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  • 6-inch draw length adjustment single cam
  • Compact design for hunting conditions
  • 15 turn limb bolts
  • $499 Ready to Shoot accessory price


  • 325 feet per second is a bit slow for 2017
  • Does not feature any of PSE's newest features


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Editors' review

PSE designed the Infinity to really appeal to shooters wanting a compact hunting bow with a smooth draw and an affordable price tag. The 30-inch axel-to-axel single cam bow adjusts from 24.5-30.5-inches, features 80% let-off, offers a 7-inch brace height, and flings arrows at speeds up to 325 feet per second. Shooters do not have the option to purchase the Infinity as a bare bow, but the two accessory package options are pretty solid for those on the market for an entry-level bow. PSE understands most shooters on the market for the Infinity are more than likely brand new to archery, and the package deal is the way to get shooters shooting right away without spending a bunch of money to get started. PSE also offers an entry-level package with everything shooters need that attach to the bow, and a package with arrows, a release, and a bow case. The Infinity is a good entry-level bow with the performance of a more expensive bow. There are no new features on the Infinity, and the 325 feet per second speed rating is not very impressive for a 2017 model bow. However, those just wanting to get started with archery, and want a bow capable of shooting well, the Infinity single cam is worth a look.


PSE's hunting lineup only offers three finish options, and the Mainline Series bows with the package option is only offered in two patterns. The PSE Infinity has a total of two choices for finishes, which are both hunting options. For those wanting a more traditional camouflage pattern, shooters will be drawn to the Mossy Oak Break-up Country. For shooters wanting a more unique design, the Skullworks 2 pattern is more than likely going to be the winner. Each of the designs works as a hunting pattern, and gives the Infinity the same finish as every other bow in the PSE lineup, including the Pro Series. For a budget bow to look every bit the same as the 2017 flagship model really says a lot about the confidence in the PSE bow.


The Infinity riser is characteristic of other PSE models for 2017 in regards to how it looks. The riser is pretty long for how short the bow is axel to axel, which means it should be a bit more stable at full draw than a bow with a shorter riser length. The aluminum cutouts are pretty well placed also and keep the bare bow weight at a reasonable 3.8-pounds. There are no added dampeners in the riser like other PSE bows have for 2017, but the vibration and noise are fairly minimal even without them added. The Infinity is also designed with a 7-inch brace height too, which a lot of shooters love for forgiveness over some of those with shorter brace heights. There is also a front mounting stabilizer hole for shooters to utilize as well. The cable containment system is the standard cable slide system. Nothing fancy, just a good old-fashioned cable slide system. There is more torque in a system like this created on the riser than one with a flexible guard and may draw a bit different than a roller system would. However, for the price point, this is the standard option. Shooters do have the choice to upgrade the cable system to PSE brand new RollerGlide system if they are interested in purchasing the part from a PSE pro shop. This system incorporates a roller and a hinge style pivoting cable guard, and can be fitted on any standard PSE cable slide system.


The grip like all other 2017 PSE models in the Pro and Mainline Series is integrated directly into the riser. In past years, PSE has also added some rubber side plates, which were contoured for fingers, but they did not really get any finger contact if shooters were placing their hand on the grip properly. The solid on-piece grip construction fits well into the shooters hand, and has a pretty simple design. The throat area of the grip is a little narrower, which is nice for getting the grip in the right spot. The riser also has a nice resting spot for the grip hand thumb to rest against. The back of the grip, which contacts the shooters hand the most, is flat and has a consistent width to fit well where it belongs. It is also a nice touch to have the grip be the same grip used throughout the entire PSE lineup so shooters should be more comfortable going from bow to bow than they have in the past with different grip designs used on different models.


The X-Tech split limbs are featured on the Infinity, which of course gives the bow a PSE look right out of the box. The aggressive pre-stressed look has been characteristic of PSE bows for a long time, and it is nice to see the same look carried over from the highest end models through the entry-level bows. The limbs are available in 50, 60, and 70-pound peak weights, and the 15 turn limb bolts will offer far more adjustment than the typical 10-pound increments that has become the industry standard. The polymer pockets get a bit of a bad reputation because of the material and some issues with other manufacturers use of this material. The PSE polymer pockets are cheaper to produce than the Pro Series pockets, and help keep the overall cost of the bow at a lower price point. They have been used in previous model years and should continue to work without flaw. The limbs decals are pretty simple, and look like the rest of the PSE lineup in regards to the font and styling. The PSE red is visible, but not distracting, and the white lettering displays the Infinity name loud and proud. Shooters will also enjoy the limb bands from the factory, which help reduce the shock and vibration after the arrow is shot. These bands can be swapped out for the current model dampeners, which function similarly with a different look, or for different colors through a PSE color kit.

