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PSE Dream Season EVO

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  • One of the best high quality speed bows in 2011
  • Great shooting rig (some shooters believe it's better than the ever popular Axe 6)
  • Well balanced bow with a solid back wall (one draw stop on each of two cams)
  • Extremely adjustable eccentric system - no bow press or modules are needed to change the draw length
  • Surprisingly smooth drawing for a speed bow (no hump or short valley)
  • Good valley (not short and not long)


  • The draw cycle is relatively stiff (but very smooth)
  • May be a bit heavy for some although very balanced in hand (4.4 pounds)


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Editors' review

At first glance, this bow seems to be an AXE 6 from last year with a little different look. Do not be fooled; the EVO has been completely updated with centerlock limb pockets and a newly designed riser to eliminate twist and torque. The result is the popular AXE 6 with a smoother draw, less hand shock, and more speed. For shooters looking for a speed-hunting bow with a smooth draw cycle and supreme shootability, the PSE Dreamseason EVO may be an option.


The PSE Dreamseason EVO has several finishing options available:
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
  • Skulz Camo
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity limbs and Black riser
  • All Black
The Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity is a nice change from the previous PSE camo pattern. It looks very nice next to the red PSE and Dreamseason logos. The skulz camo pattern is also very nicely done although the human skulz highlighted in the pattern may not be for everyone. The black riser option gives those who hunt in a ground blind a little incentive to mix the camo limbs for treestand and the black riser for ground blinds. With a variety of dipped camo finish options, shooters are likely to find something to match their needs and style. As always, the finish is top-notch quality and offers to be very durable for practical purposes.


PSE redesigned the EVO riser using what they call the Incredible Planar flex riser. The revolutionary new risers eliminate flex and riser twist so the riser does not flex side-to-side ultimately improving accuracy. The riser is a bit more aggressive looking than past X Force bows and gives the bow a look you reviewers either love or hate.


The EVO offers a thin grip designed for hand placement repeatability and minimal hand contact with the grip. In return, shooters have more repeatable form from shot to shot and less hand torque on the bow. Those not used to a thin grip may have a bit of a learning curve in order to get used to the different feel. However, the results of the grip in terms of accuracy and better shooting form speak for themselves.

Limbs and Limb Pockets

The EVO is equipped with new fourth generation X Force split limbs and connected to the riser with the new Centerlock pockets. The new limbs exceed the strength standard set by prior X Force technology and are split to meet the highly pre-stressed resting position giving the bow extra energy upon the shot. The revolutionary new Centerlock pocket system uses three locking and aligning points that securely hold the limbs and pockets toward the bows centerline.

Eccentric System

The EVO uses the same Axe hybrid cam as the previous AXE models from 2010. At 340 fps, these cams are shockingly smooth and very easy to hold at full draw without the creeping forward associated with most speed bows. The cam is completely adjustable in half-inch increments from 25.5 to 30 inches without the need for a bow press or modules. This adjustability is a huge bonus and gives shooters a more customized draw length without needing to purchase expensive new cams or modules. Both cams are equipped with a draw stop that is adjustable to draw length as well, making contact with the string upon full draw making the back wall very solid.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The EVO has a somewhat aggressive draw force curve in order to create the maximum amount of kinetic energy, although the draw is very smooth without a dreaded hump. The majority of the draw weight starts at the beginning and steadily lets off as you approach full draw (the draw gets easier as you pull back). At full draw, the bow feels very balanced with a solid back wall. You are able to move a bit without the string wanting to creep forward as well. After release, the factory-silencing package does a great job of reducing string and bow vibration resulting in a minimal hand shock and a quiet release.

