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PSE Evo 7

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PSE Evo 7 Review5.051 out of 1 user review


  • Forgiving 7-inch brace height
  • Fast speed of 335 feet per second
  • Smooth drawing speed bow
  • PSE's second generation inner lock cam system allows for six inches of adjustability in half inch increments without the use of a bow press or having to purchase additional modules


  • 4.4 pounds may be a touch heavy for some archers

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Speed bows often reduce the brace height to get the most speed out of their rigs. The PSE EVO 7 maintains a comfortable 7-inch brace height while producing 335 feet per second. For shooters leery about sacrificing forgivability with a longer brace height, but still want blazing fast speed, the EVO 7 has a lot to offer shooters. Combined with a smooth draw, 75% let off, and tons of adjustment that can be done without a bow press the EVO 7 is sure to be a bow many shooters give a shot this year.


The PSE finish is applied through a dipping process much like that of other manufacturers. The end result looks very nice and blemish free. Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity is the camo pattern of choice again for the 2012 lineup. Shooters have the option for the whole bow to be in Mossy Oak, or Break-Up Infinity limbs with a black riser. For shooters interested in a solid black bow, that option is available to them as well. A new design for 2012, replacing the Skullz camo pattern from the last couple of years is Skullworks camo. This features different "European skull mounts" of racked big game animals on a black background. For those liking the skull pattern idea, this really is a great design sure to grab attention. Combined with the new red Raptor grip and red limb logos, all of the patterns look very nice and has something to offer most shooters.


The EVO 7 features PSE's Planar Flex Riser design. With strategically placed machined cut outs giving the bow a very aggressive look PSE has also optimized the riser's functionality as well. The riser is designed to flex front to back instead of side to side. Ultimately, this provides shooters with a more accurate arrow release along with more repeatability. The arrow shelf features engraved tuning lines as well to help with proper arrow rest set up. The lines give proper arrow height along with proper alignment with the center of the riser. PSE risers also have patented sight-mounting holes allowing shooters a variety of options in terms of where to mount their sights. Along with this is the ability for the bow to accept all sight styles without the need for special mounting brackets. The rear of the riser features a factory installed Vibracheck backstop, which mounts behind the front mounting stabilizer bushing. For shooters interested in offsetting some of the bows weight with a stabilizer.


The EVO 7 features the BEST Raptor grip. The slim grip design puts shooters hand in the best ergonomic shooting position while minimizing hand torque that causes accuracy issues especially down range. Although the grip is part of the riser, a red rubber composite material on each side fits very comfortably in the shooters hand. The red grip offers a nice look against the available finishing options as well for an eye-pleasing look. Although thin grips do take a while to get used to the improvement to accuracy and hand placement repeatability are usually found to be worthwhile.


The limbs on the PSE EVO 7 are split limb construction designed to withstand the highly pre-stressed tension while at rest. Limbs are available in ten-pound increments with maximum draw weights available in 50, 60, and 70 pounds. However, it is not uncommon for the maximum draw weight to be a few pounds heavier. For example, 60-pound limbs often max out around 64 pounds when completely cranked down. The limbs connect to the riser using PSE's Centerlock limb pockets. The Centerlock pockets have three separate locking and aligning mechanisms all designed to draw the limbs toward the center of the riser for a more repeatable shot. The layered composite material used for the limbs are tested to the extreme to make sure shooters have equipment that is going to last a very long time.

Eccentric System

PSE bows feature the second-generation inner lock cam system that allows for 6-inches of adjustability, in half-inch increments, without the use of a bow press or having to buy modules. The EVO Hybrid Dual Cam powers the 2012 EVO line. With the ability to adjust between 25 and 40 inches, alignment is made easy with laser engraved markings for the draw stop, module locations for different draw lengths, and tuning lines for quick string checks to make sure the cam is in tune. The EVO Hybrid Cam also has 75% let off and an adjustable draw stop system that rolls around to make contact with the string at full draw.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

For being a speed bow, the EVO Hybrid cams have an amazingly smooth draw that gradually gets easier as the shooter approached full draw. Most of the pull weight is at the beginning and continues to let off through the draw cycle. The cycle transitions are very smooth and shooters will love not having a hump to get over as well. Generally speaking, speed cams are not easy to draw and feature some harsh draw cycle transitions and aggressive humps. The EVO cams do not have this problem. While at full draw, the dual string stop system rolls around to make contact with the string making it a very solid back wall. Although very solid, shooters used to a limb string stop, where the contact is made with the limbs instead of the string, may feel the back wall is not as solid. While at full draw, the bow is easy to hold on target and does not creep forward. Shooters will be able to settle in without fear of the bow wanting to release the arrow. The arrow release is very quiet and shooters will feel virtually no hand shock after the shot.