Eccentric System

The Infinity single cam system is ideal for many shooters just starting out. It was not long ago, bow companies were trying to outdo each other in the single cam market. Although trends have shifted a bit to dual cam or hybrid cam systems for many companies, the single cam technology is still a great option for those wanting a virtually maintenance free system with decent performance. The cams are adjustable with a rotating module from 24.5-30.5-inches in half-inch increments. Shooters will also appreciate the 80% let-off, which is a huge bonus for hunting conditions, especially for shooters new to archery. The single cam shoots arrows at speeds up to 325 feet per second with a 7-inch brace height, which is not too fast for 2017 standards, but the smooth draw, high let-off, and longer brace height make the speed rating a little more acceptable. Adjustments are easily made without the need of a bow press, and single cams typically tune much easier than other systems. With the top wheel not having multiple tracks, the initial tune should last quite a while, which means newer archers can work on their own form and shot sequence and can take the worry of their bow tune out of the equation.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Single cam bows are historically smoother and a bit easier to draw than other cam systems. The Infinity cam is a bit stiff, but it as smooth as they come in regards to transitioning and pulling through the draw force curve from start to finish. The back wall feels nice with the single stop, the 80% let-off is extremely easy to hold for long periods, and the bow aims very well for a compact 30-inch axel-to-axel model. The valley is fairly decent as well, and the bow does not jump forward when letting down from full draw like some other high let-off models do. The balance is pretty good on this rig, and shooters feel almost no feedback after the shot. Again, the speed rating is a touch on the slow side, but when shooting the bow it does not feel slow. For a budget friendly bow, it does not shoot like one. In fact, this bow feels more like a higher end model than an entry level bow, and for new shooters, that may be what they need in order to stick with the wonderful discipline of archery.

Usage Scenarios

The Infinity is a budget friendly hunting bow designed for shooters new to archery or on a strict budget. The specifications are similar to what many shooters are wanting on a compact hunting bow, and the single cam system, although not as popular as it once was, is a great starter bow option. The price is outstanding for those just getting started and not necessarily wanting to commit to a flagship model price point. For shooters just wanting to give archery a try, or those with a little growing left to do, the Infinity is a solid option at a great price.

PSE Infinity vs. Brute Force Lite

BowPSE InfinityPSE Brute Force Lite
Version 20172017
PicturePSE InfinityPSE Brute Force Lite
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length30 "30.5 "
Draw Length24.5 " - 30.5 "25 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed317 fps - 325 fps324 fps - 332 fps
Weight3.8 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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These two bows are offered at a similar price point, and have similar specifications. The Infinity is a single cam system, and may draw a little smoother for some shooters, but the hybrid system on the PSE Brute Force Lite will have a little more performance. The brace height is the same, let-off is the same, and the axel to axel is only a half an inch shorter on the Infinity. The final decision will come down to the draw cycle preferred. Shooters wanting to outfit their own rig may be better off purchasing the bare bow Brute Force Lite rather than paying for an ready to shoot Infinity package and replacing the accessories since the Infinity can only be bought in one of the two factory PSE packages.

Available Accessory Packages

Shooters just getting started with archery can be intimidated very easily with the number of accessories on the market today. PSE understands this, and sells the Infinity with two separate package options straight from the factory. Shooters are actually not able to purchase the Infinity without the entire package included. The Ready to Shoot package is the first of the two offerings from the PSE factory. This package includes a nock loop, whisker biscuit rest, an AMP sight, a Raven quiver, a red aluminum peep sight, a Neoprene PSE wrist sling, and a Spire stabilizer. All this installed ready to shoot on the bow comes with a suggested retail price of only $499. Shooters will need arrows, perhaps a case, a release, and broad heads to start hunting right away, but for the majority of the equipment needed, the Infinity Ready to Shoot package is the real deal. For those wanting absolutely everything, minus broad heads, the Field Ready package is going to be ideal. Shooters will receive all the accessories included in the Ready to Shoot package in addition to a Tru Fire Hurricane Release, a Supreme bow case, a a four-pack of PSE X-Weave arrows. In order to hunt, shooters will need to purchase their broad head of choice, but this is a fantastic deal for those just getting started without anything that can carry over from another bow. The price of this package is a reasonable. $599.


The Infinity is a great bow, which looks like other PSE models. For a budget-friendly entry bow, the high let-off, forgiving brace height, and compact design is comparable to what many demand in a hunting bow. Shooters must purchase the bow in one of two package options, which should be fine for most beginning archers just looking to get started. With a $499 or $599 price tag depending on which accessory kit chosen, shooters should feel great about the kind of bow they are getting for the price they are paying. The single cam is a nice feeling cam system overall, but 325 feet per second is pretty slow for 2017 standards. All things considered, the Infinity is a wonderful option for those just getting started in hunting with archery equipment. The adjustment options make this a great mid range youth model as well. The Infinity does not feature any new PSE technology, but is hard to beat for those on a tight budget.

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