PSE X-Force Omen Review

PSE X-Force Omen

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  • Very fast and powerful
  • Very solid back wall
  • Relatively quiet for a speed bow
  • Low shock and vibration (with a stabilizer and other silencers)
  • 2011 Omen Pro is surprisingly accurate
  • Adjustments in cams help customize draw cycle


  • Draw length specific cams
  • Stiff draw cycle with a short valley and notable hump
  • Not the most forgiving bow


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Editors' review

The 2010 version of the X-force Omen is one of the fastest bows ever made. The PSE engineers have made 2011 model even better by introducing a new riser and new limb pockets. These updated design features have allowed this bow to maintain the speed it's known for but also become consistent and accurate.


The Omen Pro is available in 3 top quality finishes: Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity, Skulz Camo, and Black. Each finish is durable and resistant to fading.


For the 2011 Omen Pro engineers created the Planar Flex design. This solution allows the riser to flex front to back but not side to side making the Omen Pro more accurate and consistent than its predecessors. The redesign of the riser also gives the Omen Pro a larger sight window allowing shooters to easily find and focus on their intended target.The cut outs on the Planar Flex riser are designed to help stiffen the riser to eliminate twisting during the draw and shot cycle and produce a repeatable flex forward and back creating consistency shot after shot.


The Omen Pro uses the 4th generation of the proven X-Tech limbs. These limbs are individually pre-stressed to allow the limbs to flex to a greater extent. Each limb is tapered on both ends allowing it to bend the full length of the limb. In addition, X-Tech limbs are also very light which helps keep the weight of the bow to a minimum.

Limbs-to-Riser Connection

In 2011 PSE introduced the new "Center Lock" limb pockets which use a triple lock design to hold limbs toward the center line of the bow. Limb pocket span is 75% longer than traditional PSE limb pockets. The "Triple Lock" design and the additional length combine to better hold the limbs to the center line of the bow for a great shooting platform.


The Omen Pro uses the "B.E.S.T. Raptor Grip" (Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat, "BEST") The grip is thin and promotes consistent hand placement which lessens the chance for hand induced torque. This helps the shooter produce consistent shots. The "B.E.S.T. Raptor Grip" is considered comfortable by most shooters.

Eccentric System

The Omen Pro's advertised IBO speed is quite accurate. In fact, this bow has been known to exceed the advertised 366 fps. This speed can be somewhat attributed to the Omen's cams. The UF Hybrid Cams are draw length specific. PSE uses 7075 T6 Aluminum to manufacture these cams which is 83% stronger than that used in traditional cams. The strength of the aluminum allows these cams to be lighter, faster, and more efficient than other cams on the market. The Omen Pro has a let off of 70% which is just enough to give it a very solid back wall. However, the UF Hybrid Cams incorporate an adjustable back wall and valley that helps to customize the draw cycle and shootability of this bow for the shooter.

Draw Cycle

The draw cycle could be described as slightly harsh starting out and just a bit stiff right before it turns over. The adjustable back wall and valley combined with the new Planar Flex riser and Center Lock limb pockets have made for a much smoother draw cycle than previous models. The Omen Pro is very quiet and has virtually no hand shock.

Silencing Package

Overall this bow is very quiet. PSE puts three limb bands on each set of limbs and one more on the cable guard rod. In addition, engineers incorporated the new Vibracheck Backstop which stops string vibration immediately. The length of the backstop can be adjusted to optimize performance. The total of seven vibration dampeners and the Vibracheck Backstop, give the Omen Pro a soft feel.

PSE X-force Omen vs. Omen Pro

PSE debuted the Omen in 2009. For 2011 engineers updated the riser and limb pockets to the Planar Flex riser and the Center Lock limb pockets. These updates have made it possible for a 5.5 inch brace height bow to be consistently accurate. Looking just at numbers it appears the only thing that changed from 2010 to 2011 is the weight of the bow. However the above mentioned changes have made the 2011 Omen Pro a real shooter.

PSE Omen Pro vs. Dream Season Evo

BowPSE X-Force OmenPSE Dream Season EVO
Version 2013 Omen Max2013 EVO Max
PicturePSE X-Force OmenPSE Dream Season EVO
Brace Height5.5 "6 "
AtA Length33.625 "32.25 "
Draw Length26 " - 30 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed358 fps - 366 fps337 fps - 345 fps
Weight4.4 lbs4.2 lbs
Let-Off70% 75%
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The 2011 X-force Omen Pro retails for $949.99. This is comparable to many top of the line bows from other manufacturers. However, for $100 less the PSE Dream Season EVO is the best bang for your buck from PSE, but it does shoot about 20 fps less than the Omen Pro. So, if you like speed bows, you will want to own the Omen Pro.

Great Bow for Hunting and 3D Shooting

The Omen will be a great bow for hunting or 3D shooting. At 366 fps the Omen Pro has a very flat arrow trajectory making it very forgiving if an error is made in estimating yardage.


The PSE X-force Omen Pro is one of the fastest bows on the market today. Improvements to the Omen Pro for 2011 have made a speed bow, with a short brace height, into an accurate shooter. Additionally, the new riser and limb pockets help with accuracy but also make the draw cycle on this bow much smoother than its predecessors. The draw cycle is also enhanced by adjustability to the back wall and valley. The Omen Pro may not be for everyone, beginners may want a slightly more forgiving draw cycle. However the Omen Pro may be perfect for the serious bow hunter and/or 3D shooter requiring the speed to forgive yardage errors.

