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Bowtech Tribute Review4.856 out of 6 user reviews

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Bowtech Tribute Review4.856

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  1. Simply, the best hunting bow ever made by Bowtech (although I have not shot them all to be fair).

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Tribute


    Pros: Short axle to axle length (31 1/2"), high brace (7 1/2 – 7 3/4"), very forgiving. Great for tree stands. Smooth draw.

    Cons: That they are rarely available as owner’s keep them.

    Full review:
    I owned a Elite Z28 for a year and sold it as the Tribute draws a little smoother and is a tad faster (I own 11 Elites, so not bashing). Very accurate, quiet, fast (29" draw, 70lbs getting 321fps actual with IBO arrow, 280+ with 470 grain arrow!) Now, this bow was tuned for speed and not comfort and most would not sacrifice the silky smooth draw for a few fps. But 310 -320 fps is what can be actually achieved with a loaded string and more shoot-ability. Price should be in the $300 – $400 range bare bow depending on year and condition.

    The bow uses both smooth (ESM) and fast (EFA) modules, depending how whether a buttery smooth draw is more important or a slightly stiffer but fast arrow speed. In addition, you may use the Airborne QB modules to gain even more speed (this is not a recommendation by Bowtech but my own experience). When I got my first Tribute, I called the seller and complained he sold me a 60lb bow but advertised it as a 70lb bow – guess what? It was a 70lb bow.

    They customize easily with Elite Rev,Bowtech Airborne or other cams. I even used Elite Aigil solo cam and idler wheel to make one a solo cam, shot a lot like the APA Viper. With an Elite Envy cam I got 291 fps with a 470 grain arrow. This is equivalent to around 330 fps. with a IBO arrow. Draw length is adjustable via mods from 26.5 to 30.5". Let off is adjustable from 65-80%,

    This bow came out with limbs available up to 100lbs so has a very strong riser for customizing. Named "best of the best" by Field and Steam when it came out in 2006. There is slight difference in the the 2006 and 2007 models, the 2006 has a wider arrow shelf and thicker handle. The 2007 has a more curved and narrow arrow shelf and thinner handle. Slight difference in brace (2006=7.5", 2007= 7.75") and string and cable lengths in the two years but axle to axle is the same and they shoot the same to me.

    I have had the problem that with some bows it was difficult to move the bow up to the target, it would get "stuck" and I could not move the pin. This bow seems almost to float to where you look. Discussing the Tribute with other owners I found many had the same experience.

    In summary, for a all around bow to hunt and have fun shooting, you can’t beat a Tribute. This is a great first bow for a new hunter, a great backup bow or a great only bow. I own 8 so I guess that says it all.

  2. Still the best shooting bow I’ve ever shot.

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Tribute


    Pros: Size, just everything. It’s the best bow and I love to use it.

    Cons: None.

    Full review:
    Like everything about it. It has killed 14 170 plus. Nothing bad about it. I have bought 3 new bows since but I always go back to it. Love it and I guess I’ll keep using it until it wears out or breaks.

  3. smooth drawing acurate bow with enough speedand energy to get the job done on any animal

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Tribute


    Pros: smooth and fast

    Cons: none

    Full review:
    i cant seem to let it it go i have shot lots of other bows but i cant find one any better.i have taken elk bear deer coyote rabbits and even a few raccoons with it,it never ceases to amaze me.tried a chill r for a bit but went back to my tribute pretty quick

  4. Very smooth draw

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Tribute


    Pros: Smooth draw with no vibration

    Cons: Seems to have string thud but easy fix

    Full review:
    I got this bow on a trade after reading such great reviews it will be rigged for hunting with a single pin HHA sight,Whisker Biscuit,Tru Peep,Limb Saver Modular Stabilizer and I intend to add a string stop because I feel it will stop the dull thud I’m hearing. Only shot the bow a few times since it was dark when I got home with it but from what I can tell when I’m done tweaking it’ll be a shooter.

  5. Smooth, accurate, fast and pretty.

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Tribute


    Pros: It’s short axle to axle and slim handle makes this bow is extremely comfortable. The smooth mod cams make a 60 pound draw feel more 50 pounds which is great when you get cold and stiff in the treestand.

    Cons: The only thing I don’t like about the Bowtech Tribute is that I don’t have two.

    Full review:
    The 2007 Bowtech Tribute is simply the most comfortable, smooth drawing, fastest shooting, bow that I have ever picked up. I’ve had mine for three years and it never disappoints. The short axle to axle allows for shooting in tight quarters. The smooth draw allows for easier draw when the weather gets cold. Though other bows may be faster I can guarantee they are not as smooth to draw back. I have mine set at 62 pounds and it has always gave me perfect pass throughs on whitetail deer, even out to 50 yards. I can’t say enough good things about the Tribute and I have nothing bad to say about either.

  6. Great bow, so great I own2!!

    Version: 2007 Bowtech Tribute


    Pros: Smooth
    Easy to tune

    Cons: I had 1 gripe and it was with a draw stop falling off in the field. I now carry an extra.

    Full review:
    I have owned this bow (2007 Tribute) for 4 years and my other (2006 Tribute) for 8 years. I have replaced the strings on my 06 once since I owned it and once on my 07 (because of briars tearing strands). These bows are accurate and tune easily. I have shot many other bows and say I’m going to upgrade every year but don’t see a need when I can still shoot 300fps and still just as smooth and sometimes smoother than newer bows.

    The 06 bow is a great bow for my wife she has killed multiple deer with it out to 30 yards shooting 48lbs. and I have shot deer out to 50 with it. Just an all around great bow and tough to beat.

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