Bowtech Invasion CPX Review

Bowtech Invasion CPX

Average user rating

Bowtech Invasion CPX Review5.055 out of 5 user reviews


  • Very Quiet
  • Smoothing shooting for a fast bow
  • Highly accurate for a short axle-to-axle bow
  • Fast
  • Comfortable for any draw length


  • Not necessarily a beginner's bow

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Editors' review

The engineers at BowTech really out-did themselves by constructing a bow that combines the best aspects of the BowTech line into one bow. The Invasion CPX features the Overdrive Binary Cam System and a variation of the HardCore Limbs featured on the Destroyer Series from 2010 along with an updated Center Pivot Riser. These highly functional features result in a fast, reported as 343 fps, highly accurate bow that is very quiet and very shootable. The new 2011 flagship bow is well worth the hype it has received since being unveiled in January.


Looking much different than the Center Pivot Risers of the past, the new Center Pivot Extreme (CPX) Riser still extends back to meeting the limb about half down its length, but the extended ends of the riser has cut-outs that really add to the flow of the design. The Center Pivot portion of the riser does not cup the outer edges of the limbs as in the past, but sit flush with the edge of the limb. The CPX reduces shock and vibration on the shot due to the location of the center pivot. As with all Center Pivot Risers, the pivot point of the limb is behind the deepest part of the grip making the riser deflexed. Being a deflex riser, the CPX is very conducive to accuracy due to reduced hand torque and stability making it very forgiving. There are several cutouts in the riser to reduce weight but also make the bow more attractive. The flawless InVelvet Mossy Oak Treestand finish adds a softer feel to the bow and helps to dampen sound.


BowTech's seven layer HardCore Limbs are a holdover from last year's Destroyer Series with a slight change for this particular bow model. The limb on the Invasion CPX is split and double tapered to reduce mass and increase speed of the limb's physical response which is a perfect fit for the Center Pivot Extreme Riser. The functionality of the HardCore Limb is the same as last year however. This design uses not just the surface areas of the limb for energy storage but the stiff carbon core as well. In a typical limb the energy is stored near the outside surface; in HardCore Limbs the whole limb is utilized making the limb more efficient.


The grip on the Invasion CPX is comfortably narrow utilizing a Dymondwood sideplate on each side. With an absence of meaty grips on bows today, most archers should find it quite comfortable and torque free.

FLX Guard

BowTech's patent pending FLX-Guard cable containment system flexes toward the centerline of the bow during the draw cycle. This helps to reduce torque in the riser as the side strain which would normally be present when using a static cable guard is gone. Upon release the FLX-Guard moves away from center line allowing the vanes/feathers of the shaft to pass without interference.

OverDrive Binary Cam System

BowTech utilizes the popular highly tunable and fast Overdrive Binary Cam System it brought out in 2010 on the 2011 Invasion CPX. Like last year, the cam synchronization axle (CSA) is essential to the system. By not being pushed through the limb tips as most axles are, but attached to the limb tips by fixtures, the CSA rotates as the cam rotates. Having the split end of the cable attached to the CSA, tunability is gained by adjusting the buss cables. The system produces level nock travel when incorporated with the FLX-Guard cable containment system, all while reportedly getting IBO speeds of 343. The 80 percent effective let-off eccentric has rotating modules installed but a bow press is needed to make the necessary draw length changes from 26 to 30 inches in half-inch increments.

Draw Cycle

The draw cycle of the Invasion is as expected for a bow that shoots this speed. Like many fast eccentrics, the weight ramps up rather quickly. As the cycle continues, the draw runs relatively smooth through to the valley for a speed bow. There is a very slight bump toward then end of the cycle just before the valley. Once to full draw, the back wall is solid. The design does utilize draw stops. The valley has about 3/16" of creep, making it possible to creep slightly without worry. The Invasion is very quiet upon release for a bow that is design to shoot this fast but there is a slight vibration on the shot. By attaching a stabilizer the vibration was eliminated. The vibration seems to come from the FLX-Guard's movement back to starting position during the shot. The bow does have a tendency to roll back slightly on the follow through before rolling forward, which is by design.

