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Mathews Chill X Pro

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  • Speeds up to 336 feet per second with 75% let-off
  • Riser has more integrated stabilizer mounting positions
  • Incorporates target friendly tweaks to a popular multipurpose hunting bow


  • MSRP of $1499

Editors' review

The 2014 Mathews Chill X was a wonderful addition to the Monster series, which has produced bows able to be used in the field and on the range. The Chill X was loved by many target archers, but there were a few things target archers wanted that was not incorporated in a multipurpose bow designed to be taken to the woods as well. The Chill X Pro keeps the same design platform and makes it a bit more competition ready including more stabilizer mounting holes in the riser and an integrated riser grip. The changes for many in the target world are very well received, but the $400 price tag difference between the Chill X and the Chill X Pro may not be worth the upgrade for many shooters. Despite the $1499 price tag, the Chill X Pro shoots very well and it a solid choice for competitive shooters wanting speed and performance while being able to maintain accuracy.


The finish applied to the Chill X Pro is designed for target shooters. There are no camo patterns available, although shooter could argue the all black model could double as a hunting rig. The color options are black, blue, and red. Each of the colors are a bit on the shiny side, but should be very durable on the 3d course.


The riser sees the most significant changes between the 2014 Chill X and the 2015 Chill X Pro. Although the design and look of the riser is unchanged between models, the Pro model has additional mounting holes incorporated for shooters to fine tune how the stabilizers are added and the additional weight is distributed. This is a nice design, but many shooters will decide to continue using the offset brackets and things they have used in the past. It is still greatly appreciated, and something many shooters felt should be added. The riser features the unique Mathews design of the structurally sound grid lock riser design. The grid lock riser is designed to maintain the integrity and strength of the riser through strategically placing the patterned cutouts in the riser. The 35-inch axel to axel measurement is made up of 25.5 inches of riser, which is a pretty long riser measurement. Longer risers typically translate to better stability making the bow a little easier to hold on target. To help with noise and vibration, the riser features the rear mounting Dead End Lite string stop system, which is adjustable. It also features holes for the Harmonic Dampener and the Harmonic stabilizer to be placed. Most target shooters like to add additional flair to their bows as well, and these dampeners can be changed out for different color options.


The grip is incorporated into the riser design and is slender and comfortable for target folks. The slim design lets shooters add tape or whatever else they decide in order to create the feel they prefer. Grip is entirely personal preference, but this one does a great job at keeping things simple while allowing shooters the ability to repeat their hand placement.


The highly pre-loaded split limbs add a little attitude to the design of the Chill X Pro. They are available in 50, 60, and 70 pound limbs. As a target bow, it would have been nice to see the popular 65-pound limbs be an option for shooters as well. Many like to shoot the sweet spot between the 60 and 70-pound mark, and this would have been a nice addition for some.

Eccentric System

It seems as though Mathews is applying the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The Dyad AVS cam system has been a popular offering for Mathews, and they are using it to power the Chill X Pro as well. The cam offers a lot of energy, powering the Chill X Pro to IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second with the 75% let-off option. The Rock Mods used to adjust the let-off are available in 75 and 85%. Draw length is also module adjustable between 25-31-inches in half-inch increments. The perimeter weighted cam helps the system perform the same time after time and helps keep vibration to a minimum.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Chill X Pro is a shootable bow, taking what serious 3d shooters liked about the Chill X, and making it a more tournament friendly model. The cams provide a smooth drawing performance centered system. The weight is manageable from the start of the draw cycle to the end, and the buildup of draw weight never seems too difficult. There is a noticeable let off into the solid back wall, which is aided by the addition of the Rock Mods. There is a generous valley, but once the string starts to move forward, it will want to keep moving forward. Holding on target is simple, and the bare bow weight of 4.5-pounds helps out a bit with that. After the shot, there is very minimal felt vibration, which will be corrected with the addition of stabilizers, and the noise is quiet as well. For a hunting inspired target bow, the Chill X Pro is exactly what many 3d shooters want.

Usage Scenarios

The Chill X Pro is only offered in target colors, and is best suited for a serious compound shooter. The additional stabilizer mounting locations makes it easy a great step up from the Chill X for tournament shooters, and the combination of speed and shootability is promising as well.

Comparison Chill X Pro vs. Chill X

BowMathews Chill X ProMathews Chill X
Version 20152017
PictureMathews Chill X ProMathews Chill X
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length35 "35 "
Draw Length25 " - 31 "25 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed336 fps336 fps
Weight4.5 lbs4.23 lbs
Let-Off75%, 85% 75% - 85%
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The main difference between the two bows comes down to how shooters plan on using the rig. Those wanting a multipurpose bow for hunting and targets will more than likely settle for the cheaper MSRP Chill X, which features the same nuts and bolts as the Mathews Chill X Pro model. Those wanting the Mathews Chill X platform for tournament shooting only will love the additional stabilizer mounting holes, the target finish, and the riser integrated grip.


The Chill X Pro is a bow designed for serious target shooters wanting a little more performance from their bow. Although this bow will not appeal to the masses looking for a new rig, those in the market for a new target set up will love the additions made to the solid base established with the 2014 Chill X. With a $1499 price tag, shooters better be serious about wanting to improve their tournament archery skills, especially since the upgrades are fairly minimal between the Chill X and the Chill X Pro when factoring in the additional $400. The specifications and the performance come in a wonderful package, and should make a lot of serious tournament shooters very happy.

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Nicest bow I've shot.

Version: 2015 Mathews Chill X Pro


Pros: Smooth draw, solid back wall, well balanced, no jump at shot

Cons: The glossy finish scratches easy.

Full review:

Draw is smooth, very little hump and rock solid back wall. With the 85% let off mods, the valley is great, almost like you have to push the string forward to let it up. Shoots like a dream, I don't use a wrist sling as the bow doesn't want to jump out of my hand at shot. I like the machined grip, it sits very well in the correct part of my hand at full draw. I don't understand why it has 3 front stabilizer holes, but if you'd like to mount a stabilzer or weight to the top of your riser, you can.

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