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  • Excellent entry-level bow for young shooters
  • Draw length is always correct


  • Only goes to 20# of draw weight


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The Mathews Genesis is an entry-level rig for the youngest of shooters. It comes in at 35.5" ATA, 15" - 30" draw length, and a max of 20# draw weight. Because there is no let-off, there is no requirement for draw length adjustments as it is always right. This bow is a great starter bow that will help teach your kids proper technique, and only enhance their enthusiasm for shooting. It is also a good way to take the kids with you to walk the 3D course and spend some extra time with them.


This bow comes in many colors that will make the youngster shooting it proud to carry their cool looking bow. Colors for this bow include Camo, Blue Raspberry, Key Lime, Wild Berry, Red Cherry, Lemon Yellow, Orange, and many more.


This rig is built around a rigid, lightweight, machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser. It will stand up to just about anything a young archer can throw at it. The limbs are a high-strength, fiber-reinforced composite durable material with a peak weight of 20 pounds. It is adjustable down to approximately ten pounds to accommodate even the youngest shooters.

Other Components

The bare bow comes with a stainless steel cable guard and a rest. The kit includes a belt tube quiver, adjustable arm guard, five Easton aluminum arrows, two target faces and an owner's manual.

Eccentric System

This bow utilizes an innovative Aluminum Genesis one-cam system and an aluminum idler wheel that easily fits shooters with draw lengths of 15" to 30". There is no draw adjustments required as this system is all inclusive on length.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This is a smooth drawing bow for the youngster and helps teach them the proper shooting mechanics. At full draw, the shooter does not have to worry about any break-over as there is no let-off, and the draw remains constant. It is easy enough to finger draw, but still has just enough pressure to allow for an easy release.

Silencing Package

This bow is designed for the young beginning archer. With that in mind, there are no items added for silencing this rig as it will not be in a ground blind or tree stand with serious hunting in mind.


The bow uses a molded competition grip that fits well in the smaller hands and provide comfort and consistency. This grip helps develop the proper mechanics for the young beginner.

Compared to Similar Bows

BowMathews Genesis
Version 2015
PictureMathews Genesis
Brace Height7.625 "
AtA Length35.5 "
Draw Length15 " - 30 "
Draw Weight10 lbs - 20 lbs
IBO Speed fps
Weight2.95 lbs
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The Mathews Genesis is a quality entry-level bow for the young shooters. It offers some technologies that fits very well with this style rig that make this one easy for the kids to shoot, and is sure to keep them interested is shooting. Another good kid's bow similar to the Genesis is the Barnett Vortex. Both are entry-level and fit a wide range of kids. Where the Genesis has a peak weight of 20#, the vortex is adjustable up to 45#. On the lower end, the Genesis is adjustable down to 10#, but the Vortex only goes down to the 20# neighborhood. The Vortex also requires modules to be changed out when making draw length changes, which also affect the draw weight. Although this is easily done, there are no such adjustments for the Genesis. Both come with complete kits that include arrows, quiver (the Genesis has a tube quiver for the belt, and the Vortex has a bow mounted quiver), rest, and sight. The Vortex also comes with fiberglass arrows instead of the aluminum arrows that come with the Genesis kit. Both are very good beginner bows, but the Vortex comes as a complete kit for $179, whereas you can buy the Genesis either bare bow ($170) or in a kit combination ($230).

Usage Scenarios

This bow is a youth bow. It will be seen on a target range or possibly a 3D course when the kids go out with mom or dad. There have been some shooters that have discussed possibly using it as a bowfishing rig, but with only 20# of draw weight, it just doesn't pack the punch to be a very effective bow for fishing unless the fish is not very big and is right on the surface.


This rig is very affordable for what it is; an entry-level youth bow. The bow itself sells for around $170, and the kit that comes with everything needed to get the youngster shooting as soon as possible sells for around $230.


The Mathews Genesis is a technologically advanced bow designed as an entry level platform for the youngest of archers. It is a well-built tool to teach youngsters how to shoot. The draw length is automatically set and is always right. With no let-off, there is no need for draw length requirements. This bow is affordable and has a peak draw weight of 20#, is a smooth shooter, and is a good choice when trying to get your younger ones involved in archery.

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