Silencing Package

The past parallel limb design, along with the redesigned CPX riser of the BowTech Invasion CPX set this bow to be quiet from the get go. To further enhance quiet shooting, it comes standard with a carbon rod string stop that is direct line with the stabilizer to help transfer any vibration from the string directly to the stabilizer. While each cable has one vibration reducer installed, the string has two, along with a tri-set of speed nocks above and below each reducer to induce speed while reducing vibration. As noted above the InVelvet overcoat finish on the riser and limbs helps to add durability, warmth, and noise dampening to the bow.

Invasion CPX vs other Bowtech bows

The best comparison is to say the Invasion CPX has the best of features of previous BowTech bows because it is difficult to compare to past models due to its combined technologies. Even though the bow has the same 7" brace height as the Bowtech Destroyer 340, the Invasion CPX is 3 fps faster than last year, but slower than the Bowtech Destroyer 350. The 350 has an inch longer power stroke with a 6" brace height giving it a faster speed. The Invasion CPX is much more shootable than either model due to the CPX riser, while retaining similar high performance characteristics.

The 2010 Bowtech Admiral FLX has the second generation center pivot riser, nearly the same axle-to-axle length, and a 1/2" longer brace height. The Invasion CPX shoots 18 fps faster due to the OverDrive Binary Cam System with improved shootability over the Admiral due to the updated riser.
Bow Bowtech Invasion CPX Bowtech Destroyer 340 Bowtech Destroyer 350 Bowtech Admiral
Version 2012 2011 2011 2010 FLX
Picture Bowtech Invasion CPX Bowtech Destroyer 340 Bowtech Destroyer 350 Bowtech Admiral
Brace Height 7 " 7 " 6 " 7.5 "
AtA Length 31.03125 " 32.375 " 32.375 " 31.063 "
Draw Length 26 " - 30 " 26 " - 31 " 25 " - 30 " 24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 80 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 343 fps 340 fps 350 fps 317 fps - 325 fps
Weight 3.9 lbs 3.9 lbs 4.1 lbs 3.9 lbs
Let-Off 80% 80% effective 80% effective 65% - 80%
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The BowTech Invasion CPX really is a flagship bow. It truly stands alone with a very impressive design by combining the speed and quiet nature comparable to the 2010 Destroyer Series and the shootability of any of BowTech's Center Pivot models packed into a short axle to axle bow of just over 31". Although probably not for a beginner, an intermediate archer could quickly adapt to the benefits of the accurate, stable and forgiving riser design. Any archer drawing above or below 28" could comfortably shoot this bow due to its 7" brace height. The combination of the speed, shootibility and, remarkable long range accuracy not normally found in a short bow will make the Invasion CPX stand out in the hunting world, but also may end up in the hands of some 3-D shooters as well.
Bowtech Invasion CPX Review5.055

User Reviews

  • 5 reviews
  • ( out of 5 reviews for all versions)
  1. Fast, Quiet, Dead in the hand, Pure tack driver. Shoots like a larger ATA Bow

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Invasion CPX


    Pros: Feels like a longer ATA bow & Speed

    Cons: Coating on the limbs not as durable as it could’ve been

    Full review:
    Overall this bow is truly outstanding, Im a target shooter and I own a Bowtech Specialist also. I got the Invasion CPX for 3d shoots to save me from changing my target set up each different event i shot at.

    The bow surpassed all my expectations it holds as good as My Specialist and to boot from 5yards to 60 yards my sight only moves 1".

    My set up is 60lb, sureloc sight, mac tenzone scope with 6x lense, Carbofast stabilisers, Victory vap V3 arrows with 100grain points

  2. Best bow I have EVER shot.

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Invasion CPX


    Pros: Smooth, fast,hold amazing and I can pull an Invasion at 70# with ease and I cannot pull other 70#ers at all.