Silencing Package

PSE bows use Vibracheck accessories to silence their rigs. The first silencers many people notice are the limb mounted hush kits. Each limb has two mounted silencers that help add to the aggressive look of the bow. They also aide is transferring the residual limb vibration away from the riser. The cable guard also features a dampener. A Vibracheck back stop is also factory installed and shipped on each bow. With minor adjustments in terms of length available, the backstop assists with eliminating after the shot vibration. After hitting the backstop, the string comes to rest with vibrating to rest. This noise causing vibration is all but eliminated with the rubber dampener. The entire silencing package working together makes for a quiet release that is virtually shock free.

PSE EVO 7 vs. PSE EVO Dream Season

Bow PSE Dream Season EVO PSE Evo 7
Version 2013 EVO Max 2012
Picture PSE Dream Season EVO PSE Evo 7
Brace Height 6 " 7 "
AtA Length 32.25 " 32.25 "
Draw Length 25 " - 30 " 26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 337 fps - 345 fps 327 fps - 335 fps
Weight 4.2 lbs 4.4 lbs
Let-Off 75% 75%
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The PSE Dream Season EVO proved to be a very popular bow last year, and returns this year with only minimal changes. Many people were skeptical about switching to a 6 inch brace height, but felt the EVO was a great bow. For shooters liking everything about the EVO, except the short brace height, they will be happy with the EVO 7. All other specifications are the same: 32.25 axel-to-axel measurement, same EVO Hybrid Dual Cam, same grip, and same strings. The EVO 7 features a longer brace height and a little speed for those shooters not wanting to sacrifice the forgiveness of a 7-inch brace height.

Usage Scenarios

With a 32.25 inch axel-to-axel measurement, the EVO 7 makes a great hunting bow. The 335 feet per second speed combined with a forgiving 7-inch brace height give the bow enough kinetic energy to shoot North American big game animals and allows for a little forgiveness as well. Shooters interested in using the bow for weekend 3-d competitions will also benefit from these specifications. However, for the serious tournament shooter, there may be some better options. Accuracy will not be an issue, but a longer brace height may be beneficial to serious competition shooters.

Price Considerations

With an MSRP price of $849, the EVO 7 does carry a hefty price tag. The PSE EVO is part of the "Pro Series" line of PSE, which features the manufacturers highest end models. Although the EVO is competitively priced with other manufacturers high-end bows, shooters will have to decide for themselves if the price is worth the added technologies. For many shooters, the price is justified, as the EVO 7 is a great shooter. However, there are other great shooting bows available with a lower price tag.


The PSE EVO 7 was created for those shooters who want a fast bow, but are not willing to go with a shorter brace height. PSE did a nice job responding to the wants of shooters by producing the EVO 7 along with the EVO. With 335 feet per second, and tons of useful technologies, the EVO 7 is designed with hunting in mind. The EVO Hybrid cam is a very smooth drawing cam for a speed bow and will leave many in shock with how well it performs. The ease of adjusting the cam to meet individual needs without having to purchase anything is a great design as well. Although the bare bow weight is a bit on the heavy side, shooters interested in a smooth drawing speed bow should give the EVO 7 a shot.
PSE Evo 7 Review5.051

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  1. PSE Knocked It Out Of The Park !

    Version: 2012 PSE Evo 7


    Pros: Super smooth draw , hot knife through butter, Finish is flawless , great speed with a 7 inch brace height , bow balances perfect loaded with all accessories, it also holds great while shooting 50+ yards

    Cons: Only thing I can think of which didn’t bother me but some shooter might find the valley not to their liking it is really short.

    Full review:
    Overall I give the bow a 10-10 it’s an absolute pleasure to shoot. As stated before super smooth , fast , holds great , flawless finish , good balance, stays on target at long range , I’d recommend shooting this bow to anyone.

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