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Mathews Genesis Mini

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  • Very popular youth bow suitable for very small kids (from 3 to 8 years old)
  • Flexible and adjustable bow built with high quality components
  • Has good resale value - less expensive to upgrade
  • Comes with quality durable strings - ideal for extensive usage
  • Good value for money


  • Draw weight range could be a bit wider


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Editors' review

Built with the same proven technologies as the Original Mathews Genesis (official bow in the NASP - National Archery in the Schools Program), the Mathews Genesis Mini is specifically designed to fit smaller-framed kids from 3 to 8 years old (on average). Many experts agree that the Mathews Genesis Mini is one of the best youth bows for mastering basic shooting techniques and introducing young children to the wonderful sport of archery. Not only is this bow easy to shoot by very small kids, but it can also be used for many years as the child grows without the need to upgrade (see the 'Suitable ages' section below for more details). It is important to note, that the majority of youth compound bows are not as lightweight and low on the draw weight as the Mini Genesis. That is why this bow is often used by very small kids especially if they are under 4 years old.

Riser, Limbs, Grip

The Genesis Mini is equipped with the machined aluminum riser that is very lightweight and durable. The limbs are attached to the riser with the limb bolts that are also used for adjusting the draw weight. The poundage can be decreased to the minimum of 6 lbs by turning the bolts in a counterclockwise direction. To increase the draw weight to the maximum of 12 lbs, the bolts need to be turned clockwise. A full turn of the limb bolt is approximately 1.4 lbs of draw weight. Also, adjusting the draw weight must always be done on both sides of the riser in exactly the same way. The grip is molded and reported to be pretty comfortable.

Eccentric system

The bow is outfitted with a very flexible and easy drawing single cam system specifically designed for young shooters. With the zero let-off, the set poundage is maintained throughout the draw cycle. Also, the bow has no back wall, which means no adjustments or extra modules are required for shooting the bow at different draw lengths (14" to 25").

Draw cycle / Shootability

Due to lower poundage and efficient single cam system, this bow is very easy to draw and is nice on release. Almost all youngsters feel very comfortable shooting this bow especially those under 5 years old. This is because this rig is much easier to draw and hold compared to some other youth bows. In addition, this bow is built using proven technologies that have been successfully tested by thousands of young archers.

High quality factory strings

This bow is ideal for extensive use because it comes with high-strength and durable strings made from state-off-the-art materials. That means the bow can be used extensively in schools or archery clubs. In addition, if you have a few children, your younger kids can inherit this rig from the older ones.

Very good resale value

Admittedly, the Mathews Mini Genesis has a very good resale value due to its quality design and huge popularity. That means it will be less expensive for you to upgrade this bow after you child outgrows it.

Useful accessories for shooting

Experts recommend getting a simple Whisker Biscuit to ensure the arrow doesn't fall from the rest when drawing. Given that little kids are not experienced shooters and can be impatient, this is a very good idea. This little device will make it much easier for them to shoot. Another interesting recommendation is to buy a simple 3 pin sight, and take the 2 pins off, leaving only 1 pin for small distances (it's unlikely small kids will shoot long distances).

Suitable ages

While this bow is normally used by youngsters from 3 to 8 years old, some parents say their kids use this rig even longer. One of the most important aspects about this bow is that it can be easily used by smaller kids. A number of youth compound bows come with draw weights starting from 10 lbs or higher. Often, it's too much for a 4 years old kid (not too mention 3 years old). The Mini Genesis solves this problem very effectively: weighing only 2 pounds and having the draw weight range of 6-12 lbs, this rig can be used by smaller kids from 3 years old.


Weighing only 2 pounds and having the draw weight range of only 6 to 12 lbs, the Mathews Genesis Mini is an ideal bow for small kids from 3 to 8 years old. Admittedly, this is a very well built bow with quality components. That is why it has a very good resale value, meaning it will be less expensive to upgrade down the road. With the zero let-off, the bow is extremely flexible - no extra cams or modules are required to shoot the bow at draw lengths from 14 to 25 inches. In addition, the Mini Genesis is built using the same proven technologies as the original Genesis - an official bow used in NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program). Overall, this is a high quality and extremely popular compound bow suitable for young shooters from 3 to 8 years old.

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Good first bow if you dont mind buying another bow later.

Version: 2009 Mathews Mini Genesis


Pros: #1 Everyone in the family can shoot this bow straight from the box. #2 light weight for small children. #3 draw weight for small children just getting into the sport.

Cons: #1 and a big one here you will out grow this bow fast.

Full review:

My son is very athletic but he is small. His weight was about 50lbs when we started now he is 67lbs 2yrs later. He can draw this bow with no problem and his draw length has changed no set up required (though I have done alot to this bow for him) We are going to replace this bow with something that we can grow together with. We have added an arrow rest sights d loop and he shoots with a quick release.

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