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Mathews Monster Wake

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  • Speeds 352 feet per second with 85% let-off
  • Smooth drawing Chill cam
  • Rigid, strong riser


  • 5.38-pounds is much heavier than shooters are used to
  • With an MSRP of $1699, most shops will not have a demo


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Editors' review

The Monster Wake has a ton of highly sought after features bundled in one high performance package. The beloved perimeter weighted AVS cams power the Wake to an impressive speed of 352 feet per second with a high let-off of 85%. The newly designed riser highlights features of the new TRG target bows by reinforcing the riser above and below the arrow shelf. The downside of the newly designed riser is the bare bow mass weight of 5.38-pounds, and the impressive speeds come with a short brace height measuring only 5-inches. The Wake is a mean looking bow and could be used for 3d or hunting for those wanting a high performance bow with lots of appeal. However, the bow comes with a $1699 price tag. Only the shooter can decide if the money is worth the design and specifications offered in the Wake package.


One of the most simplistic things about the Monster Wake is the finish. Mathews will be offering this bow in black only. The black looks great, and can be used on the range or in the woods, but there are no other options available. Take it or leave it, but black is the only choice.


The Wake riser is legit in regards to quality and stability. It is reinforced below the arrow shelf and above the sight mount for added strength and will be sturdy enough to withstand the torque caused by the cables while the bow is being drawn. However, this reinforcement comes with a trade off, and that is a very heavy mass weight of 5.38-pounds. The riser measures over 32-inches of the overall 35-inch axel to axel measurement though, and will provide a solid base for shooters to use when holding on target. The concept of the Wake riser of using a target influenced design on a hunting bow is unique, and creates a nice shooting bow.The Monster Wake riser features a mounting hole for harmonic stabilizers, which will absorb vibration from the limbs transferring to the riser. It also features the rear assist roller guard, and the Dead End string stop system. Shooters wanting to add additional weight to the bow can do so with the stabilizer mounting hole on the front of the riser below the arrow shelf.


The grip is integrated into the riser, instead of using the Mathews signature wooden grip or the popular Focus grip. There is an oval shaped Mathews inlay made of dark stained wood, but it is much different that what Mathews has historically used. The grip reminds most shooters of a target grip with its slender design and integration into the riser itself instead of side plates or a one piece grip. This part of the bow is always based on shooter preference, but the feel should be relatively easy to get used to.


The split limbs are short in design to give the bow a 5-inch brace height to help generate a little extra speed. However, they are beefier than the limbs used on the No Cam HTR because of the short design. The Monster Wake limb decals pop on the all black limbs, and add a little style to the look of the bow. Limbs are available in maximum draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 70, and even 80-pounds. The 50-pounds of draw weight is greatly appreciated and makes the top of the line bow available to virtually everyone interested in a bow of this design. The limbs are similar to the ones featured on the No Cam HTR and the TRG series, allowing the same tight tolerances in years past with the more compact limb configurations.

Eccentric System

The cam choice for the Monster Wake is a recycled option in the highly popular Perimeter Weighted Dyad AVS cam used on the Chill Series bows. This cam system offers module draw length adjustments in half-inch increments between 25-30-inches. The module system is handy because shooters will not have to purchase new cams, and it helps keep the overall weight of the cam system to a minimum when compared to systems that have a moveable module. The let-off is also adjustable so shooters can choose 75% or 85%. The top speed is advertised for 352 feet per second with the 85% let-off modules, which is a great number for those wanting the highest performance possible.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw cycle on this bow is remarkable for the speeds it produces. The integration of the target riser design mixed with a hunting cam system works really well to create a bow that is high performing, but well refined. Although the 5-inch brace height may scare some people, the arrow is away from the bow fast enough to not compromising how forgiving the bow is. The draw cycle is very comparable to the Chill Series bows with a decent stack up of weight before leveling off and going in to a decent sized valley. There really is not much of a hump to speak of as the bow rolls over into the let-off. The transitions from start to finish are smooth, and the back wall has a pretty solid feel to it. The bow holds steady on target and balances decently, but it does feel heavy. As a hunting bow, it may burden a shooter to carry it all day. For those shooting 3d targets with the bow, it might get to be too heavy at the end of the course and impact the shooter's score if they are not used to the added weight. Overall, the bow feels great, and is a pleasure to shoot.