    Cons: The riser shelf was TERRIBLY thought out. There was no reason to make it all weird and deformed. Hollow string stop carbon rod MAY cause undesired resonance/vibration/twang at the end of the shot. No threaded bushing where the string stop mounts, just a hole and a small set screw which is no where near as rigid as a threaded bushing.. No FLX guard dampener which again MAY cause undesired resonance/vibration/twang at the end of the shot. No way to fine tune valley for individual user preference, sometimes the lack of valley causes the bow to want to just take off while at full draw.

    Full review:
    I was apprehensive about getting a 70# bow but after pulling the Invasion back at 70# with the same of ease as my GT500 @ 60# I felt like magical things were in store for our relationship. When I held the bow I felt like it was an extension of myself the bow is short, stout and str8 to the point. I believe it to be the ultimate tree stand and blind bow with such a short ATA . I shot this bow better than ANY other bow I have ever owned (Tribute, Z28 and GT500) This bow had me shooting groups at 40yds that I could BARELY and RARELY shoot at 30 with any of my other bows. The grip is REAL nice but I believe between the FLX and deflex riser eliminating most of the bow torque and adding an aftermarket torquless grip ( I believe this bow will do things that no other bow I have owned can. At the end of the shot I DO notice some kind of twang or metallic like sound, I cannot really explain it but it IS there, I just cannot put my finger on where exactly it is coming from. I believe this sound could POSSIBLY be coming from either the hollow carbon rod string stop or FLX guard. As far as the much talked about "hand shock" or "hand vibe" that everyone keeps talking about on archery forums I personally felt NONE AT ALL but I could hear it, somewhere. Overall I am BEYOND happy with my bow and most importantly I am wayyyy more confident with it than any of my other previous bows. I believe Bowtech really put alot of forethought into this bow and it reflects, it made me, a mediochre shooter AT BEST into a tack driving machine.

  3. The best bow for 2011

    Version: 2011 Bowtech Invasion CPX


    Pros: Fast, smooth , quiet. short bow with good speed. prob the best for 2011

    Cons: Cant think of any, maybe not as smooth of a draw as mathews. but whatever. better in so many other categorize

    Full review:
    Great bow, Looks better in person. Was going to go with the Z7, but am glad I went with the invasion. Heard there was some viberation after the shot, Ive had none. very smooth. My friend bought a new Z7, so I was able to compare side by side. both very good. Its all up to personal preference

  4. Best Bow I have shot yet!!!!!

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Invasion CPX


    Pros: Accurate,Smooth,Nice backwall,Quiet,Little vibration,fast,light weight And oh ya did I metion acaurate!

    Cons: I don’t know what I don’t like about this bow yet it is only a week old but so far the only thing I don’t like is that I only have one.

    Full review:
    I am not stuck on any one brand of bow, I will try anything. I usually trade every year. This is my 3rd Bowtech product. I just sold my Mathews Z7 Mag. and Mathews Monster, I have never owened a Hoyt but I shot my buddies Carbon Element and it was a very nice shooting bow but it also cost an extra $400 and I can’t say that is was a better bow than the Invasion. After owning and shooting 4 PSE, 5 Mathews, And now on my 3rd Bowtech, So far this is by far my favorite.

  5. 7 inch riser tack driver smooth draw quiet fast everything you would want in a bow

    Version: 2012 Bowtech Invasion CPX


    Pros: The weight the size the smooth draw great tree stand bow so quiet.previous bow was a hoyt supertec man what a upgrade

    Cons: None so far and I have owned this bow over a year now.

    Full review:
    Buy one if you want a serious quality bow . 340s with a 70# 100grain carbon fiber arrow drop away rest .two pins for hunting como mossy oak. Seen reviews of noise on relese or vibration none with mine so quiet.pull70# with a20%shoulder disability with ease.really love this bow! Will have this bow for a long time

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