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    PSE Baby G Force Infinity Competition Compound Bow Package 50-60lb 29" RH
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    Price: $121.99
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    PSE Aries Infinity Camo Archery Accessory Package #01263IF
    Seller: eBay
    Price: $149.99
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    Quality Archery Design QAD PSE UltraRest Mossy Oak Infinity LH Model: UPSMO-L
    Seller: eBay
    Price: $168.65
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  • PSE Infinity Review

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    Editor review:
    The Infinity is a great bow, which looks like other PSE models. For a budget-friendly entry bow, the high let-off, forgiving brace height, and compact design is comparable to what many demand in a hunting bow. Shooters must purchase the bow in one of two package options, which should be fine for most beginning archers just looking to get started. With a $499 or $599 price tag depending on which accessory kit chosen, shooters should feel great about the kind of bow they are getting for the price they are paying. The single cam is a nice feeling cam system overall, but 325 feet per second is pretty slow for 2017 standards. All things considered, the Infinity is a wonderful option for those just getting started in hunting with archery equipment. The adjustment options make this a great mid range youth model as well. The Infinity does not feature any new PSE technology, but is hard to beat for those on a tight budget... read full review
  • PSE Infinity Specifications

    1 version
    Manufactured: 2017 (1 version)
    Latest version: 2017 PSE Infinity
    Brace Height 7 "
    Axle to Axle Length 30 "
    Draw Length 24.5 " - 30.5 "
    Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
    IBO Speed 317 fps - 325 fps
    Weight 3.8 lbs
    Let-Off 80%