Silencing Package

The PSE EVO comes equipped with several dampening accessories proven to work. The first addition is a Vibracheck backstop that immediately dampens string vibration and is strategically inline with the stabilizer-mounting hole. It can also be micro-adjusted to meet specific needs. The limbs are also shipped with what PSE calls a Limb Band Hush Kit that adds in removing any residual limb vibration after the shot. Each limb get two bands with the limb pockets getting an additional band giving the EVO six limb bands total. The cable slide also comes with a cable guard dampener that helps eliminate vibration as well. In combination with each other, the EVO is very shock free and quiet.

PSE Dream season EVO vs. Axe 6

BowPSE Dream Season EVOPSE X-Force Axe 6
Version 2013 EVO Max2011
PicturePSE Dream Season EVOPSE X-Force Axe 6
Brace Height6 "6 "
AtA Length32.25 "32.5 "
Draw Length25 " - 30 "25.5 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed337 fps - 345 fps337 fps - 345 fps
Weight4.2 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
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Upon first glance, the Axe 6 and the EVO are virtually identical except for the EVO being $100 more. Both bows feature a 32.5-inch axel-to-axel measurement with a 6-inch brace height. The EVO tips the scales at 4.4 pounds while the Axe 6 weighs slightly less at 4.25 pounds. Although these bows look to be the same given the specifications, do not be fooled. PSE engineering added a few new technologies to this bow and to the liking of the majority of shooters. Most experts agree the stronger riser design combined with the fourth generation limbs and the new centerlock limb pocket design makes the EVO shoot quieter, vibrate less, and draw smoother.

Usage Scenarios

PSE calls the Dreamseason EVO, "The Ultimate Hunting Bow," because of this claim, it seems as though the EVO lives up to what many shooters demand out of a hunting rig. Although some tournament shooters may feel the 32.5 inch axel to axel measurement a bit short for tournament archery, others may not have a problem shooting this bow on the range or 3d course. It seems as though the EVO, although designed for hunting, may serve as a multi-use bow for some shooters.

Price Considerations

The EVO is one of PSE's "pro series" bows, meaning it is considered by them to be one of their best and with that comes a price. The EVO's $849 price tag may be a bit too much for some shooters budgets especially since the Axe 6 (although equipped with different technology) is offered for $100 less. Although the EVO is competitively priced with other manufactures top end bows, for some justifying $849 may be difficult. The added technology is worth the price to many, but shooting the bows side by side may be the only way to get the answer you are looking for.


The PSE Dreamseason EVO is a great addition to the already successful X Force line. A bow this smooth is typically much slower; because of this shooters are equipped with a faster bow with more kinetic energy than before without a more extreme draw or added draw weight. With several technology upgrades and the convenience and ease of the adjustable cam, this bow promises to be PSE's flagship bow for 2011. The EVO is not the most inexpensive bow, but many feel the technology upgrades are worth the extra money. The EVO has a very positive following and just may be what PSE is calling, "The Ultimate Hunting Bow." Overall, the EVO would be a great bow for those looking for a fast, balanced, smooth drawing hunting bow that works well in the tree stand or ground blind with the ability to shoot 3d on the weekends.

User Reviews

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A speed bow that is actually as smooth as advertised. Going to be a great hunting bow.

Version: 2011 PSE Dream Season EVO


Pros: Smooth draw. Nice valley. Holds well on target.

Cons: None so far. Only one unexpected feature: the draw, while extremely smooth throughout, is a little stiff.

Full review:

My bow is a 60# bow, maxed at 62# with a 27" draw length. My bow is set up with a 5-pin Trophy Ridge Hitman sight and a Trophy Ridge Kill Shot Whisker Biscuit. I am using Gold Tip Expedtion Hunters cut to 26.75" with Vanetec HP 2" vanes and a 125 grain tip. The bare bow weighs 4.4 lbs and with the rest and sight installed it does not feel as heavy as it is. Spot and stalking all day with it may be a chore if you don't have a sling. It has timing marks on the cams and a centerline engraving on the riser shelf. They are not supposed to be exact but they do get you very close. The draw is as smooth as advertised. I switched from a slower single cam bow and was at first suprised by how sudden the weight hit when drawing the bow. The weight is immediately there and it is slightly stiff. However, after shooting the bow for an evening the stiffness is gone and it is one of the smoothest bows I have ever drawn. The cycle is constant all the way back, with not hump or bump whatsoever, until it gradually glides into the considerable vally. For a hybrid cam bow rated at 345 IBO I was pleasantly suprised at the valley. It does not try to jump from your hand if you let up slightly. At full draw it is absolutely rock solid. Much more so than my other bow which was also 32.5 inches axle to axle. The brace height is 6 inches but I have had zero problems with it. It is the most accurate bow I have shot to date. My short draw may help in that department. I have not had the bow chronographed but I can tell that is incredibly fast, even with my short draw. I am shooting a 412 grain arrow and it zips them downrange very quickly. At the shot there is absolutely zero vibration and the bow stays on target very well. With my 4 inch stabilizer it does not even dip forward. The new dampeners on the limbs that PSE is using also helps the EVO be almost entirely quiet. The MSRP is high but I swear it is worth the money. I plan on using this bow for many, many years to come.


Version: 2011 PSE Dream Season EVO


Pros: Well built and strong at every corner offering extreme arrow speeds with minimal effort. great camo patterns.

Cons: None to think of.

Full review:

I bought this bow to get updated in the hunting world of archery and have found I am able to use my 20 yard pin right out to 45 yards. I really cant say enough how delighted I am with this bow. very accurate and easy to hold at full draw. the 6" brace is perfect for this bow.

Unexpectedly smooth and forgiving for a speed bow

Version: 2011 PSE Dream Season EVO


Pros: It has a smooth, hump-free draw, quite with hardly any vibration, and very forgiving for a speed bow. No string silencers are even needed to keep this bow quite. Arrows fly extremely flat even at long distances.

Cons: I owned this bow for over 4 months and it satisfies me everytime i shoot it.

Full review:

Its a pleasure to shoot this bow. It has a very smooth draw and holds back solid for a speed bow. The bow feels very balaced at full draw and has a quite smooth shot upon release. I was amazed how quite this bow was for how fast it shoots. It is the first bow i never had to put string silencers on to help get rid of the snap of the string hitting the string stop. I was impressed on how flat it shoots as well. I have a 60lb draw weight and i shoot Easton Full Metal Jackets and they don't hardly arc at all out to 50 yards. I'd love to see how flat it shoots at 70lbs. It is also very forgiving for a speed bow. This makes the bow the best of both worlds making it one of the best hunting bows out there. I've owned this bow for 4 months and I've even tried to find something I didn't like about this bow and it just keeps me satisfied everytime I shoot it. In my opinion it's the best bow I've ever shot.

2012 PSE Dream Season EVO Skullworks 29" Draw 70#

Version: 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO


Pros: Smooth Draw. Solid Back Wall. Well Balanced Feel. Fast and Quiet with Factory "Hush Kit"

Cons: None

Full review:

Just got my new 2012 Dream Season Evo in early January. I have been slowly putting it together myself and all I have left is the peep which i just bought today with everything needed to finish it up. I've shot the bow without a peep about 50 times just to stretch the string and I can say that I already love how it shoots. The draw is smooth and even set at 70# isn't all that hard to draw. I did turn it down to ~65# and it still feels smoother and lighter than my old bow which was set at 60#. Its insanely fast and i can tell with my Beman ICS Hunters I'll be able to use one pin out to 40yds easily. It has a good grip and feel and there is no shock at all when shooting. It's also forgiving at full draw and doesn't snap back or creep when you let off a little bit. This has been a fun project completely setting this bow up myself and I can't wait to get it dialed in and shooting consistent. I'll definitely have this bow for a long time and I don't see myself shooting anything but PSE from now on!

Awesome bow, smoothest bow I have shot, incredible speed and is the Ultimate bow in my opinion!