User Reviews

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a very fast, high energy hunting bow that, for the good archer, will serve all its duties

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Omen


Pros: FAST! light weight,quiet, accurate, powerful. solid back wall

Cons: stiff draw with a slight hump at the end, not terrible though

Full review:

i love the speed this bow gives me, i shoot a 430 grain arrow at 65 pounds and a 29" draw and am getting 296 fps. with that speed and arrow weight it gives me 96 lbs of KE! it is super accurate and quiet, i am more confident shooting this bow than any other bow i have owned, espically out to 50 and 60 yards. the 5.5" brace height isnt that big a factor since a string stop is installed on the bow. there is some slight vibe and occasionally a kick at the shot but a good stabilizer takes care of that. the draw is hard but not as bad as people make it to be. overall this bow is the meanest and baddest thing in the woods

i love the pse omen it is a very fast bow and thats what i like....

Version: 2011 PSE X-Force Omen Pro


Pros: i like everything about this bow........kinda wished it would come in realtree ap

Cons: there is nothing that i did not like about this bow

Full review:

well i mean every bow has its flaws but the omen pro is an over all great bow fast and was a little bit hard to draw but not to bad......the one i shot today come straight out the box shooting a 350 grain carbon express maxima at 353 fps......super fast!!!!!

first bow. lovin it.

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Omen


Pros: super fast, quiet,very accurate.

Cons: draw is not hard once you get used to it but is intimidating at first. short brace height makes it a little less forgiving. bow burn anyone:)

Full review:

i read about this bow online and happened upon one at a killer deal so i couldn't pass it up. being my first real bow i didnt really know what to expect. i know that its faster than my friends bows so that makes me also after shooting only a few times im getting much better. probably not the best learner bow but its treating me fine. very happy overall. recommended by this newb.

Very fast and very accurate with proper form. Amazing speed at low poundage and with heavy arrows.

Version: 2010 PSE X-Force Omen


Pros: Solid Backwall, fast, accurate

Cons: draw length specific cams

Full review:

The draw is stiff yet smooth and the so called hump is due to the small valley and the bow just requires you to draw back farther than you would with another model. I'm breaking 300 fps with a 450 grain arrow at 64lbs and 28" draw length. the energy and penetration that the Omen puts out is amazing.

Fast, smooth, repetable and deadly accurate!! What more could you want?

Version: 2012 PSE X-Force Omen Pro


Pros: I love the speed and and energy this bow produces!! I shoot a heavier arrow faster with this bow set ten pounds lighter than my old bow.

Cons: I love this bow!! I hear a lot of crying about the draw force curve, once youve shot a couple dozen arrows you dont even notice it.

Full review:

Ive shot this bow for about 11 months now and i absoloutley love this bow!! The speed and energy this bow is prodcing far exceeds my old bow!! The draw force curve is a little on the aggressive aide but i really like that because it forces you to practice good form and the solid back wall is beutiful! For a speed bow it is very quite and almost dead in hand, i shoot with gloves to reduce sensativety and i dont feel any shock what soever, wih the speed this bow produces the arrows tradjectory is exceptionally flat making it a beautiful bow for hunting or 3d shooting, i shot my bear last year and the arrow passed right through him and the same with my deer last fall after which it burried itself into a tree, i have an octane 11.5 inch stabalizer with a trophy ridge alpha v5 sight with the long dovetail adjustable mounting bracket i also use an nap apache fall away rest and just put on the new winners choice xtreme 8190 custom bow strings and cables and i shoot vane splitting groups out to forty yards, the confidence this bow has given me in addition to countless hours tuning and shooting (a mininum of 50 arrows a day) has be full harted beliveing that i will finally bring home a huge 400+ pound black bear i have been chasing and managed to stalk up to 12 yards on three occasions just to be foiled by a squirley wind. I love to spot and stalk my animals and this bow allows me to shoot through smaller windows and gives jumpy deer less time to jump the string. If youre looking for a bow with amazing speed accuracey and dependability this is the bow for you! I was hesitant abot the aggressiveness and the 5.5 inch brace hieght but it doesnt even matter with this bow, ive been shooting bows for a number of years now and its tough to impress methe way my 2012 pse omen pro has, by far the best bow i have ever shot!!!! Bar none!!

best bow i've ever seen

Version: 2013 PSE X-Force Omen Max


Pros: Accurate Solid wall Fast! Tuneable Beatiful

Cons: Not forgiving

Full review:

I'm using it for competition and it's a bow that lets all the job to the archer but the rest is perfect. The best bow i've ever seen. All the features: good grip, the best strings of America (lol), the backstop and the centerlock are perfect. Really nice bow! i recommend it!

Unbelievable bow for the short draw guy

Version: 2012 PSE X-Force Omen Pro


Pros: Solid backwall, extremely fast, quiet, and very simply put very repeatable shooting with good form

Cons: hump before full draw is a little harsh, and short valley

Full review:

MY first bow was an AR35, very nice bow and because of this I have been a true PSE fan since, now I just need more speed. I then purchased a PSE Vendetta xs, the Omen at this point had just come out and I shot one from a PSE Rep that was too long for me which caused me to have many concerns as to whether the bow was for me, Hello these things are not cheap. But now I got to thinking and I still wanted more speed. Now here comes along the PSE Omen Pro and I simply took the plunge and I have absolutely no regrets. My draw length is 26.5", I'm pulling 74lbs, shooting a 368 gn arrow, and this thing repeats through the chrono all day long at 331fps, Unbelievable. Long story short I got exactly what I've been asking for, I have a TRUGLO tooless sight with a 2in sight housing with 5 pins, and yes the reason I am talking about my sight is that my pins are set at 20yds, 40yds, 60yds, 80yds, and oh yes I'm going to say it 100yds this bow is simply amazing. If you are seeking speed the Omen will provide it period.

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