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Bowtech Tomkat Review4.558 out of 8 user reviews

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Bowtech Tomkat Review4.558

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  • 8 reviews
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  1. Smooth, Fast, and Accurate!

    Version: 2008 Bowtech Tomkat


    Pros: Quiet, Light weight, smooth drawing, completed adjustible form 26-30 inches without needing to change cams. Plenty fast!

    Cons: No string stop included with the bow. I had to purchase the limb saver brand that attached to the front of the bow, this helped with wrist slap and made the bow quieter.

    Full review:
    This is the first compound I have owned. I am extremely happy with it as well. I am left handed, have it set to 70lb at 30 inches. The bow comes with all the accessories you need to start hunting(although they are not top of the line by any means) I have since added a ripcord code red rest, a tree limb quiver, and a new sword sight. This bow is extremely quiet, smooth drawing, and easy to shoot. I have killed 4 whitetails with it, all complete pass throughs. It has plenty of power, I thought about upgrading to the new D350 but really can’t justify spending any more money when the bow shoots so well.

    I’m shooting Easton Epic Nano 300’s with Blazers and 4" wraps. Slick Trick Mag 100 grain Heads seem to do the trick for this bow.

  2. Great bow for someone looking to get into archery or for a seasoned shooter looking for a nice bow!

    Version: 2008 Bowtech Tomkat


    Pros: Had good speed Nice back wall Weight RTS/RTK package Compact design Great overall fit and finish

    Cons: Had a little more vibration than what I liked Synthetic grips Factory cable slide tends to wear the strings quicker

    Full review:
    I have shot many bows while, this is considered by many to be an early archet’s bow, I would recommend any archer to take the time to shoot this bow.

    The Tomkat that I shot was set at 63lbs with a 28" draw shooting a 375 gr. Gold Tip right around 270-280 fps. As mentioned in the pros I really like the overall fit and finish of this bow along with its accessories (whisker biscuit, tru glo sight with light, limbsaver stabilizer and a one piece quiver) I also like the bionary cam system because of its ease to see whether the bow was in time along with its overall shootability.

    The bow holds nice with its noticeable backwall and adjustable let-off. This also assists the shooter when in a long waiting draw periods(such as in the woods). It also has an unsurpassed brace height that helps with its overall shootability.

    The reason this bow is a 4 star instead of a 5 star bow is due mainly in part of its vibration without a string stop along with the extra wear with the factory cable slide but I would still recommend this bow to anyone that is in the market for a new bow!

  3. It was a good bow that with the choice of smooth mods and speed mods gave a shooter nice options.

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Tomkat


    Pros: It was a very forgiving bow, Fit and finish was nice. It also had decent speed. I took it elk hunting and got a nice 6×6 at 40 yards with it. I liked that I had the choice of smooth and speed mods. Over all it was/is a very good bow.

    Cons: I’m only giving it 4 stars because of it not having a string stop. Other than that, I loved the bow.

    Full review:
    When I had got out of the service in 2007 I wanted to get back into archery. I ran across a good deal on a TomKat at a local Sportsmans Warehouse. I’ve been hooked on archery every since. It was a good bow to get started with. I enjoyed shooting it and would recommend it to a friend that just getting started in archery and needs a forgiving bow.

  4. Great bow for the price point.

    Version: 2006 Bowtech Tomkat


    Pros: The Tomkat is a smooth very smooth drawing and quick shooting bow for its entry level price point. The fit and finish of the bow is outstanding.

    Cons: After shooting recurve and longbows for about 5 years I found the Tomkat to be a bit too heavy.

    Full review:
    I liked the draw length adjust-ability of the bow without the need of buying another cam. It is a great shooter and the finish is typical Bowtech topshelf. It is a consistently accurate shooting bow and has more than adequate speed. It’s a great all around bow at the entry level price point.

  5. Ahead of it’s time and still VERY relevant

    Version: 2005 Bowtech Tomkat


    Pros: Already has 28 killshots on it and I had another three successfull hunts with it this year.Very quiet and smooth. All kills I’ve made were proper pass through’s with G5 T3 100 grain broadheads on GoldTip arrows.

    Cons: It’s slightly heavier than most modern compounds on the market. You have to upgrade the stock sight & arrow rest for best performance and accuracy.

  6. I tried the switchback, EZ Draw and the Tomkat the Tomkat won hands down.

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Tomkat


    Pros: I thought it was the smoothest and more forgiving bow of the three and it
    seemed to deliver Quieter shots. I am not seeing the deer jump the strings
    and I am getting consistent pass throughs!

    Cons: Maybe a little heavy, I just take my Quiver off and hang it when tree stand hunting

    Full review:
    I really like this bow with whisker biscuit rest, Tru Glo site & Quiver also Fuse stabilizer.
    My Old bow speed was 207 @26 1/2 draw 63Lbs so I was real happy with 270 I seem to be able to
    get better accuracy and penetration and it is so smooth and quiet! It is really neat to shoot
    a Buck @ 17yards and have him circle around under your tree and you see blood on both sides from
    a pass through as he goes underneath! That’s how quiet it is! Love my Tomkat!

  7. A compact&maneuverable hunting-bow. (w/binary-cam)
    Weight not an issue, even with mounted quiver.

    Version: 2006 Bowtech Tomkat


    Pros: Short&medium-weight hunting bow. Excellent Tree-stand&ground-blind design.
    Quiet enough, even without a string-stop.

    Cons: As a personal preference, not an ideal open-country bow, due to short ATA length.
    Limbsaver string-stop added weight (removed)

  8. Little bow with Napoleon Syndrome.

    Version: 2004 Bowtech Tomkat


    Pros: This bow is a monster. Little, mean, accurate, fun. Shoots hard, compact, and reliable. My Tomkat has no idea that it is short axle to axle, and that it is an older bow.

    Cons: Technology has advanced since this bow came out, so when you shoot it back to back with a new bow (I also have a 2015 Bowtech Boss) the Tomkat seems to be a touch violent.

    Full review:
    Standing alone, the bow is great, compared to a modern day bow, the Tomkat shows its age. 4 out of 5 stars only because the Tomkat is old. Technology has advanced since this bow came out, so when you shoot it back to back with a new bow (I also have a 2015 Bowtech Boss) the Tomkat seems to be a touch violent.

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