PSE Stiletto Compound Bow

PSE Stiletto Review

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PSE Stiletto
Editor review:

The Stiletto proves to be a great option in the limited number of bows designed for female archers. The growing population of females wanting to bow hunt deserves a bow that is designed specifically for them. Although the cute pink look may not be for every female shooter, the bow has tons of really great features making it a great choice. An amazingly smooth draw cycle and very impressive speeds considering the specs, gives this bow a lot of great things to offer. Female archers interested in a hunting bow have very few options available to them specifically. PSE offers a great option with the Stiletto... read full review

PSE Stiletto Specifications

2 versions

Manufactured: 2012 - 2013 (2 versions, specs changed)

Latest version: 2013 PSE Stiletto

Brace Height 6 "
Axle to Axle Length 29.75 "
Draw Length 23 " - 27.5 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 60 lbs
IBO Speed 312 fps - 320 fps
Weight 4.0 lbs
Let-Off 75%
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