Version: 2011 PSE Dream Season EVO


Pros: Smoothness, speed, perfect for any scenario just a plain awesome bow that I love to shoot and the only way it can get better is more speed.

Cons: Nothing, bow is just plain awesome!

Full review:

The bow is perfect for any level to shoot. A beginner can pickup the bow and they would be fine. No vibe, excellent riser, my bow setup has a spot hogg tommy hogg, fuse carbon blade, tight spot, trophy taker xtreme FC top slot and america's best strings. I get 307 with a 27" draw at the moment, 66lbs with a 330 grain arrow for tournament shoots and hunting. Awesome bow, pse smoked every company by a MILE!

Got this bow as a promo for a hunt in Pike County, IL this past October.

Version: 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO


Pros: My bow looks great with the mossy oak infinity camo pattern. It's light weight, draws smooth, quiet, and requires very little maintenance.

Cons: I honestly can't find anything I dislike about this bow.

Full review:

My Evo has a draw weight of 50lbs and draw length of 27" and it shoots flat with speed. Even out at 50 or 70 yards this bow shoots great. It's easy to draw back, balanced well, quiet, smooth, and performs well.

It is the ultimate hunting bow!! Fast, quiet, and accurate!!

Version: 2011 PSE Dream Season EVO


Pros: I love the speed, the smoothness, and the accuracy!!

Cons: Cannot find any.

Full review:

I have hunted with my Evo for one hunting season now. I have killed 4 deer with it, and have had a pass through every time from distances of 20 to 40 yards! My Evo is set at 27" draw, 67 lbs, shooting easton flatline arrows at 335 grains, and i am chronographing at 303 fps!! My evo is a dream to shoot! I really dont know what to say because everything about it is great! There is no hand shock, the evo does not jump out of your hand after the shot. I love the smoothness of the draw cycle and the solid back wall. I started tuning my evo myself, so i took the time to tune it properly, and I can honestly say i have never been more accurate! If you do not have a PSE Dream Season Evo, go buy one!!!!

The smoothest drawing bow i have ever had and also the fastest. This bow is super fast and quiet.

Version: 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO


Pros: Love the skullworks camo, smooth draw and the speed. I shoot 70# and 30" with velocity shafts and i am shooting 321 fps.

Cons: Bearings made noise and needed replaced after one season of 3d shooting i did not hunt with this bow. I bought mine with 2 other guys and we have all had trouble with either the bearings or the shims.

Full review:

Like i said earlier, i shoot a Dream season Evo w skullworks camo. With a 30" draw @ 70# with velocity shafts, i have a limb driver v series drop away rest , trophy ridge one-pin adjustable sight and shoot 300 velocity shafts and shoot 321 FPS.

Need for speed

Version: 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO


Pros: This bow is smooth and fast. Best bow I've shot to date.

Cons: None

Full review:

I'm shooting the DS EVO at 56lbs, 27" draw with a Victory VForce HV400 298 grain arrow. Montana Black Gold Surge 7 pin sight, QAD rest and ABB strings and cables. I'm getting 320 fps out of my hunting arrows. Knocks em done fast with my G5 T3 broadheads.

I think this is my favorite bow of all time , 30 year bowhunter.

Version: 2013 PSE X-Force EVO Max


Pros: Solid back wall , stiff no Hump draw cycle , quiet , smooth no vibration , easy draw length adjustment , flex cable guide adjustability , forgiving for a 6" brace hight , love the slim rubber padded grip , available @ 80# per request !

Cons: No cons 4 me see pros above !

Full review:

My bow set up 80# , 27.5" DL , Peep sight , D loop , trophy ridge sight , QAD Ultra rest , 16" stabilizer . Arrow Easton FMJ 11.3gpi .340 spine with Nufletch tails , brass weight fwd insert and 2+ inch 2 blade Rage BH, total arrow wt 540gr / 305 FPS . I've harvested 6 whitetails and 2 turkeys and I love this bow !

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