth. Almost zero hand shock. It's long enough to be forgiving and fits me well (6'5") but not so long that it's unwieldy in a ground blind.

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