Usage Scenarios

The Monster Wake would make a great multipurpose bow for those wanting to do some 3d shooting and hunting. The cost of the bow is steep, and being able to use it for everything may be the justification needed for some to make the purchase. However, it is possible to buy 2 bows or even one bow and set it up with the top of the line accessories for the same price as the Wake bare bow price. No matter how it is used, the Monster Wake will not disappoint.


The Mathews Monster Wake has the specifications many shooters dream of. The longer 35-inch axel to axel measurement with the slightly reflexed riser measuring at a little over 32-inches, the Wake has a lot of potential to win the hearts of many archers. Combined with the speed of the AVS cams, and the target style riser, the Wake is a great shooter and can be used effectively as a do it all bow. However, the 5.38-pound bare bow weight is scary for some, and the $1699 price tag means shooters are more than likely not going to see one in person before buying. That price is a hard number to be comfortable with when many will have to purchase the bow sight unseen and not properly tested before buying. Is it a great shooting bow? Absolutely, but is it worth the price, or the risk of buying it without trying it out and then not liking the bow? Only the shooter can make that decision. Many people like the specifications of the Monster Wake, and it shoots great, but the price alone will turn a lot of potential buyers away from purchasing this bow.

User Reviews

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Great bow. Weight and brace height are a non-issue. Surprisingly smooth draw cycle.

Version: 2015 Mathews Monster Wake


Pros: Smooth draw for a speed bow. 85% let off and fast! Very stable and quiet shot.

Cons: The MSRP concerned me... but I was able to pick mine up for $1,200. Still pricier than most bows but much more manageable than the original $1,700 MSRP.

Full review:

This is a great bow if you don't mind a short brace height. Prrsonally, I found no problem with the brace height, and the bow shoots great. Smooth draw cycle for a speed bow. 85% letoff with a solid back wall with the rock mods. Very fast, consistent shot. I like the weight of the bow. In fact, the added stability caused me to forego a stabilizer. Some people will love it... others may hate it. Personally, I love it.

Smooth shooting, quiet, fast,and forgiving for a bow with a 5" brace height

Version: 2015 Mathews Monster Wake


Pros: Smooth drawing...doesn't stack up hard and fast like other bows.

Cons: Wish they could lighten it up and still keep the bow quiet

Full review:

With my bad eyes and a draw length of 27" and a bad shoulder, at 60# and a 400 grain arrow, I can shoot 275 fps. and stack arrows better than kids half my age thinking they have a setup. This bow is smooth, fast, very forgiving for a 5" brace heighth. I see deer going down again as they have in years past when I was shooting 73-75#.

Went from a Mathews Z7 to the wake. This bow is pretty impressive.So fast!

Version: 2015 Mathews Monster Wake


Pros: Speed, accuracy. Living in the wide open state of wyoming its nice to have something that will reach out and tag an animal. I am sighted in at 80 yards and if need be can go longer. Love this bow.

Cons: It is a little heavy, but you get used to it. Its a bit long also. Im curious to see how this will affect me while in a tree stand in my mid west hunts

Full review:

This bow without a doubt will not disappoint you. If you want a bow with speed this is the one. I have never shot past 50 yards. With this bow I feel its easier to reach out a little further. For an average man that hunts big game animals and enjoys shooting some 3-D targets this is your bow. Dont let the price bother you, you can have this bow for the rest of your life if you choose to. Im excited to take my first animal this fall with my bow.

Very smooth, lightning fast , solid back wall.

Version: 2015 Mathews Monster Wake


Pros: Very smooth draw cycle, unbelievably smooth, does not shoot like a typical 5" brace height bow

Cons: It's expensive, the weight may be an issue for some, to me , it is what it is. If you think it's too heavy, don't buy it

Full review:

Shooting this bow at 70lbs , 29" draw,85% let off mods at 344 fps with my 352grain gold tip velocity,this is perfect 3D bow/ hunting setup if you want one bow to do both. It tunes very easily shooting bare shift bullet holes with minimal set up / tweaking. I have a few Mathews bows, but I do love shooting this bow immensely . It cannot be understated just how smooth this bow is, it's almost hard to believe your shooting a 5" brace height @ 300 + fps . Never needed to use an arm guard on this or my Halon 5 either

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