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  • One of the fastest female bows available
  • IBO speeds of up to 310 feet per second (at 27.5 inches)
  • Relatively inexpensive for a mainline bow with this many features
  • Features an inner cam module allowing for easy do-it-yourself tuning without a bow press
  • Factory installed Americas Best Bow Strings


  • Pink graphics and pink factory strings may not be every girls style

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Editors' review

PSE has joined the market producing a bow designed for women. Much like the rest of the PSE lineup, speed is a huge characteristic of the Stiletto. Up to a few years ago, women interested in archery were limited in their choices. The Stiletto is a high-end bow designed for female hunters. Featuring one of PSEs smoothest drawing cams, the Stiletto has tons to offer female archers without compromising quality and innovation.


The Stiletto offers the same finish choices as the rest of the PSE proline lineup with three options to choose from. The first option is the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity covering the riser and limbs. The second finish option features Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity limbs and a black riser. The third option is new to PSE this year and is known as the Skullworks Camo. This pattern has different big game skulls showing on a black background. The Stiletto plate cover is pink sporting the bows logo. The Americas Best Bowstrings are also a mix or black and pink. Although the pink accent color looks nice with all the finish options, pink may not be the color for every female shooter.


The Stiletto riser features strategically placed cutouts designed to eliminate extra mass and vibration while maintaining strength and performance. Like other PSE bows, the Stiletto features multiple sight mounting holes and engraved tuning marks for quick set up. The mounting holes offer shooters options of where they want to mount their sight. The tuning marks offer shooters a visual to make sure the arrow is properly tuned with the center of the string. A Vibracheck string stop is mounted to the rear of the riser to help eliminate residual string vibration. The front of the riser also features a hole for a front mounting stabilizer for those wanting additional counter weight on the front of their rig.


PSE grips have featured BEST grips for a while. This year they also offer the Raptor grip, which is featured on the Stiletto. The Raptor grip is a fully machined grip that is part of the riser. It features a black rubber side grip with finger contours. The Raptor grip is designed to be a little bigger than the BEST grip while still being small enough to comfortably fit in the shooters hand in a place that will eliminate hand torque caused by thicker grips. Shooters should be able to adjust to this grip since it is only a little thicker than thin grips and only a little thinner than thicker grips. Regardless of what shooters have been used to in the past, they should be able to comfortably switch to the Raptor grip.


PSE features split limb bows due to the high stress put on the limbs at rest and then at full draw. The split limbs are made of a strong fiberglass composite material that is sure to withstand any normal shooting conditions. Limbs are available in ten-pound increments in 40, 50, and 60 pound maximum weights. The highly stressed limbs help cancel out after the release shock. To help with this, the limbs also have a factory installed Vibracheck hush kit that helps with vibration dampening and adds to the looks of the bow as well.

Eccentric System

PSE chose the smooth drawing Mini EVO Hybrid Cam. The cam is a smaller version of the popular Evo Hybrid cam, which is specifically designed for short draw shooters. This cam has an inner lock cam system with laser engraved tuning marks, a rubber cushioned string stop, and sealed ball bearings. This cam is also used on other proline bows offered in the PSE proline series. The Mini EVO Hybrid cam is adjustable from 22.5-27 inches without cams, modules, or a bow press. The cam powers the Stilleto to IBO speeds of up to 310 feet per second, which is blazing fast for such a smooth draw.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Mini EVO Hybrid cam is one of the easiest drawing cams available in the 2012 lineup. The smooth transitions, generous valley, and solid draw stop aided back wall all add up to a great shooting bow. The draw weight builds up quickly and gets easier as the shooter reaches full draw. The cam features a draw stop on each cam that makes contact with the string while at full draw. At full draw, the bow is very balanced and holds on target very well. Shooters will not have a sense of string creep while at full draw either. With 75% let off, the holding weight is going to be very manageable as well. After the shot, the bow is virtually vibration free and very quiet. It is hard to believe the arrow is moving so quickly without a loud noise or vibration.

Silencing Package

PSE bows come equipped with Vibracheck silencers. The limb installed hush kit works to eliminate vibration-causing noise. The Vibracheck string stop stops the forward moving string travel. Combined with the rubber dampener and being directly inline with the front mounting stabilizer hole, the bow is very quiet and shock free.

Usage Scenarios

The PSE Stiletto is a great option for female hunters. This is a really great bow that offers everything a hunting rig should have including a short axel-to-axel measurement and great speed. Female shooters still have several options available for those that are serious target shooters. Although this bow is very accurate, better options are available for the tournament shooter. This bow will be best suited to meet the needs of female hunters.


The Stiletto proves to be a great option in the limited number of bows designed for female archers. The growing population of females wanting to bow hunt deserves a bow that is designed specifically for them. Although the cute pink look may not be for every female shooter, the bow has tons of really great features making it a great choice. An amazingly smooth draw cycle and very impressive speeds considering the specs, gives this bow a lot of great things to offer. Female archers interested in a hunting bow have very few options available to them specifically. PSE offers a great option with the Stiletto.

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